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How much weight do you all lose monthly?

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I am a bit depressed seeing as my weight loss gets worse and worse, When I started I lost 8 lbs a month but now I only lose 4 lbs/month for the last two months now.

I am wondering if this is normal, and how much weight everyone here loses on average a month?
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I've lost about 7lbs in the last two months. The closer you get to a healthy weight, the more difficult it is, sadly.  I started out at about 146lbs and now I'm at about 139lbs. 5'5.
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I aim for about 10 lbs. a month.  And it's working.  But I had lot lot to lose, and now I expect that it'll slow down.  
I've been consistantly losing around 4 lbs a month...it almost feels like I'm not losing because it's so slow. I started off at 118 and I'm now down to 101 so it really is coming off.

I think I've actually been losing about .4 lbs a week...sometimes but I haven't been counting exactly. Just guestimating. As long as the scale is moving down and not up I'm happy.
"I've been consistantly losing around 4 lbs a month...it almost feels like I'm not losing because it's so slow. "

Yeah I know this feeling too well -.-

But I have still plenty of fat reserves left I thought my body shouldn't slow down losing weight allready... Well who cares, as long as I still lose it's alright I guess.

Even if I keep up the slow pace I will be at my ideal weight in half a year from now on and then I can focus on maintaining my weight :)
The first month I lost 11 pounds, since then the average has been 5.5 pounds a month.  Like everyone else has said though, I'm only 4 pounds from my initial goal (145) so I'm guessing it's going to be VERY slow from here on out!
Well I am having some trouble with weight loss so in the past month I lost 6 pounds.

I have 55 to go..and its slow going. I get discouraged but keep trying !

I don't want to wait a year . I WANT THE WEIGHT OFF NOW!!!
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It is normal, especially if you are not lowering your calories as you lose weight. For every ten pounds you lose, you might need 100 fewer calories per day to maintain your current weight. So if you are still eating the same calories as when you were heavier, your deficit gets smaller and smaller, so your weight loss gets to less and less. Some people will actually plateau, because they ar too close to their maintenence level for that weight.  So do some math: say when you weighed 250 pounds, you dieted on  2000 calories a day... that's 8 calories a pound. Now you weigh 200 pounds and still eat 2000 calories a day, that's 10 calories a pound.  For about the same rate of loss as before, multiply 200 pounds x 8... that's 1600 calories a day.
For people of lower body weights, when they get to the 1200/1500 minimums, since they can't go lower, they just have to accept a slower rate of loss.  Depending on your metabolism, most people would lose weight multiplying their body weight by 9, 10, or 11. Each week redo the math, and eat a little less than the prior week.

I'm glad I found this topic. I've been discouraged because I'm only losing 1/2 lb/week, if that, or anything at all. I'm just getting back into this because I fell off the diet wagon for 5 months and gained 20 lbs back (!! wish I could lose it as fast as I can pack it on!), but the reason I fell off is because I'd only lost 2 lbs in the last 4 months (I'd been dieting for about 2 years to lose 50 lbs). That was depressing! Those are good points, about losing less and less weight the closer you come to your goal. And Shiptona, great formula. I'm going to "do the math" regularly and see if that helps. Maybe it wll get easier to cut calories/day as I eat less and less, although 1200 cals looks awfully small to me!


Completely normal... But, I think the slower you lose the more healthy and the more difficult to gain back (I hope.)  I lose about 1 pound every nine days.  And, If I review my intake (calories) and acitivity, I have a 3500 calorie deficit every 9 days... So, I know it is right in line with what I am doing and feel good about my metabolism. 
mine seems to have slowed down too, from a pound every three days or so to a pound every 5 days or so. it's normal and don't worry about it. you're still losing, right? And you've come quite far already - even if you never lost another pound and just maintained, you've changed your health profile forever - in a good way.

that's what i tell myself, anyway, when i get too discouraged at the unchanging scale.
I think there are a several reasons a person's weight loss slows down after a few months.  I lost 10 pounds a month for the first three months, then 7, then 3!  Now I'm back to 2-3 lbs a week.  After we've been doing our healthy new lifestyle for months, it's easy to accidently let things slide a bit.  I let my exercise slide slightly, I let my eating slide slightly, I took a break from logging.  Now I'm back to logging and back to losing.

Certainly plateaus happen, and when you get close to goal things will slow down a bit, but make sure you are still going at your plan as gung ho as when you started.  Watch what you are eating.  Mix up your exercise a bit.
it's taken me 20 months to lose 25 pounds.  i don't mind that it's been so slow, because it feels totally sustainable.  i haven't done anything dramatic, so there's no reason for me to backslide.

i'm only four pounds from my original goal of 135 now (might revise that to 130 - we'll see). 

slow can be frustrating, but it's more likely to be lasting. 
i lose a pound a week on average...and yes, it's frustrating...but much better than not losing at all!
i've been on almost 2 months and the first month i lost 5 lbs, and the second i lost 6, but im pretty happy when i see the weight line going in a downward motion for two months. it means i've stayed on track for awhile and learned alot on the way. i have never stuck with a diet long enough to see my goal, so to me this might actually work and im not stressed because im not over exercising or starving. i think its great. i love that before new years i might see my goal. :) 
The first month,March,I lost 14 lbs.It has been variable every since.I've lost 43 lbs total.Some months 10 some months 4 or 5.I try not to consume myself with the exact numbers as long as I continue to see an overall downward movement.It is hard though the months it is so slow.Like everyone else has said though it seems sustainable this time as oposed to previous attempts where I lost fast but gained it all them some back.I think we all have to go through various methods before we find one that works for us!
since the first month, when i lost around 7 lbs that really needed to go, (and dropped them without even trying, by not eating as much butter or a second donut, etc) i've probably lost 4 pounds, MAYBE five, per month...
i have lost 6 pounds in 2 months...so it's really slow.  some weeks i see no progress at all.  then all of a sudden i'll be down a pound or two.  it's a rather painful process but the closer you are to your goal the slower it comes off, at least that is what i've heard.

my stats: 5'4"

CW: 128.5

GW: 120
I average 1.4 # per week so far, but it is extremely difficult and every single morsel of food has to count toward nutrition.  It's been almost exhausting. 

I started at 192.5 and am now 184.2.   Once I get into the 170's I'm going to relax a bit.
i agree with ohio45, it is exhausting!

i started at 200+ and am now at 168. i lose about 1 pound a month now and that is okay with me!

it really depends on how much you weigh and yes, how close you are to a healthy weight~
Today is my 1 month date and  I am down 9 pounds.  If I can do 8-10 pounds a month for at leat 2 more months I will be thrilled.
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