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weight increase despite calorie decrease and exercise

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I'm having a bit of a tough moment. I have been dieting for about 3 weeks. I'm 5'3" and about 140. I averaged out my calorie intake, which has been 1600, and I've exercised daily for 30 minutes to an hour either on the elliptical or jogging. And yet I have gained two pounds.... I'd thought I'd had a good week when I hopped on a new scale and it had registered 137 earlier this week, but yesterday and today I hopped onto the scale at the gym and found that I am in fact gaining.

I've heard that you can gain weight when you start exercising more, but how long does it take to start falling off and how much do you typically gain?

And even if this is muscle growth, I can tell you that my clothes aren't getting any smaller.
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Cool! Not the weight gain, but I was going to ask a similar question.

I have been on my routine for 5 weeks, and have lost 8 lbs in total.... However.... Over the last 2 weeks I have crept up 3/4lb each time (1.5lbs total).

Given an increase in exercise I am assuming it is water being held by developing muscles, and actual muscle growth. I would be interested if I stopped working for a week if the scale would drop 3 lbs (or whatever).

Hoping you feel fitter and that is/ would be a top start.
That happened to me, I lost a bunch of weight when I started on here and started going to the gym, and it haulted....and I gained 5 lbs before it started to go down....But it did go away and running was my excercise of choice and I lost all my cellulite!!  Yippee!  So don't worry about it for now, keep up the good work!!  =)
you are weighing on two different scales... you cant compare the two weights.  only use one scale to weigh on consistently.  if your starting weight was on the gym scale, then I understand your frustration!  also, make sure it is at the same time each time weighing the same clothes... my weight will vary now 5-7 lbs over the course of the day, even nekked ;).  best time to weigh (lowest at least) is usually right after you wake up after using potty.

give it a little bit, takes a while for your body to adjust and let go of the extra water that your muscles hold on to... add more water to your diet and that might help!

**good luck**
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Like Drea said. 100%
what zeke said that drea said! lol.. seriously, I went through sticker shock when I bought a new digital scale several months back, and stopped using my old analog one.  It showed I weighed almost 4 lbs more than what I thought I did.  I came to realize that the digi one was the more accurate one so I just had to bite the bullet.  Check your sodium levels too, if they're in the 3000+ range, then your body's holding onto extra water weight aside from the working out.  Your muscles are adjusting to their new activity, just keep going and you will see results!! it's all about the numbers.. Remember to keep your daily calorie deficit between 500-750 calories... that includes the calories you burn working out.  good luck!

Hi there bevv,
You have NO idea how much your post has helped me. This is EXACTLY what I'm going through. I've been eating right for 3 weeks, have been doing jazzercise 4 days a week for 2 weeks, and this morning I discovered that I've gained 4 lbs. WHAT THE !?!?!?!

So I was ready to throw in the towel, but thought I'd do a little research and see if this gain is "normal". Not only have I found that it's normal, I'm also motivated again and feel silly that I was ready to quit after only 2 weeks.

Keep up the good work, and I will too !!!

Thanks guys. Sadly, my "official" weights come from the gym scale, because I use it on a weekly basis. I'd bought one to keep in my room because I'm a lazy bum who doesn't want to walk to the sports center (hey, 20 minutes walking straight out of bed=no bueno!) and had been using it in between my weekly weigh ins. I do weigh consistently in the morning, mostly naked (again, sports center... I have a little modesty, just a tidge). I just hadn't seen the scale in a week and expected it to be down when lo and behold, I pushed the weight past 138... past 139... dangit. Sigh. And here I was hoping this would be easy:-) It seems like it was easier the last time, anyway.

I am glad to hear that there are those of you out there having the same problem! It comes up now and again, but three weeks into this running routine seemed like a long time to me for my muscles to still be holding water, so I thought I'd ask.

On the upside, all this new water has made my skin rather glowy.
oh something else i forgot... water retention from being female around that time... if you are approaching or on ttom... that will affect the scale too.
Worse comes to worse, stick with it. At 1600 calories and you are below your expenditure (I input it and it came back 1700 in sedentary) so there is no way you can be gaining fat, none.

Now water or muscle maybe but not fat.
     Something else also, if you REALLY want to see what your weight is doing you need to weigh yourself daily and just simply it use the weight log on this website.  Seems like most people say weigh yourself once a week but that simply does not work for me.  Lets say if I decided to have a good time and went out to eat pizza with some friends as a type of cheat meal.  The next day I usually weigh somewhere between 2-5lbs heavier then the day before, this is from the fact that the cheat foods are usually very high in sodium and also I usually eat them later at night so it is not fully digested.  Now if I only used that morning as a weigh in and compared it to that time last week when I didnt have a cheat meal I would think I gained 5 lbs in 1 week.  This is simply not true though becuase of all the water I am retaining and the partially digested food.  

  I usually weigh myself everyday and use the weight log.  The trend is really nice for this and the more samples it has the more accurate it is.  Helps to get rid of abnormalities like the above example.  So now I am trying to maintain and its amazing how much the blue line jumps up and down each day, sometimes by a lb or so.  However my green line is nearly horizontal showing that I am achieveing my goals.
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