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Weighing your breasts

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I have a query and wondered if anyone else thinks about this.  I started out at 157 lbs and I weighed my breasts, they came in at 9 lb for the pair!  Now I am down to 148 lbs I have weighed them again and they come in at 7lb, I'm happy about this as I have a giant pair and they have gone down a couple of cups to a manageable 34f 

If my BMI is 27 at 148lb then if I had naturally smaller breasts then surely I would reach my target quicker.  Even when I was slimmer my boobs were still proportionately big, size 10/12 (UK) with a DD cup

Does anyone compensate for their massive boobs or do you just lve with it, comment please.


BTW - I'm 5ft 2, female

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Wow, your boobs are huge...size f, i couldn't even imagine. i have always had small boobs, only an A, if that. Not that i don't wish they were bigger, but when i go for a run i am glad they are small.

do they weigh 7lbs each or together? i would compensate for them if i had them.

Well, I'm not sure how one could compensate for them exactly, other than getting a really good bra.  I've always been well endowed, although having lost a lot of weight, I'm now down a few sizes in front also. 

I've also thought about how much they weighed, but never tried to actually weigh them. 

It sort of reminds me of something I found really funny that I read in a magazine some time ago, where the (male) writer was referring to the amusing ways people compare the weight of things and he mentioned that a good-sized pair of breasts could weigh as much as a small turkey!  When I read that, I practically fell over laughing, because I never would have thought of that particular comparison, and please don't take this to mean that I think you are turkey-ish in any way, I just loved the idea of that. 

I do understand how uncomfortable it can get during those times when the girls are feeling the gravity more.

I would just come to terms that they are part of you.. and not worry about how much they weigh. If you are aiming for a healthy weight range then they shouldnt make much of a difference. Plus, they will shrink as you lose more weight :)

I feel your pain! I was 219lbs + (uk size 16/18) and a 36HH! cup before I started losing weight, now im down to 160lbs they have shrunk with me and im a uk size 12 and down to 32FF :)! [much to my delight, but my bf has said "where did the boobies go?? :( lol]

But i wouldnt worry about their weight too much.. certainly, if you are about 5lbs from a healthy BMI, you feel healthy and dont want to lose any more, then take them into consideration.. but generally, I don't :)

Wow Jef HH must stand for heavy and hurting!  how did you cope, I struggle to find underwear as it is, Im trying to find a Bikini at the moment and the styles are so boring and limited.

This is a great conversation! haha  Well, I'm right there with you, somewhere between a 34-36 G/H (and I've lost 10 pounds already.  Before I was popping out of them, but really couldn't find anything bigger) but once you get that high all the bras have different sizing anyway so who knows what I really am?!?!  First I know this may be a little technical, but how did you actually weigh them???  I have always wondered how much mine weigh, and haven't really figured the logistics of weighing them.

The second thing is, I have suggestions for websites to buy bras.  I don't even try the stores anymore.  If you have a really good bra store by you, at least go there and get a fitting (I'd only buy one or two bras there though because they are usually more expensive there).  Go to or those are both great websites for us bigger busted gals.  There is also which has a pretty large selection as well.  I find Panache, Anita, Fantasie and Freya to be the best brands.  And the last two also have a great bathing suit line.  They have regular everyday comfy bras and more "formal attire" as well.  But my last suggestion, if you are really unhappy with your size is to consider a reduction.  Once I get to my goal weight that is the first thing on my list.  Even when I was 125 pounds I was a DD, and I know I'm not getting much smaller than that.  It is a big commitment, but if you really are unhappy it can be an incredible unburdening (literally)!  Everyone I know who has done it is extremely happy with the results.

They were far too big! I really hated them. It got to the stage that I had to wear a bra constantly because they were too heavy! I was that size in high school as well.. which was just awful im sure you can imagine!!

I had to hold them in the shower too! (sucked, lol) Just invest in some good bras..
I can't believe how small they feel to me now (FF!) but they are just so much more comfortable.

I can wear cool t-shirts that fit properly without the pattern stretching and cracking over the bust! ( = awesome t-shirts)

Thanks for the advice, I use figleaves and always buy Freye bra's but they are just so bloody expensive aren't they.  I'm going on hoiday with a couple of girlfriends who are both B cup, they got their Bikini's from Matalan at a couple of quid each and I'm looking at £50 at least!

