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Weight Loss
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Do you weigh more than you 'look'?? I do.

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I've ALWAYS weighed more than I look.  Even as a hot 17 year old - I was 170lbs!  And I was merely out of shape-ish at that time.  Yes, I've a 'large frame'.  I mean my wrist bones are like 8inches around.  I kid you not.  (That Viking heritage, remember????)  Anyways - it's still frustrating.  I feel so ashamed of my 'number' all the time.  On Biggest Loser 1 for example.  Kelly - she weighed less than me when she started, but she looked MUCH bigger.  Both Kelly's, actually.  One of my best friends has SO much more fat and bulk than I, yet she can wear size 14 and I can't get into 18????  I see it time and time again.  Anyone else have this issue?  Does it mess with your mind?  AND SHOPPING!?
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I look like I weigh more than I do. Currently im 106.6 and most people would probably guess 120. lol
I've had that before where I'll tell someone how much i weigh and they're like - NO WAY - You don't look like you weigh that much!  I hide it well.  Comes from having a plus size mother, you learn how to "dress to hide" from watching mommy dearest.
I have had everybody from gym staff to doctors be surprised by my weight.  I think more people are just more dense than others.  I am 5'8", 160 lbs, and a size 8-10.  I guess a lot of it has to do with proportion too.  Remember the Jem and Barbie dolls in the 80s?  Jem could never fit into Barbie's clothes but they were both hot.  I'm a Jem doll.
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yeah, i carry my weight on my hips so I always look like i weigh more, when i was 115 people thought i was 130. :(
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Everyone thinks I weigh less than I do, at 145 everyone thought I was 125-130. I have a medium frame and am very muscular so that contributes. When I weigh 125 like I want, people will think 110-115 - which is good for a person 5'2"
same here! I weigh around 150 lbs, and am extremely athletic.. i run on average 10km per day.. most people would guess my weight to be around 135 or so ! Unfortunately I am extremely top heavy. 34 DD is no fun.

woohoo another DDer.  I'm 36DD.  You should try the Ennell sports bra.  Expensive but worth it.
People think I'm lying when I say I'm 40 pounds overweight.  I'm glad they don't see it, but I know it.  I have a large frame, very very broad shoulders, large muscles, and an hourglass shape.  Because of my body shape, body fat is spread evenly all over my that makes it easy to hide weight gain.
I definitely weigh more than I look.  I am about 220 and people always think I'm in the 100s (190 or something).  I guess I'm just proportioned really well (another DD here, 38DD).
I am the same way.  I weigh 177 and most people would probably guess that I am more like 135-140 and just a little pudgy around the middle.  But I know it is because I have a thick bone structure and plenty of muscles under the pudge I have.  Due to health complications I once got down to 145 and everyone commented constantly that I was too thin and looked ill until I put on a bit more weight.  Everyone always thinks that I need a smaller size or that I weigh less than I do.

Occassionally I get nervous about announcing my weight or size to people, but most of the time I would rather be the type of girl that I am over being stick thin and looking like a heavy breeze would blow me down.  I also have no shortage of men that would kill for a little bit of attention from me.  So I work on getting rid of a bit of pudge and simply strive to be the healthiest person I can be (not the skinniest).
People think I'm about a size 14 (british size) but I'm a 16-20.  I dunno what they think I weigh but I am about 200lbs and they are always shocked.  I am 5' 8" or 9".

 I am sick of going to the doctors to get another prescription of the pill and be told that they will take me off it becasue I am so heavy, but they never mention weight before I step on the scales.  The way I look at it, my stomach doesn't come out as far as my breasts and I go in at the waist, so I am not badly overweight.  Yes I need to loose weight, but I doubt it's gonna give serious health risks if I stay the size I am now.  So I am sick of stupid little stick nurses or even worse nurses with potbellies telling me that they can't let me stay on the pill if I put on anymore weight, becasue I have increased so much since the last time they weighed me...  They didn't weigh me for 2 years and in that time I grew breasts and hips!  They are supposed to be in the medical profession and they don't know what happens during puberty aparrently!

Sorry that particular subject makes me really mad becasue in waist measurements I am like 1.5 inches more than I should be if I was "normal" and my ratios between hips, bust and waist are fine.
I am loving all the DDs!! I am a 36DD but when I lose all my weight I'll probably be a 32D again. It is no fun being top heavy. I think that people don't take that into account when I am at my healthy weight and it contributes to the whole, "You don't look like you weigh that much!" thing. Big boobs make your waist look even smaller in comparison. lol
I definately look like I weigh less than I do. Well, at least ppl say so. My friend guessed when I was at 157 that I must weigh somewhere around 125. I just laughed. I know I don't look that small. But most people guess around 20 lbs lighter than I actually weigh.
Just because I spelled it wrong, I thought I would include the Enell link for all the DDers on here
Thanks for the link for the sports bra! Do you love it? As I'm sure you know, it is so difficult to find one that fits and supports without crushing you!
I have used many, many a sports bra but the Enell is amazing.  The first time you try it on it seems a bit like a torture device, but after the first wear it moulds perfectly.  It's also the bra that Drew Barrymore used when getting ready for Charlie's Angels.
Thanks for the sports bra advice!

I went to a (regular) bra fitting a year ago and had even outgrown my DDs... hearing "34DDD" was so depressing to me, for some reason.  Really hard to find things that fit, having to throw out all my button-front shirts because nothing fits right.  I hope once I lose a bit I'll be back down into a more "conventional" cup size.
I guess I am that way too, nobody ever gueses that I weigh 190 most people put me at 160, and back when I was 145 people put me at 130...i think it's just because I"m built with alot of muscle, not manly looking just solid, and I have a medium frame.
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Most doctors and nurses are shocked when I get on the scale.  I am just like you duskpoo!  I have a large frame, broad shoulders, great muscle tone and an hourglass shape.  I too have a "good" distribution of body fat, it's gone to all areas equally. 

I am easily 40 - 50 lbs over my "ideal" weight, but I'm not confident those numbers really reflect what someone with our body structure can weigh.  I can't remember a time in my life when I've been 5'6" and 135 lbs.  150 lbs, seems to be the weight I remember being before birth control and a happy marriage added 40+ pounds to my life.

Just curious if anyone else struggles with what the "ideal" weights are..
uh..yeah..same here. when i used to be around 215ish people thought i was at 180. I lost 40lbs and now that i'm at 175 i look like maybe 160.
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