Weight Loss
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I have an upper respiratory infection...
Why would THAT make me gain weight?

197.8 down over the week to 195 and been 197 since this damn infection took place...

Does being sick make you gain weight or is gravity just being mean to me since I'm sick anyway?

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I don't really know anything about it.. but I had a sinus infection last week/the week before and I seemed to weigh more than I had in the days prior.. and I normally don't retain much weight. So maybe.. sorry I can't be really any help

I was wondering the same thing....I have had a sore throat/stuffy nose. I have been eating sugar free sore throat losengers the past couple of days AND i have gained 4 pound in 3 days! I hope this is just from being sick.

Maybe when you are sick you body retains water to help you get better??

Me too! I have been feeling kinda sick and have had a runny nose and have gained weight (which is ok, because I was wanting to gain some anyways) but I have been poofy, bloated, gassy and irregular too.

Could that somehow correlate with getting sick???

Well, the more people that are alike on this issue the more likely it is that we're right lol. I looked it up but I can't find anything. I thought maybe retaining water too, musicismylife.

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