To weigh your breats you need a set opf scales and a bucket of water.  Firstly make sure the bucket is full to the brim with water then weigh it.  Next dip you breast into the bucket of water, this can be a little messy so I would suggest putting the bucket into another container to catch the water. Weigh the bucket of water again and sutract the second number from the first.  Double it and you have how much your breasts weight!

aaah! I was wondering how you would weigh them, lol.

Try for cheaper bras. They're pretty good quality (maybe not as hard wearing as bravissimo ones) but generally they sell brand names and cut prices - catalogue returns I believe.

Good for swimwear for holidays :)

The last bra I bought was only 16 (which might sound a lot to other people - but generally the ones I buy cost almost 30) not through choice either! they're just generally vey expensive!

Thanks for the website jef, looks good.

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What is an opf scale and where do you get it from.

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does anyone have any good sites for sports bra's.  Currently I am wearing 2 bra's to keep the girls from moving all over the place when I exercise.  I am a 36F .


Are you sure the bucket of water procedure is accurate?  How would you determine how much weight you are holding up with your stance while dipping?? lol.. But really really.. I was also wondering how much my breast weight.   The reason I asked is because my mother had boobs my size 38DD and she weighed herself right before her mastectomy (she had breast cancer) and then when she got out of surgery she weighed her self again and she told me she lost 10lbs.  She only had 1 breast removed.  Since then I always wondered if they really weighed around 8 - 10 lbs each.  I know the mass in side needs to be considered.  But you are much larger then me, and you say combined 8lbs.  ??  Seriously asking. 

I think about this more often than I like to admit.

at a 38 FF, I've always wondered how much i would weigh with "normal" boobs. I think that since you've actually weighed them, split the difference in half and take out an extra 7 lbs. of your total weight, and use that to get to your goal weight. I guess you'd have to keep weighing them to update your "real", half-boobless weight. Weight and bmi charts don't account for a 14 lb pair, 7 lb, maybe.

I usually end up wearing ill fitting bras because it's cheaper and easier. I started wearing a bra to bed because the ladies are just unwieldy.

I thought maybe a plus size shop like Layne Bryant or Avenue would be the answer, but no. I thought it was shocking I couldn't find a bra number under 40 and yet no cups over DD. wha?

i can relate to this!!!  i had the breast reduction done!! and i love it!! i was cramming them into a dd cause i couldnt afford the bigger ones! when i had the reduction done, the told me that they  weighted what the removed and it was 18 pounds! that was for both. now that they are littler, i got to get rid of the big belly that helped abit to susport them....

so yes they can weigh that much!!

For sport bras: Pricey, but has all kinds of bras, and I guess one or two good pairs well taken care of should last a while!
Original Post by gunnercade:

For sport bras: Pricey, but has all kinds of bras, and I guess one or two good pairs well taken care of should last a while!

While those bras looked nice, they don't come much bigger than in the average store.  There were two ddd/f and that was it.  Unfortunately still too small.  And back to figleaves I go :(  I wish big boobs didn't cost so much!


not sure if the water displacement is scientifically accurate but I heard this was a good way to do it so tried.  If any of the posts are more accurate above then no wonder people are shocked when I tell how much I weight, currently at 148 but I wear a size 12 UK skirts and a size 16 UK top, it's so annoying not being able to wear pretty dresses.

My daughter is saving up for a breast reduction, not out of vanity, but due to constant back pain from her "G" cups.  I can't imagine - I am a 42 "D" and that is too much for me.  I know clothes are tough and men who can't take their eyes off........I know her bras are also quite expensive.

hmm, thankls for the website suggestions, my problem is that i need to try a bra on, except for sport bras, as some of them are just not fittin g properly, or are uncomfy, grrr


Big boobs... there are others! I am a 30 J. Yes, I said J. I am only 5ft and currently floating around 135. I LOVE my boobs, though at times they drive me insane! Having had two kids they arent really boobs more like deflated stretched out water balloons. That being said... MUST have a good bra! There is a fabulous store here called Petticaot Fair. They have bras in every size you can think of, even ones you cant! Try to see if you have a place like that near you! Most of us are wearing our bras incorrectly and are actually in the wrong size. The ladies at Victorias and Fredricks really dont have a clue!

I have weighed my balloons a few times in the past and found about a 10pnd difference. So yeah I would be a good weight if it werent for them!

Just like men... you love them then you hate them.. I wouldnt live without them!

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