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Weight (and Height) VS Dress Size

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Hi, I thought it might be interesting to compare weight against dress size, for one thing it will show how different we can all be, and secondly it might help some of us make a guess to what dress size they are likely to be when they reach their goal.

It will be useful to state if you are talking about UK or US dress sizes, otherwise it will be fairly meaning less. Also, saying where you carry your weight might help too. Prehaps copy and past from mine and change it to your own stats.

Height: 5ft8 (and a half lol)

Weight: 173.5lbs

Dress size: Loose 14 UK (I think thats 10 US) correction: I think I would be a 12 US

Body Type: I carry my weight all over, and have a round face.

I know this isn't deffinitive or anything, but I thought it could be a bit of fun.

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Height: 5'2"

Weight: 115 lbs

Dress Size: 2-4

Body Type: I used to not, but now I carry my weight really well. I've gained about 9 lbs since I came to college and if it hadn't of been for weighing myself I would have never guessed. I'm a muscular hourglassish figure btw, although my measurements do vary depending on the time of the month (34-25/26-35/36).

Thanks tmill91, I assume (hope!) thats a US dress size?

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 121 lbs

Dress Size: 4 (US) - pants, small for everything else

Body Type: I have an hourglass figure, and still trying to tone

Hi! I like these threads, they're interesting to me.

Height: 5'5.5" (5'6" if I've been doing lots of yoga, HA!)

Weight: 139ish pounds

Dress size: Baggy 8 US, sometimes varies and I can get away with a 6 but not on my damned thighs. The slacks I'm wearing now are 4s, but I think that's because they're EXTREMELY stretched out within an inch of their sorry lives.Surprised

Body Type: Hourglass - I carry weight mostly in my thighs and spread all over, although when I got up to 160+, I started having a lot of fat on my belly which I'd never had before. Most of that is gone now, but not all.

I'm 5'8, 138lbs and wear size 5/7 in suits/pants, and dresses are a whole other story.

I guess I'm technically an apple shape since hips/thighs aren’t problematic but I carry my weight in my sides not much in the front, wide wasted like Heidi Klum is now post-baby but not as tight as her yet so my dresses are all empire waist styles to camouflage that, they are a size medium so that would probably be a 6/8.

Lots of pics of me in dresses if that helps here on cc - that’s when I get the hubby to take pictures if we or I am going out, lol.


Height:  5.4"

Weight:  128-132 (depends where the moon is, LOL)

Dress size:  I carry my weight on my thighs and my dress size is 4 or 6 (depends of material and designer I've noticed).  I wear only A-line dresses though so I'm sure a tight size 6 dress wouldn't fit too good on my butt/thighs.  My pants on the other hand are size 6 mostly. 

I have found these threads useful in the past, so here is my contribution to this one:

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 145 lbs

Dress size: US 8

Body Type: A big ol' hourglass. Wide hips, wide shoulders, big boobs, fat arms.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 117lbs

Dress size: 2-4 US- usually a 4 but I haven't tried on a dress for the last three months so I may just be a 2 now since my pants have been kind of baggy :) :) (Yay! This topic just made me feel like I achieved a small success because I never really thought about my dress size changing :)  Thanks for posting this!)

Body Type: My boyfriend refers to it as a coke-bottle figure haha So I guess it's an hourglass shape.  Most of my extras are around my belly button and lower back, but I've managed to do some serious toning lately so I'm feeling pretty good about how I look :)  Hooray for healthly living!

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 169.5 lbs.

Dress size:  12-14 US.  I have been this weight before (1990) and was two to three sizes bigger.  Working out has made me firmer in many areas which attributes to the smaller size.  I also have muscular thighs, big arms and boobs! I've never been or will be a Barbie, but that's okay. 

Height: 5ft 7  

Weight: 125lbs

Dress size: 8-10 UK (I think thats a 4-6 US??)

Body Type: Big hips! and a big ribcage! Slender-ish elsewhere...but never happy :)


Height: 5ft4 

Weight: 140lbs

Dress size: usually 6-8; 10 in some higher-end brands

Body Type: I'm an apple, and fitting my bust is the issue for me with most dresses.  I pretty consistently buy size 6 pants/skirts these days (though I have a few older pairs in larger sizes that haven't yet been deemed 'so baggy I must give them away'.

Thank you for doing this!!!!  I am one that wonders what I will look like when I lose all my weight and this is perfect for me and my imagination.

Thank you.

Height: 5 ft 5  

Weight: 147lbs

Dress size: 6 US 

Body Type: Big calves.  Everything else is pretty proportioned.


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160lbs

Dress size: 6-8 (US)

Body Type: My weight pretty much is constant over my body, I guess a decent hour glass figure (i got hips and boobs haha). When I gain and lose it's pretty even over my tummy, hips, and thighs (big changes show up in my arms and boobs too). When I was 145lbs I rocked an awesomely slim figure that tipped the sizes to always a 6.

5'6", hour-glass.

Currently 149lb and a size UK12 (US10)
Normally 124lb and size UK8 (US6)

Some UK peeps are struggling with their conversions.  UK8-10 is not a US4-6 it's a US6-8.

5'2 typical hourglass (muscular legs)

I am between 128 and 132 (always different)

US 2/4. Sometimes a need a 6 to fit my legs but then i need to have the waist taken in. Sm or Xsm for my tops

140 lbs, athletic, US 8-12, designer seems to run larger.   12 is definitely getting very baggy on me, I would say a solid US 10.  I'm slightly pear shaped if I weigh more than 145...  I also like my clothes to hang a little bit more than i see what most women wear, I think it skims my body and takes another 5 looking pounds off. 

Funny though how vintage 12 is modern US 4....

Height: 5'2 (and maybe a half...don't know if I trust the doctor on that one, haha!)Weight: 121lbs
Dress size: 4 (US)
Body type: Definitely a pear! If a dress is cut more straight (rather than A-line), I may need a 6.

Height: 5'2

Weight: 110lbs

Dress size : US 2 (UK 6)

Body Type: I tended to hold my weight in my tummy when I weighed a lot more but generally now im quite petite but muscular if that makes sense hehe!


US2 is a UK4 not a UK6

http://www.onlineconversion.com/clothing_wome ns.htm

Out of interest I'm wondering what's the incidence rate of US2 in the USA?  Genuine non-vanity-sized UK4's are very rare in shops (unless teen fashion).  Most shops smallest sizes are usually UK6 (US4).

How about in the US?

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