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Do You Weigh Yourself With Or Without Clothes?

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Hey Everyone,

I have started getting in the routine of weighing myself with ALL my clothes on and working with my weight loss based on that.  I mainly do this because I used to weigh myself naked but when I would go to the doctor, my weight would be about 5 lbs. heavier on their scale and I don't want that shock factor next time!  What does everyone else do?
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No clothes (or minimal), after I go to the bathroom, in the morning, before I eat.

Same thing, each time, everytime.

I am trying to measure my body weight, not the weight of my black pants + stripe shirt + body compared to grey socks + jeans + tshirt + sweatshirt.

You gotta have constants.  I go with my scale at home and don't really get influenced by the doctor's scale.  As long as the progress logged at the doctor's is similar to mine at home.
I'm the same as bigtwinky. I try to do it after I use the bathroom in the AM. :)

PS I hate doctors scales.
I do it with clothes on because I've taken my scale to work and I'd like to keep my job. I prefer to measure just after eating lunch. Doing it after eating I can get a guage of the most that I could possibly weigh.

But if you can do it without clothes, that's definitely the way to go.
i wear my jammies, which are all about the same (shorts and tank) so it does not add anything significant.

doctors are smart they know your clothes are going to add weight, and i am sure they take that into account. 5 pounds of clothes has little influence on the long term results.
If your going to weigh with clothes on, I recommend you at least wear the same clothes each time

The only scale around here is at the wellness center..and I'm pretty sure my college would not appreciate me showing up naked there!  I wear the lightest pair of shorts and tank top I have and always wear the same sneakers.  It's as close to accurate as I can get.

Whatever works for you, and keeps your motivation going, Go for it :)
I weigh myself w/o clothing in the morning after getting out of the shower.  I've actually noticed that taking a shower made me somehow lose a pound.   No I was not that dirty lol.  I think it was probably due to sweating while in the shower since it was hot water. 
Yes, if you weigh in clothes, weigh in the same clothes.  I bathe at night, not shower in the morning, so I hate to get all undressed in the morning just to weigh.  Well, the solution is simple.  I weighed myself in my jammies, took them off, weighed myself naked, and the difference was 1.4 lbs.  I tested this a couple of times to be sure it was correct. So, I weigh myself in the morning in jammies and subtract 1.4 lbs.

Besides being clothed, you usally are more hydrated when you go to the doctors office, so that also makes you heavier weight.

By the way, did you know that most weight tables for women are for one-inch heels and 3 lbs of clothing?    That is because they are based on doctor's office weights, not naked weights.  So if you are 5'2 you should look in the weights for 5'3.  And, if you typically weigh naked in the morning, you can safely subtract 3-5 lbs from those weights to determine healthy rate range.
another way to go would be to weigh yourself while wearing every garment in your closet plus your heaviest boots -- that way, you can blame it on your clothes  ;)
I weigh at my grandparents house in their room so I can't really get naked... lol

I usually just wear light sleep type clothes and try to weigh in the morning only.

If I weigh with heavier clothing on I never know how much to take off of the number showing.
Just like a lot, I weigh myself naked, first thing in the morning after I go to the bathroom. I also weigh myself at night just to see the ups and downs. I never get too worried over the doctors scale.
Like everyone else I weigh in with minimal and the same thing on the one day my weight counts.  My family has a weekly weigh in so we all wear the same thing (individually) that day.
I usually weigh with shorts and a t-shirt....I live with 5 roomates in a sorority...
I weigh in the morning after going to the bathroom and naked.

When I go to the doctor's office I weigh on their scales  and when I come home I weigh on my scales with the exact same thing on.  this gives me some idea of the difference in the scales.  I still go by my scale as I have been lucky enough to weigh the same at the doctor's office as at home.
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I weigh myself naked, in the morning, after the bathroom. I think getting the lowest consistent number is beneficial to my optimism. By the way, I notice that during the night, without going to the bathroom, I tend to lose a pound or two. I guess from dehydration.

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