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how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks?

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Or 26 days! Yep I have 26 days to my wedding and as of late I have been really lax when it comes to my eating. I've overindulged too many times and as a result, the number on the scale this morning was not pretty (and I don't feel very good either).. so I just wanted to know what is possible in terms of weight loss if I followed a really strict diet from here on out.  When I mean strict here is my plan:

Beverages: just water

Breakfast- quaker weight control oatmeal w/ benefiber added in. 2 celery stalks and a handful of baby carrots. w/ peppermint tea

Mid Morning Snack- 100 cal special K fruit crisps

Lunch- turkey and lean ham w/ ff cheese w/ lettuce and mustard on an arnold sandwich thin. 3 celery stalks.

Afternoon Snack- activia light yogurt

Dinner- grilled chicken on an arnold sandwich thin with ff cheese. also steamfresh veggies and lettuce. a bit of broccoli rabe and eggplant.

After dinner- peppermint tea


Any advice appreciated thanks!

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How much do you weigh now?  1% of your weight for each week is healthy.  for example:

SW: 200
Week 1: 198 (-2lbs)
Week 2: 196.02 (-1.98)
Week 3: 194.06 (-1.96)

But if you really push yourself, you could drop more.  Drink lots of water so you can lose some water weight.


I'd shoot for 1 pound a week,

Instead of peppermint tea, have green tea- it boosts metabolism,

also avoid quaker oatmeal, it's very high processed and they add a lot of sugar and preservatives usually, so try and find a healthier brand of instant oat meal (I like trader joes, personally)

Eating meat no more than once a day is recommended, and in general, at least 80% of your foods should be plant base- this includes dairy and egg.

avoid eating pasta more than twice a week, too


Congrats on your wedding! :)

Good luck to the two of you ^^

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Original Post by saraahx:

How much do you weigh now?  1% of your weight for each week is healthy.  for example:

SW: 200
Week 1: 198 (-2lbs)
Week 2: 196.02 (-1.98)
Week 3: 194.06 (-1.96)

But if you really push yourself, you could drop more.  Drink lots of water so you can lose some water weight.


 I agree . . . safely, reasonably about 2.97% of your current weight.

I know we see bigger results in Downsize Me and Biggest Loser but those folks are supposedly under the care of professionals.

ok thanks. I did not know that about the eating meat more than once a day! I am 5'4". As of this morning I am 131.4 and I would like to get down to 125, and lose an inch on my waist. I was hoping it is possible but I will try and see what happens. Thanks all!

don't listen to the thing about not eating meat more than once a day. its completely down to calories in and calories out. By all means your macronutrient breakdown plays a part, but most people would find that they benefit from higher protein/fat instead of higher carb anyway.

Eating protein sources will help to preserve muscle mass whilst dieting so you don't end up "skinny fat" which I'm sure is not the look you are going for.

Whilst aiming to lose 1lb of fat a week, you could probably lose a fair amount of water weight for the actual day. In order to utilise this, try to eat as clean as possible. Therefore replace the processed rubbish such as special k crisps with wholesome natural foods such as something like an apple with tbsp natural nut butter.

If all else fails, invest in a great girdle!!!

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Honestly I was thinking about 6 lbs if you put in a good amount of effort.  That's about what you want to lose, I see it as possible.

Good Luck and have a wonderful wedding day!!  =)

Original Post by spinach_spy:

Eating meat no more than once a day is recommended

recommended by who? 

Original Post by tikiremy:

If all else fails, invest in a great girdle!!!

Haha...this ^ !!

One thing that sticks out to me about your meal plan is the fat free cheese and deli meats.  These tend to be high in sodium and can cause water retention.

Personally, I wouldn't attempt this meal plan before such a big event because it doesn't seem like a lot of calories and I'm a cranky b*tch when I'm hungry.

