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Weight Gain while on Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan

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Hello all,

  I am becoming very discouraged with my new diet plan.  I had success with the original Weight Watchers Points Plan several years ago, so decided to try it again in my quest to lose weight for spring break.  I am now beginning week 5 and while sticking to the program completely, this is what my weight looks like:

Week 0 (beginning weight)- 159.8

Week 1- 159.6

Week 2- 156.6

Week 3- 154.6

Week 4- 155.4

Week 5- 156.0

The only thing that I have changed over the course of this diet, is adding in warm herbal green tea, thinking that it would help with my water intake.  My calorie intake is between 1050 and 1200 each day and I have tried to implement small amounts of exercise in my usual sedentary day.  I do notice that my levels for sodium are sometimes higher than the recommended amount. 

Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?  I am so discouraged I feel like falling back into previous unhealthy eating behaviors.  I thought it could be water retention so I began taking over the counter water reduction pills as well as drinking more water everday.  So far, it does not seem to have made a difference.  Any advice you can give would be immensely appreciated. Thank you!

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What kind of exercise are you doing? Sometimes, (at least for myself) when I do more weight training than cardio, I do tend to put on a few pounds, because muscle weighs more than fat. It's better to go by how your body looks, or how your clothing are fitting as oppossed to what the scale says.

Are you including the fruits and vegetables you're eating in your calorie count? I know Points Plus doesn't count them.

Unfortunately, your body has most likely gone into starvation mode, which is keeping you from losing the weight. Add to that the sodium imbalance and your weight loss path just got longer.

Consider increasing your calorie intake, but introducing a little "calorie confusion" where you can. The idea is to keep your body guessing and not go into starvation mode. It will take a little practice, but it does work. I've dropped over 40 pounds in less than 6 months (over Thanksgiving and Christmas), so it does work.

Thank you all for the advice!  I am definately going to decrease my sodium intake, drink more water and make sure I'm eating alot of fruits and veggies.  Mr Marcus, could you please explain a bit more about the "calorie confusion" technique that you are using?  I think I have an idea, but want to be sure I'm clear.  Thanks again everyone!  I appreciate all of your help on my weight loss journey!

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