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Why do I weigh more in the morning?

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If I weigh myself before noon, I'm generally a pound- to a pound and a half more than if i weigh myself around 12-3. Which one should I go by? I'll weigh less during the day even if I've eaten. Like this morning I weighed myself at 9am and was a pound heavier than when i later weighed myself today at 2:30pm after having a meal a few hrs before. I thought morning was supposed to be when you weigh least?
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do you weigh before or after the potty? I would say take the lower weight. I would.

after ha

How late at night do you eat? I like to eat late at night, so I always weigh more when I wake up because the food hasn't digested yet.

Same here!

I weigh less around 1 or 2 pm than I do in the morning.  Sometimes 1-2 lbs difference.  The latest I eat is around 9 pm which is my last snack consisting of fruit.  No idea!


That happens to me, sometimes.  Some days when I wake up and am still tired/etc, I just FEEL really..heavy.  And I'll weigh myself, wait like an hour and a half, weigh myself again...and I'll be a good pound/pound and a half less!  I find when I'm most rested/awake, THEN that first weight is the lowest.  So I'm not entirely sure about the reasoning, but something about really being settled/digested sounds about right...

usually i eat right until like half an hr to an hr before i go to bed. and i go to bed anywhere from 12 at night to 3 or 4 in the morning...so yeah maybe thats a factor. last night i went to bed at 4am.

I wouldn't worry about when you get on the scale but make sure you are consistent.  If you weigh less in the afternoon then use that as your weigh in time.  You'll be able to see your weight  trend better that way. 


Doesn't really matter what time of day you are weighing yourself, so long as you are consistently sticking to that one time of day. I personally prefer to weigh myself in the morning.

I've found the opposite to be true for me.  My lowest weight is always in the AM.

Me too!  I always weigh less in the morning than I do in the afternoon, or evening.  As soon as I roll out of bed, I pee, spit, blow my nose, and then get on the scale.  :)

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