I'd focus on getting lots of sleep, drinking a lot of water and green tea, limiting sodium and processed foods, eating lots of fresh veggies, and including healthy fats (they do good things for my skin).  Most importantly, I'd limit any sources of stress, which would include this meal plan (for me).  You will most likely drop some water weight and just feel all-around better and hopefully slimmer.  Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Original Post by jenny8484: Breakfast- quaker weight control oatmeal w/ benefiber added in. 2 celery stalks and a handful of baby carrots. w/ peppermint tea

I'm guessing you are trying to eat a lot of fiber to fill up early in the day (unless you have a medical condition where you need to eat a lot of fiber).  If you are not used to this, you will probably be a little bloated from this, especially in the beginning.  Even if you are used to this, you may not want to eat a lot of fiber the week of the wedding because it does bulk up your stomach.  (So that no one freaks out on me, I'm not saying that fiber makes you fat or not eating fiber makes you thin, but if you need to look good on a certain day, eliminating fibrous foods, carbonated drinks, gum, and other things in particular can help!)

I would re-evaluate the amount of fat in your proposed diet.  There's practically none - and that's going to make your hair less shiny/full, your skin look less glowing, etc.  Honestly, those things will be much more important to how you look on your wedding day than whether or not you've lost 5 pounds.

Incorporate some healthy fats - nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc. for better health and looking better on the big day.

ok so update, i followed my plan and i was still hungry so i had a pear and apple after dinner... and i am up a pound this morning!!. i am so frustrated i want to cry!! i could understand if i am eating cakes and cookies all day but w-t-f!!!! plus i run on the treadmill in the morning so i'm burning off extra calories, i don't understand.. ok sorry thank you for listening to my vent..

Jenny...calories in calories out...if you are burning too many calories and not eating enough to compensate your body will turn on you. Eating "clean" and counting your calories will help alot. Your plan is too limiting and as said before would cause anyone stess while trying to follow it which stress is not helpful in weightloss. I also think drinking lots of water because you maybe consuming too much sodium. I know for me when I stop obsessing (which is what I do, I am not saying that you are) is when I start seeing results. Good luck and congratulations

It sounds like you're eating a lot of processed food and doing exercise, both of which can lead to water weight gain. A pound overnight is pretty much guaranteed to be water unless you ate 3500 calories yesterday ABOVE your burn rate, which I really doubt.

"Weight control" foods only taste good because the removed fat is replaced with salt and sugar. Rather than eating "weight control" oatmeal, why not just make regular oatmeal, which is practically fat free anyway? Rather than eating fat free cheese, which is pumped full of sugar and artificial flavors to make up for the lost fat, eat 2% milkfat cheese and eat a little less of it. Rather than eating sandwich meat, grill some chicken breasts and thin-slice them to avoid all the salt and grossness that goes into that meat?



And a word of advice from someone who just got married last June... ultimately, that last five pounds doesn't matter too much. If you want to take another inch off--well, first of all, it may well mean having to get your wedding dress re-fitted. Second, you can suck that much in with a good girdle or corset.

Even if you GAIN five pounds between now and your wedding day, your husband, friends, and family are going to think you look radiant and beautiful. And when you wake up in the morning and realize that today is THE DAY, you probably aren't even going to remember how much you weigh--you'll be too busy trying to deal with it all! The only things I thought about on my wedding day were worrying about everything going accoring to plan, and forgetting all about all those things because I was so happy to be marrying the love of my life.

By all means, exercise and eat a reasonable diet in order to stay healthy, manage stress, and gradually lose weight, but you'll feel better, have better hair and skin, have more energy, and be happier in the long run if you don't spend this last busy, busy month agonizing about five pounds on top of all your last-minute wedding preparation.

thank you all... i do realize i do eat a lot of processed foods so i guess to the grocery store i go and change things up a bit...  thanks for the congrats and what kind words, i am truly touched b0910, thank you...  and i just want to say how much i love this community on here and all the help/advice given over the years! thanks again!!!

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