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Weight Loss
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Thursday - Saturday last week my weight was 109.2lb all 3 days. I then weighed myself Sunday morning and found an unexplained rise to 110lbs. Then Monday my weight dropped to 108.2lbs. Tuesday another drop to 107.6lbs. Wednesday it rose back to 108lbs and this morning I'm 108.2.

I'm finding this really frustrating as I haven't overeaten so why am I gaining weight and is it permanent weight or will it go? Which is my true weight? Could it be because I haven't been to the toilet?

I'm 20 years old 5'6 female.
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Just one thing to address first, are you still trying to lose weight? You're currently considered mildly underweight, you're just under the lowest end of the healthy weight range, have you been restricting more? I'd really recommend getting to your doctors, a nutritionists, a guidance councillor or a dietitian for some help if you're having trouble coping still.

Your body will naturally fluctuate from day to day, based on weather, aircon (dehydrating), how much food is still in your system, how much water is in your system or what time of month it is, etc. You can also retain water if your body is doing muscle repair after working out.

If you're worried about it, weigh yourself at larger intervals, eg a week, two weeks or each month so you're not seeing the daily fluctuations.

I seem to recall a post I saw some time ago that tickled my funny bone, mostly because it's so true. The poster said something along the lines of 'I can gain two pounds in two mins by drinking a bottle of water'.

In other words, don't stress about small fluctuations, they're natural.

Yes I'm trying to lose. I have dropped from 144 in recent months and I restrict calories.

I just read the other post entirely, previously I had just skimmed it. Honey, you're starving yourself - your body is underweight and will slowly begin to shut down if you continue along the path you're on now.

Its relatively obvious that you're not happy with your body, another 10, 20, 30 pounds wont see you magically wake up one day and go 'wow I've reached a weight I am happy with'.

You need support from professionals before it gets to an extreme point. Do you have a responsible adult you can start talking to about it?

I've seeked help, and I have people I can talk to but nobody seems to understand. The only thing that makes me happy is seeing the number on the scales go down and today my day is already ruined because they've gone up. I understand how pathetic this must sound but I can't help it.

No, it's not pathetic at all, its a symptom of the eating disorder - not a reflection on you as a person.

I know you've said the people you've talked to so far don't understand it, but there is other people that will. I'm hoping one of the American posters will chime in here for national hotlines etc that are available for you there, so you're able to at least call up and have a place to start.

Ask yourself, why is the scale dropping making you happy? What are you trying to achieve from it? What point can you seriously say you'll stop it at? Do you want to battle this for your entire life? These are hard questions I know, but maybe one will trigger another perspective.

Your body can only take so much, it will not let you carry on forever with what you're currently doing. It's really important that you keep pushing on until you do find the help you need, the support you need before it's too late and permanent damage is done.


Thank you so much for not judging. I'm not American though I'm English so unfortunately those helplines won't help. I don't know what it is about the scales dropping that makes me happy but my weight really does determine my mood all the time :-( its awful. I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this but I can't see a way out.

Eating disorders do not define who you are as a person. They can definitely ruin your perspective on life if they get out of control though.

I'm Aussie, so I don't know Englands hotlines either - there will be some out there though, have a look through google, there should be national programs in place to help with eating disorders. You may even recognise some of the names once you start looking.

You're young enough to get this under control with a little help, its up to you though if you choose to seek it - unless it becomes life or death situations, others generally wont step in to change anything, you have to make that step yourself.

Thank you. I am really trying to help myself it's just really difficult.

Can you help me by telling me if the fluctuations in my weight mentioned in the first post seem reasonable? Are they normal or am I actually gaining fat that is going to stay?

Yours sound like perfectly normal fluctuations - the body can fluctuate several pounds, particularly around a woman's time of month (TOM) or if you've had excess salt or if it needs extra water available during muscle repair etc. As an example, during my last TOM I gained around 5 pounds - it came right back off after a few days too.

There can be a point where your body will start storing every last reserve available as fat - if your body believes it's in a famine situation it will slow down - this is a good thing, it means we wont starve to death so quickly in a crisis.

Chronic under eating can lead to this occurring - your body will reach a point where it will desperately store everything it can to keep you alive. If it has nothing to burn how can it run your brain? Your heart? How can it keep breathing? The more you under eat, the faster this occurs.


Thank you for your advice.

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Hi! I'm an American (26yrs old and married) and struggled with this problem a bit in my younger years. I'm the tallest person in my entire family (men included) and I always compared my weight to my older sister who was underweight and 9 inches shorter than me. It was soooo frustrating (and still is sometimes) when I would start retaining water before my period. Due to my height, I could gain as much as 10 pounds in a week after my period had ended. Then to compensate, I would only eat 1 peice of fruit a day until I had worked those pounds off. However, I was also drinking more water to keep from feeling empty! Looking back on it, it was a never-ending, and ridiculous battle for me:) It took me a while to realize what I was doing. I was so painfully introverted that I was hoping people would like me and want to get near to me because of how I look, and that would make up for my general boring-ness and lack of conversation. But in reality, I probably was quiet and boring because I was so physically drained that there was no room for anything else!

My husband's family is very weight-conscious, as is mine, so at times, I still struggle with feelings of failure because my weight is in the middle of the normal range instead of at the end. But then I remember how grouchy I used to get, how depressed, how obsessed to the point that I didn't have the time or patience to do anything else. Then I remember that I probably look better than at least half of Americans and tell myself that my husband is a lucky guy and I make myself move on:) 

I hope that you can find a happy medium as I did and find a friend who can support you for who you are instead of what you are. That really makes things a lot easier. Those numbers start being less drastic and you can even forget about them for days at a time if your mind is focused on something else. Volunteering at an animal shelter, a tutoring center, or a soup kitchen is a great way to get your mind off your weight! Plus it makes you feel happier, more fulfilled, and more of an optimist. 


Wow. Thank you so much for these words. It's really comforting to see that somebody has come out the opposite end.

The challenge is that your 'weight' doesn't give you ANY knowledge about "Fat". Any whatsoever. Weight is a combination of food in your system, water, blood, muscle, and fat. So the # that your eyes witness doesn't give you a clue on what the fluctuation really is. I.e. I once weighted 280. As I began working out and eating healthy, after around 8wks, I weighed myself again: 282. Immediately the "emotions" kicked it.. "This is stupid.. working this hard for nothing." Ahhh... but "knowledge" says I'm doing the right thing, and oh... look.. your belt is going on further. I kept at it.. 8wks later I weighed myself.. 250.


The # on the scale is the most deceptive tool out there for people trying to lose 'weight'. We are trying to lose fat.. not #s on a scale. So.. let's say you drank more water on a day... or you worked out and gained some muscle.. or you haven't gone to the bathroom... or whatever... You'll see these fluctuations. I HIGHLY recommend you go and throw your scale away and let your clothes be your determining factor on what is going on. The scale deceives, it plays on our emotions, etc.


Then, someone who gets discouraged... they stop working out. What happens? The # on the scale goes down.. their immediate thought is, "Well, I obviously don't have to workout to lose weight!" Stupid mind games... The # dropped on the scale because we lost valuable muscle, which weighs more than fat! Eating healthy/working out = A GOOOOOD weight gain. Stop eating healthy/working out = A BAAAAD weightloss. This cannot get pounded into people's heads enough.. it is a bad bad bad part of 'weight loss'.


Ok, off my soapbox.. it's very important that people don't use the scale as their main tool. Weighing oneself every day, multiple times a day, it shows an obsession problem.. pun intended. :)

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