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Weight gain for no apparent reason? Possible?

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Hi all. New here and hoping to shed some light on some weight issues and get back to my old weight.


Firstly, a bit about myself - I am a 20yr old female, 5 ft 4 and currently 148lbs. I take kelp, a multivitamin and rhodiola rosea for stress daily. I currently eat around 1500 - 2000 calories daily and I work 40hrs a week so only exercise on the weekends atm.

At 16 I weighed 12 st (I was also on the birth control pill, Dianette), and so I decided to do something about it. I slowly but surely lost weight over 2 years and at 18, weighed 9st and looked very slim and petite. During this time however, I came off of birth control and 6 months later I developed a bad case of acne. I then was prescribed Yasmin (birth control pill) and Spironolactone which cleared my skin up amazingly. As soon as I started these medications, I noticed feeling slimmer and to my surprise I was losing again. A few months later I had hit 8 st 4...7st13 at my lowest. Note my diet had changed for the worse - I was eating a lot of quick but fattening foods as I was at uni and my usual daily calorie intake was around 2500 calories, no exercise. 8 months later I felt the meds I was on was too much for my body as I was losing my hair and so I switched back to my old pill Dianette and gained a stone in a few weeks (no diet change) which I was okay with. I managed to stay at around 9 stone - 9 stone 3 by eating normally with a normal activity level.


However, as I experienced hair loss on the spironolcatone, I was prescribed the high dose BCP version of Dianette to combat this and my weight slowly crept up to around 9st 10. I wasn't too happy with this, so I switched back to Yasmin around 6 months ago and discontinued taking the spiro. I lost a couple of pounds in water weight but slowly and surely my weight has crept up from 9st 10 to 10st 8 which I;m sure can not be water retention though I do not look that much 'fatter', nor have I been gaining muscle. I am at a loss as to why this has happened as Yasmin has never caused weight gain for me before and I doubt I could attribute this much gain to it anyway - I eat a relatively healthy diet and drink around 3 liters of water a day. I have tried a restrictive diet just recently and my weight did not budge. It's as if I gain a pound a month no matter what I do. Around the start of all this weight gain I noticed a small lump on one side of my neck - it was sore to begin with and larger than it is now - it has now shrunk and isn't sore. Do you think this may be indicative of a much bigger issue or is diet the only answer? I have spoken to a doctor but they refuse to believe it could be anything but my own doing.


Thank you!


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Go to the doctor about your bump!!

As someone who works with doctors and understands how skeptical they can be...


I would recommend using this site for a month - record every freaking bite - use a food scale, see what your weight does, try to realistically estimate your burn based on your height/weight/age.  

For example - my BMR (found through a googled calculator) is 1500... so I don't eat under that.  Even though theoretically women could eat less than that - I don't believe one should eat under BMR.

Put in your activity level on this site as sedentary, but add exercise & consider wearing a pedometer to better estimate your daily activity (<5000 steps is classified as sedentary - but if you are doing more outside of exercise, you might have a higher burn)  

Take that information to your doctor and if you keep gaining weight despite eating a reasonable amount under your burn or you can't lose - they can't argue that it's you if you are obviously putting in the work of "doing a food log."


I'm not really clear on my stone measurements - but that seems like a lot of weight changing! And I'm not a qualified medical professional as far as the lump goes - but it could simply be a lymph node - are you familiar with your lymph nodes?  They can change size without indicating a huge issue.  Definitely mention the lump issue (especially if it comes back or is NOT a lymph node) - but be prepared...

They probably won't take it that seriously because you sound... a little high maintenance for "healthy 20 yo no reason" from the perspective of the medical field -I don't mean that to be insulting - I'm the same way - but too many details is just as bad as too few from an MD perspective (imho).  If you go in just to discuss the weight gain - stay focused...see if they are receptive to reviewing your "analysis"/food log - and if they still don't want to address it - find a new doc - or work harder to lose it.  Pick up your daily activity, consider getting a little more focused on your nutrition, etc.  But first... just get a really accurate log with NO MEDICATION CHANGES for 30-60 days.  

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