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How much weight to lose in order to drop a pant size?

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im 5'8"

currently 200 lbs, and a size 14.

id like to be a size 12 by summer, but im curious as to how many pounds that may be.

it would really help if you guys gave your opinion, im aware its different for many body types, so maybe if you are near my height, and have lost or are losing weight, if you could let me know your progress and how its effected your jean size (:


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You're right, it varies person to person.

I'm 5'7" and I was a 12ish at 210...

At 195(ish) I hit a size 10.

On average I've heard that pant sizes vary 15 pounds, and it was right on the dot with me. You might fall right into that category.

But I've read women on this site are also 5'7" and 195 and some women wear a 14, 16, 8.... It all depends.

But if you do fit in that 15 pound marker... Then I'd assume you'd just have to be down to 185ish to fit in a 12.

Hope that helps!!!!

I could be wrong... but that's how I understand it.

I'm 5'5 and I lost about 15lbs and I went from a jeans size 7 to a 3. But it probably varies per person, If I were you I'd see how much 15 lbs would make an impact and go from there =]

I am 5'8" apple shape and at lower 160s I can fit in to a size 10 jean (when I was higher than 160s I never officially bought bigger clothes but was wearing stretchy size 10s and 12 pants), at lower 150s a size 8 (with 37 inch hip) and I am figuring by lower 140s I will fit comfortably in my size 6 jeans. Of course my sizes depends of style/brand but my 2 jeans I am going by are the same brand: size 10 and size 6 rock and republic, style Madrid.

But fyi, I have to be maintaining that weight range for at least a week (I don't know why). When I first got to 164 I barely fit my size 10s and before I easily fit into them at 164ish (when I first started to gain) after maintaining in the low 160s for a couple/few weeks tah-dah fit (my body needed to get use to the low 160s and same happened with the low 150s). So it is about losing a size for 10lbs and a week or two after for my body to truly adjust (if that makes sense).

Yes, I think you can lose to that size by summer even if you are a pear shape, I lost about 30lbs in about 3months from my highest weight of about 190ish to 160 and fitting my size 10s. Hope this helps.

edit: my sizes are US sizes

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I guess it has much to do with your height aswell. I lost 35lbs and went from a UK size 20 to 12. I reckon once I've reached my goal weight and lost a further 15 pounds I should be down to a size 8. Whether I'll get there or not is another thing! To be honest, I'll be happy at a size 10.... or so I tell myself.

I am 5'7" and weighed 182.6 as of this week.  My size 12s are getting loose--some are even baggy!  Time to shop for some size 10s, I think.

When I was around 200 lbs I was in some size 12s & some size 14s.  Of course I guess you know that clothing sizes vary widely depending on the manufacturer.

Also, remember that it's not just weight, it's what kind of weight. A pound of fat takes up more "space" than a pound of muscle, so if you work out, you'll fit into a smaller size than your weight alone might indicate.  I'd say you're going to make your goal!


I'm also 5'8" and my starting weight was 225 pounds and size 16 jeans were pretty snug. I think I was comfortably able to fit into size 14 jeans at 190-200 pounds and they were starting to get too big as I got closer to 190. I bought a pair of size 32 jeans (which I think are equivalent to a size 12) when I was in the 180's, I think around 185 pounds. Now at 160 pounds I can fit into a size 30 (but they're still a bit snug, and that's equivalent to about a size 10.) So I've dropped about 3 jean sizes by losing 65 pounds, so roughly 1 size down for every 20 pounds lost.

I've looked at a few websites that show women at different weights/heights (also lists their clothing sizes) and it seems like women that are 5'8" generally go down a past size for every 10 pounds they lose.

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