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Weight Loss
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Weight gain won't budge!

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I got married 4 months ago, and gained about 9 pounds during that time.  

I'm 5'7", and my normal weight before was 126 pounds. I used to eat everything, including high fat, high salt junk food, sweets, chocolate. But I never ate big quantities.

But ever since I got married, all the meals I prepare are healthy, low-fat, low salt, lean meat, high in fiber, because my husband and I decided to make an effort to improve our diet and lifestyle.

I thought it might be because of the pill, but my gyno said it was unrelated, he did however point out that my colon was slightly enlarged (my colon usually acts up whenever i'm stressed).

So for the past 4 weeks, I have been eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, cooking with no fat whatsoever, and closely watching my carbs intake (my weakness). Plus drinking plenty of water. And I exercise whenever I can, averaging 3 times a week.

Using the calories counter, i'm averaging around 800-900 calories per day. I'm not starving myself, I get very cranky when i'm hungry so it won't benefit anyone. But instead of reaching for a bag of chips like i used to, i munch on carrot and cucumber sticks, fresh fruits, low fat yogurt, etc.

Yet the scale won't budge!

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

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You're eating too little and your metabolism thinks there is a famine.
Up your calories, add some unsaturated fat into your diet, take a deep breath, and relax.

the problem is when i eat more, I gain weight!

Original Post by yfarahat:

the problem is when i eat more, I gain weight!

 That's because your metabolism is effed.  Slowly up your calories.  You will some slight weight gain initially, but within a few months, it will level out and weight loss will resume. Healthy eating is a lifelong process, so a few pound weight gain over a few months is realistically nada in the long view of things.

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