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Hey guys, and good morning!

I'm around the 15 lbs. lost mark, and I'm not a definite size. The thing is, I'm in between an 18 and a 16. It's frustrating because sometimes I can fit a 16, and a 17 won't fit.

I'm just wonder how much weight, on average, it would take to lose a dress size definitely?
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Wow, I wish there was a definitive answer to this one!

Since I started eating healthy, I've lost almost 20 lbs.  Haven't lost a dress size, though!

I think it might have something to do with frame size and also current weight.  Smaller women seem as though they'll go down a size if they lose 5 lbs!  Also, I assume it would depend on exercise (especially toning/weight lifting).  You could not lose a pound and still lose a size due to the fact that you're firming up your body!

As far as the size 17 not fitting -- remember that junior sizes (the odd numbers) are cut differently than misses and women's sizes.  They tend to be narrower through the hips, especially.  Don't let that discourage you!
I don't know the answer but I'm pretty sure it's a percentage of weight rather than a definite amount of pounds lost.
Go to a different shop.  Seriously, an 18 in one shop will be a 16 in another will be a 20 in another.  If you can't find something in one shop, try another.
I've been faithfully counting calories for 6 weeks, and only lost 4 pounds, but I have dropped at least 1 size, maybe 2!  It's weird how some of us SEE weight loss on the scale but don't feel it in our clothes, and others are the total opposite!
Megs, I'm jealous of you!  :D

I started at 180 and am now down to 143 and I'm STILL a size 12.

Luckily, I'm starting to feel that I can maybe (maybe) creep into a 10 soon, but I'll never get back into my size 8's, I don't think.

i really think its how you are shaped. i have a shape so for me it has to be at least 10 pounds.

i seem to notice women with strait bodies get away with less than 10 pounds.

also they cut stuff in different styles. like...i wear a window of 4 sizes depending on how the thing is cut and who made it.

odd sizes are usually juniors i thought? that means the hips/chest lines are slimmer/straiter and wear differently.

try torrid. they cut stuff right for plus sizes.
you can check thier stuff out online. they have some good clearance stuff.

also you might find it easier to buy seperates. rarely is a person a 16 on top and a 16 on the bottom. stuff will just look better when you buy things that fit.

Ah, I LOVE Torrid. It's my favorite store!
totally watch thier online store then!

i have gotton like 60 dollar skirts for 10 bucks!

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I really like Torrid also. I like the fact that they had more fasionable stuff for pluss size woman. I had actually never heard of them until I was at the mall on Sunday and went into the store. I buy most of my clothes at Lane Bryant but to many of their shirts make a plus size look even bigger. Most of my work clothes are from there, but there dressy casual shirts are a no go for me.
Just had to add my "I ? Torrid" comment as well.  :-)
Just keep in mind that it is not about the size, its how you look and feel in your clothes! Keep up the good work everyone :)


Okay so Im kinda new at this...........Ive done the weight watchers thing but I dont see paying for something I can do for free. Any way Ive been back to what I will call "taking an active intrest in eating" Im counting calories, drinking more water, & trying to balance my diet for the most part. Im 5' 3" and a size 12 in levis jeans with a medium build and I have had children, would any one have an idea how much I weight? I know it a crazy question to ask but I dont have a scale yet & I really dont have a goal weight but I do have a goal size.

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about weight and size:

I am 5'3" and weigh 195 lbs, however, I only wear a size 14 or 16, depending on the brand -- and I do not like my clothes tight, as I don't think it's flattering to plus-size women. I'm just built a certain way that carries more weight, I guess. When I wore a size 10 or 12, I weighed 150 lbs -- a HUGE difference in weight for not that much size difference. What is that, 22 lbs per dress size?

I have another friend who weighs 145 lbs and wears a very flattering size 6.

So as many people have said, I think body type, body composition (fat/muscle/bone), and maybe other things are important factors in what size you wear, and how much weight you would have to lose to lose a size.



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i agree with pretty much all of you! i'm 5'8" and 135, my highest was 155 and lowest was 119, and i still wore either size 6 or 8 jeans through nearly ALL of that.

that being said, i have a pair of 4 jeans (from the gap) and a pair of 10 jeans (from old navy) that i swear are the exact same size. and the gap and old navy are even the same company!! how aggravating!

Yeah it depends on your body type.  I am 5'11 and went from a size 10 at 155 to a size 16 at 230 (in about a year, due to medication).  That's 70 lbs and only a 4 size difference.  It generally takes about 15 lbs per dress size for me.

Original Post by goddess9:

Hey guys, and good morning!

I'm around the 15 lbs. lost mark, and I'm not a definite size. The thing is, I'm in between an 18 and a 16. It's frustrating because sometimes I can fit a 16, and a 17 won't fit.

I'm just wonder how much weight, on average, it would take to lose a dress size definitely?

I believe it depends on the amount of weight to begin with. If the person is very large, 20lbs might be a size. I have lost 8lbs and there is no difference. I'm losing weight in my face!!

Losing "weight" is not really what you want to do to lose dress sizes. You want to gain muscle and burn away fat. You can lose 15 pounds of muscle and gain 5 pounds of fat and not change your size at all because muscle is denser than fluffy fat.

Losing muscle you have also made it harder to lose weight due to how many more calories muscle burns by just being in your body (fat burns hardly any). Keep your muscle by lifting heavy weights (you will never ever get bulky trust me, I know how hard it is to do it as a woman), eating 5 meals a day--each one with around half lean protein, half carbs and a bit of fat and at least 300 calories for each meal (for my body), and do cardio once or twice a day in whatever form you enjoy.

I did this simple program called Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and lost 25 pounds of fat gained 10 pounds of muscle and 20 inches in about five weeks. I am on a fitness challenge and have already lost 6 pounds in two weeks, 4% body fat and 5 inches off my waist and hips--that's a dress size in two weeks baby!! http://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/ Tonnes of info for free there.

It's based off the diet of body builders that they do the weeks before they show to burn off their fat and keep their muscles. After these guys finish this "diet" their metabolism is so fast they have to eat crazy amounts of food to keep their weight up! Hahaa that would be nice hey??

It depends. I'm 5'10 and started at 225 lbs. and was convincing myself I was still a 16, although it was debatable. Around 205 I started fitting into 14s, around 190 I fit into 12s, around 175 I was a size 10, now I'm about 160 and a size 8. 

That said, my size varies based on the brand and the cut. Also, size changes based on inches lost rather than pounds. And size aren't standardized in the US.

But size changes faster at lower weights. Maybe because larger women are more likely to fluctuate. And 1 inch around the waist is much different at a size 16 vs. a size 8. 

SW: 225, 44-39-47 (size 16)

CW: 161, 39-28-40 (size 8)

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