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Weight gain immediately AFTER period?

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I finished my period on Monday (Aug 17), and on Tuesday/Wednesday (not sure which) I weighed myself and noticed that I had GAINED 2 lbs. while I was on my period, I was consistently losing weight cause I was eating well, and continued to do so when I finished my period. From what I know, it's supposed to be vice versa. Anyone have any explanations? A little disappointed here...

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I know this topic is way old but the same thing happens to me and I was wondering if anyone knows why?

Your body tries to hold onto more water when you are on your period because you are losing blood etc..This is why a lot of women get bloating..I would suggest just drink lots of water and it should come right off..:)

Probably water weight.  Your body will sometimes do weird things.  Just keep on keeping on, and the weight will probably drop back off in a day or two.

Stangely this happened to me too! It came right off a few days later though so it definitely was water weight. It's probably best to weigh yourself a good few days ~ if not a week ~ after your period has finishes just so you get a true reading.

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