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Weight Loss
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how much can your weight fluctuate

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ok yesterday i was so happy because i got down to 137.6 and that day i eat alittle more then usual like 1600 and i usually eat 1400 but today i weighed my self and got 138.6. i know it does seem like alot but it is really discouraging. i know i ate a little to much but not a pounds worth right? So could someone tell me how much there weight flustuates.  also i have try to only weigh myself once a week but that is to hard. but i only take thursdays weight seriously.

thanks muchly
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i dropped 4 pounds over night last night, which is about the max my weight fluctuates on a daily basis. it has a lot to do with water weight & sodium intake & hydration. whether  you are up or down, don't get discouraged or react too hastily to fluctuations - they're natural and don't necessarily indicate that you've gained fat.
thanks for the reassurance!

as frustrating as it is, it's totally normal. 

last friday I weighed in at 170lbs.

by monday i was up to 180lbs!!!!!    TTOM.  I know it's all water weight gain and being bloated, but still.....grrrr..

 hang in there.  normally I only weigh myself just on fridays so I don't get so discouraged -- maybe that would be better for you too?

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for me, i NORMALLY fluctuate +/- 3lbs.  it can be more with TOTM or eating a lot of sodium etc
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i used to work around a pallet scale that was accurate and stable to a half an ounce. i got to where i did not weigh myself every day no matter what. i could fluctuate 5 pounds in a single 8 hour day. up to 12 pounds over a weekend. it drove me nuts. i now only get weighed once a month and do not worry about it much. i feel healthier all of the time and that is what counts to me. 
2-5lb fluctuations can be water weight. Anything more and I'd throw away your scale or make sure you're eating enough.
when you see this kind of bullshit happening you should know it's just water weight, and/or the waste of the meals (aka crap) you ate the day before waiting to get popped out.

to gain a pound of fat you have to eat about 4500-6000 calories, all at the same time (digestion would take about 900 calories, then transforming it to fat would take about 1500 more, which leaves us with 2900-3400 calories... which is 322-377 grams of fat)

anyhow, you probably burn more than 1800 calories even if you sleep all day, these 1600 calories you ate don't include digestion which burns out about 200 calores, and I bet you used up all the rest of them to provide you with energy, and even catabolized some fat from your body's own storages.

unless you eat over 2200-2400 calories, donn't worry about gaining anything...
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Definitely don't sweat it. Personally, I've seen my own weight fluctuate greatly. Just a few weeks ago, I put on 4.5 pounds overnight, which I knew was due to all the salty stir fry dishes I'd been snarfing all week. I just kept doing what I was doing. I held onto that 4.5 pounds all damn week, while I cut back on salt and upped my water intake and then, boom, I took off about 6 pounds overnight! It all works out.
Babalu22 -- checkout this website, it may help you understand why weighing yourself daily is a losing proposition  -- you should be fine

Oh -- and 3500 extra calories over what you burn is what is necessary to gain a pound of "fat"

Edit: fixed OPs name...
5 lbs. I was 109 this morning, yesterday afternoon I was 114, etc. I think the main thing is how much water is stored throughout your body from sodium. You're body holds on to water when you're dehydrated, right? 
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My theory is that several pounds weight gain overnight is precisely when NOT to worry. It's the weight that slowly creeps on after a week or several weeks of consistent overeating that one needs to be concerned with.
mines always all over the place. its why i just started taking my wt daily so i could watch the trend. my last week of aug:


its a pms week but still...
if i only did it 1x a week i would be disappointed.
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    what everyone has said so far is pretty much right on target....if I just eat within my maintenance calories my weight is usually the same as it was the same day before in the morning (it goes up throughout the day, but comes right back down)...but when I overeat my weight goes up about 4-5 pounds immediately and that stickes around for about a week and then magically "drops"...basically just don't weigh yourself everyday (there is no need for it) or especially right after you eat a ton of food at an occassion etc. (that is the same as stepping on the scale carrying a rock or something lol).....

I think the best thing is to weigh yourself once a week in the morning before you eat anything and record that weight and look for more long term trends in your someone said, if and when you see a gain then, then you might be gaining fat...but that will be more gradual (not 4-5 pounds), so you could immediately nip it....also if you weigh yourself once a month/week don't do it after a day where you had too much to eat...

I had binge eating disorder for a while, and one time just from overeating for a week I gained 20..yes 20 the end of the week, only for it all (except the little fat gain I did acquire) by the end of the week...weighing myself right after it only created unnecessary (and inaccurate) drama....

hope that helps :-)
I used to get really discouraged like that too! thats why i stopped caring about my weight. No really it took a while to stop, but now i weigh myself only once a week, if that! i rather measure in inches like twice a month :)
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