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Weight Loss
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Just out of curiosity, when is everyone else weighing?

At this point I weigh when I wake up (around 6 am) right before showering.

I just jumped back on the wagon yesterday, weighed myself this morning, and was shocked to see no movement. Typically, I'll drop AT LEAST a half a pound. I know I shouldn't fuss over it, but I'm genuinely rattled. I ate extremely healthy yesterday, ran for 45 minutes, and drank tons of water. 

Advice? Encouragement? Should I switch over to once a week weigh ins?

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You'll find your weight will be all over the place day to day. For this reason I weight myself under the exact same conditions every day. For me it is right when I go to work in the morning, Prior to breakfast/drinking anything, after morning restroom visit and morning shower.  The only thing that enters my mouth prior to weighing myself is my toothbrush.

I bring my breakfast to work with me and weigh-in then eat my breakfast. My work has digital scales and I only have the old spinny style scale.

I record my weight once a week on Mondays when my support group has our weigh-in.

A day of no lose isn't going to hurt you. Muscle water retention, too much sodium the day before, etc etc can all lead to no loss days.  Keep eating right and working hard and you'll be just fine :)

In past years I found myself obsessing with weighing in every day...sometimes multiple times a day.  This time around I only weigh myself once a week.  I don't think it really matters when, just as long as it is as Brian above states, under the same conditions, and at the same time.  I personally weigh myself Thursday nights after the rest of the family goes to bed, but before I get my late night "snack on" :) Try to resist the urge to weigh every day.  Sure you get pumped each time you lose weight, but the frustration on the days that you may gain, or stay the same seem to outweigh those small victories...

I agree with the others...consistency is the key. I "claim" that my weekly weigh in day is on Thursday morning, but I have always cheated with a look several times during the week. This has always worked for me- until now. I have hit a plateau and have not lost anything in a week. With the cheat peeks, it is very discouraging and I am going to force myself to keep with the weekly look. One thing that I don't do (that many do) is strip down for weigh in. I keep my pjs on but take off my slippers. This is a compromise because I did not want a huge variance when I go to the doc (and I have NO intentions of stripping down for his hallway scales). And as everyone points out- as long as it is the same time, same scale, same situation (pre or post daily meals).

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