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weight loss and breast size

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i've been thinking about a breast reduction for a long time, but since stumbling on this website i've finallly had some weight loss success and think i'm really gonna be able to stick to this as a lifestyle.. so i have put the breast reduction idea on hold to see if weight loss will change my bra size naturally.

i know everyone's bodies are different, but is there anyone who has seen a significant change in their breast size with weight loss? that would be major added incentive to keep me eating right and exercising!
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Hi Lacey

I don't know if you'd consider it significant, but I've gone down about half a cup size after losing about 20 lbs. So..depending on how much you're planning to lose..I dunno..that was just me, though.
Hmm... I'm not too sure what you mean by "major", but I have noticed a change.  Every two weeks I take my measurements (waist, hips, butt, thighs, arms, calves, and chest).  The first measurement I took (after my initial measurements to figure out my starting point), I had lost a whole inch from my chest.  It was quite depressing for me cuz I don't have much to begin with (lol), but hey, I'll take whatever I can get... haha.  I'll be measuring again on Wednesday and I'll let you know if there has been any other changes...

... BUT, if I were you, I'd definitely wait it out.  Who knows?  You could possibly save yourself a lot of money and pain by not proceeding with the surgery.  But, ultimately, it is your decision.  Good luck!
See how it goes.  Some people lose in their breasts and some don't, but the real question is:  what percentage of your breasts are fat and what is actual mammary tissue?

Your body will naturally hold onto some of the fat, but if you have a lot extra, that may be lost.  The other stuff though is yours to keep.

Also, if you have very large breasts and lose a lot, then the skin may not be able to recover :(  Sorry, but that could leave you with basically sagging empty sacks.   (This is the main reason they've mostly stopped using liposuction for reduction).

I had breast reduction myself as mine were disporportionate to my body by a lot.  Even if I had lost the weight if my breasts lost at the same rate as everything else, they'd be disproportionately large.  So I went for surgery.  And not only do I like the way I look better, but my back feels better too.

There's my 2 cents.

HOWEVER, if yours aren't hugely out of proportion or you're not trying to lose 100+ lb then maybe lose the weight first, then decide?  That might help the end result turn out better either way anyway.
thanks everyone!

i have a little less than 30 pounds left to lose. they are large for my body, but not completely ridiculous or anything. however i'm already having the sagging problem since i basically went to sleep with little ones and woke up with very large breasts the next morning. so i guess i'll see how it goes and maybe i can avoid the reduction and maybe just get a lift.
Lacey - a lift generally reduces your breast size as well, so that may be all you would want.  Good luck with whatever you do!
I have lost an entire cup size since starting and I've lost 40 lbs.  I still have 10 more to go, so I don't know if I'm going down another size or not.  I have noticed that they sag more, and in the past couple days just noticed stretch marks, which I have never had before!!  Grrr...  and I am definitely going to get a lift in the near future!  Anyway, yes, they will probably reduce, but do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
There are a lot of exercises out there to naturally lift your breasts up and have em aiming forward.

A lot of women losing weight focus nearly completely on cardio and never bother with weight lifting.   You won't get big hulk muscles lifting weight but it'll tone what you have, give yourself real natural lift, and generally make your body look a lot better.

I don't know your routine though... there have been threads on the exercise forums about what to do to help give your breast a little lift... maybe post a thread there and you'll get some seriously good advice or someone will have a link for you.

