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Weight Loss
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Is it common to weigh 5 pounds more at night, even after using the restroom, than in the morning??

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Oh totally!  Sometimes for the heck of it I will step on the scale before i go to bed.  Literally 8 hrs later, I can be 5 lbs lighter! 
Weight fluctuates a lot during the day- mine is usually by 3-4 pounds everyday, some days more.  When I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed that same night, there may be 3 pounds difference, and I wake up the next day and I am back down to the weight of the previous morning or less- if amazes me!
Absolutely....I can guarantee that my weight will be at least that much diff every night.  That is why I weigh naked first thing in the morning.
I cant explain why......
*I think little elves come and carry the pounds away during the night*
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Yes, my normal fluctuation is 3-5 lbs every day. I think it's totally normal, don't worry. I try to weight myself at the same time every day so that I can keep track of my ups and downs. I usually weigh in the morning, when I first wake up, before I take a shower (so I don't have wet, heavy hair).

Absolutely!  I am always 4-8 pounds heavier at night.  It's sort of amazing.
Did you know that (according to Newton, at least), you are a tiny bit shorter at night than you are in the morning?

It has to do with gravity. Each time you take a step, you pound your bones just a little bit closer together. Think of what happens when you fill a measuring cup with flour and then tap it on the countertop. The flour compacts. Same thing happens to your body from walking.

Then I guess at night your body expands again, or something. I dunno. I didn't do so well in Physics.
but being more compact/shorter (if it is true) wouldn't affect one's weight.  It would affect density, not mass.
I almost always weigh 3-5 pounds more at night than I do in the morning. Don't worry about it, just track your weight at the same time each day.
so, what is my weight? is it the morning reading or is it the night reading ? I do not want to fool myself.
I fluxuate 5 pounds every day.  Even when I was skinny.  Morning I believe is more accurate--which is less, but that's what I go off of.
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