I'd aim for continued weightloss, exercise for your chest, back, stomach and sides... and see what the results are after another two months.   You may save a bundle of money and end up a lot more natural looking.    In the end though you may need surgury.   But you can tackle that when you reach your target weight and have worked out a lot more.
SInce you are still young, I would wait till you have kids.  They also change so much when you do that.  I was big and then HUGE after I had my daughter.  When my daughter was 9 months I had a reduction.  I am glad though I waiting till I had decided to have no more kids.  Just a thought!
Lost 40 pounds and a full cup size. The story of my life. I have bras ranging from 36C to 46DDD. When I lose weight I lose cup sizes as well. I am totally planning on a lift when all is said and done. Especially since I had 4 kids in 5 years and that wrecked me! :)
I've lost around my bust, but not cup size. But since a 34D's cup is smaller than a 36D's cup, I guess I have lost in actual breast size, but not that much.
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Hahaha, its funny, I have the opposite problem: I've been working out and I'm down atleast half a cup size (hopefully it'll stop). But yeah, if you have a good exercise and diet plan then you'll burn the fat off on your own.
Avoid the reduction if possible.  My mom had a DD chest, and was very saggy after three kids.  She got a reduction, and her breasts have itched ever since.  They nicked a nerve or something, and there is no way to fix it.  So my mom has had very itchy breasts for 20 years.  It's so bad that she has worn holes in her nighties from scratching.  Some folks need reductions for health reasons, that's why my mom got hers, just keep in mind that there is always a chance that something could go wrong anytime you have surgery.  If you can improve your situation naturally, then give that a try first!
I have heard that if you lose the weight slow, especially if your young (im 18) then your skin will likely have time to shrink and go back to normal.  Does that also apply to breasts?  If you lose the weight slowly enough will they still be saggy?
25+ years ago, when I was 18, I had a 38DD cup. Two nursed kids later, and I'm in a 36D, but up until the last 3 to 4 years, I had a very nice 34C-- no sag--no surgery. Incidentally, upper body exercise does wonders for the "girls"! Might be able to tone them up a little, as well as having pretty biceps. (Ouch, I miss those days!)
If you haven't had children, then definitely wait on reduction surgery.  They will definitely change with pregnancy for starters, and get more droopy.  But the most important reason IMO is that it's highly likely that you wouldn't be able to fully breastfeed after reduction surgery.  I'm planning a reduction when my youngest is weaned.  Mine are stupidly big though, a 40J currently.  I was a 46K when I started, so maybe I went down a cup size.  They've gotten smaller for sure, but the band width went down too and the difference between the two determines cup size.  I was a 38 DDD before ever getting pregnant, possibly a G, but a lot smaller than I am now.
I will lose them when I get to the size I want as I didn't have them prior to the weightgain ... and truthfully I look forward to it. Fashions are so much more fashionable with a petit trim chest. Everyone always asks me if I have implants and I tell everyone, that no, they are real, just gain some weight and you too can have breasts overnight. 
Sadly, my breasts are always the first to go.

All the other parts hold on for dear life.

I don't have much further to go, but what I have left to lose is now all downstairs. I resemble a buoy. :-)

You might want to wait and see how the weight loss goes before you start thinking about reduction.
I did a little research.  I think a lot of people are confused...

It seems that a breast reduction and a breast lift have a lot in common.  Really...a breast lift is (as far as I can tell) any technique that lifts the breasts up.  For those wanting smaller breasts (rather than enhanced ones) this is going to be some sort of reduction.  Lift seems to be a really general term.  This site talks about some of the many forms.

You can view the brochures for the two procedures here:

Breast Reduction
Breast Lift

The main difference between the procedures described here is whether the doctor removes mostly just skin or whether he also takes a decent amount of actual breast tissue.  The risks as described are nearly identical until you get to breast feeding - the more actual breast tissue you have the less likely it is that you'll be able to.

My suggestion would be:

#1, talk to the surgeon.  A good one can really discuss with you the options and which you'd be a better candidate for if you really want to do either one.  If your at all uncomfortable what one says, get a second or third opinion as well.

#2, do your own research.  Google it, talk to people who've had it, look at pictures, etc. 

As for the person above talking about the itching...interesting.  My itching lasted about 6 months but is now gone.  If it's a permanent condition that indicates nerve damage.  I'm sure it could be corrected by a second surgery.  Also, remember that techniques are improving all the time.
At 5'6, going from 177 pounds to 160 I lost close to a full cup. At my heaviest I was a very full double D and now I am a very loose double D, almost D.

And I still have 30 pounds to go. It is very likely your breast size will decrease as you lose pounds (of fat) since breasts are made of fat.

Goodluck! and I feel your pain. : )
I agree with the others. I would definitely wait. Though a lift and/or a reduction can do wonders for the profile, the scarring is severe. Make the decision carefully and if you do plan to drop a lot of weight, I wouldn't do it until you are finished.
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