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Weight Loss
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If you are 5'7"... How much do you weigh?

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I am 31... 5'7"... 150 lbs. Trying to get to 135 lbs. Just curious what others weigh at 5'7"?!?!

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I'm 18 and 155lbs....

Oh I used to be so happy at 127lbs just a year ago :( 

My goal weight now is 135lbs too!  Can't wait to see the scale flash  those numbers at me!!

I'm technically 5'6" 1/2 but I wanted to post too.

SW:  226

CW: 163

GW: 154

154 will put me in the healthy bmi range for the first time in ages.  I'm wearing a solid size 8 and couldn't be happier.  Of course others may think that 154 is still heavy, but when coming from a size 18, 226 pounds, 154 is bliss!

i am 5'7" and weigh 128. i am trying to get back to 120-125 where i used to be. 

tciherr.... WOW! Congrats on your weight loss... you are an inspiration!

I am currently at 146, down from 155 back in January, my goal is 135 by June 5th so I am halfway there!

You've lost 9 pounds... thats great! How did u do it?

congrats to everyone with weight loss, and good luck to those trying to lose

With that said, these threads aren't very helpful. I could look amazing at 140lbs but someone else may look like a giant fat @ss, or a third could look too thin if they have a lot of muscle

I have to agree with spirochete.   Comparing doesn't really help.  Depending on your body type (( apple, pear, bean pole)), your bone desity and make up, and the lay out of your curves...  well the differences of appearance at the same weight and height are huge.

Personally,  I'll never weigh less then 140lbs. Anything less and I start to look a bit sickly with my collar bones poking out and such.  145 would be my ideal, 155 is my goal. 

I will note that 121 lbs is the lowest for a BMI of 19.  Lower would be considered under weight.

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I'm 30 yrs old, 5'7, and currently 225 lbs.  I started at 250lbs and my goal is 150, which will put me on the higher end of my healthy range, but I think that will be a good weight for me.  My sister is the same height and is 150lbs, and I think she looks fantastic.  We have similar bone structure, so I'm basing my goal weight on that.  As I get closer, I'll probably adjust a bit.

Good luck all!

BMI 18.5 is underweight lunari


I'm at 138 right now and maintaining, just seeing how it goes from here really.  Trying to get fit etc.  I saw 135, for like a day, but I've been bouncing around the 130s for a good month and decided this is where my body is happy.

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Original Post by tealparadise:

BMI 18.5 is underweight lunari



Agreed.  However, it is very easy to go from a BMI of 18.5 to a BMI of 18.  So it is much healthier to aim for a BMI of 19, so you have some space for weight fluctuations (( which happen for a variety of reasons)) or so a case of the flu will not put you at a dageriously low weight.

Islander-  at 123 you are not under weight.  And your goal of replacing fat with muscle sounds very reasonable.  Looking toned and athletic is a very good goal.  With that goal I would head over to the fitness forum rather then the weight loss forum.  There are some very knowledgable people over there that can help you reach those goals, without ending up undeweight.  Goodluck.

I'm 5'6.5 so I guess in theory I should weight a little less than 5'7". anyway I started at 175 last year and I am now at 150 or so. my goal weight is 145, which will be the lowest weight that I have ever been in my adult life i.e. I went down to this weight once for a few weeks when I was 18. lol. I haevn't really been able to figure it out, because according to charts I am a small frame. I am starting to think that I have always been more overweight than I thought. I also have a very long torso, which probably has something to do with it, eh? I think that if I went below 145 i would look too skinny, but at 150 I still have a belly and some extra fat on the sides. it's hard to tell since everyones body is different. I wear a pant size between 9-11 now, always junior sizes since they tend to fit better.

I'm at 5'6.5" now so just a little under...

but anyways, my history: at 14 and under the height I am now I was 151lbs (icky!) and a UK size 14.

2 summers ago I was 145lbs and a size 12. Up to this current date I am down to 113lbs and I owe it all to hard work and determination :)

I'm currently @ 160lbs and funny that I was just wondering about this yesterday.  A woman I work with who is also 5'7" mentioned that she weighed about 120 (and looks awesome).  Wow!  Wonder what I would look like @ 120lbs.  Got me to thinking that if I lost 40lbs, I would probably look a little sickly.  So are these differences attributable in large amount to bone density?  She doesn't exercise AT ALL and I watch her gobble down licorice and chocolate bars.  I could run 3mi, eat a plate of raw greens and gain 5lbs!  SO NOT FAIR :P

I'm 5' 7 1/2".  I started at 230.  I'm at 188 right now.  My goal is 150.  the lowest I would go is 145.  I got down to 175 before a backslide, and honestly 175 was feeling pretty good except for too much tummy.  I think 150 would be a very healthy weight for me.

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Age : 29 - Male

SW : 186 (January 7th)

CW : 148

GW : 141

Almost there:)


I'm 30, 5'7 and 154lbs (down from 190).  Previous experience has taught me that anything under about 145 and I start to look sickly...or maybe it's just that I like my curves (a bit of boobs and booty never hurt anyone!!)


do you really care how much you weigh?  or do you really want to fit into a particular pair of jeans? 

Weight is such a loaded depends on the size of your shoulder-bones, your rib-cage (I have a whopping set of lungs, and a cage to fit them in), how long your legs are (longer limbed people weigh less apparently.....), how much water/food you have on board, your muscle mass, the time of the month........the time of the day.......etc etc. 

And the thing is, you don't really care how much you weigh, do you, because you're not walking around with a sign on your forehead stating your weight. Instead, you're carrying around a jelly-belly or a j-lo........I'm guessing that that's really what you care about. 

Lose the scales..........break out your measuring tape.  And the best thing about the tape is that there's no fluctuations like you get on the scales.  So no depression or discouragement, instead a steady encouraging re-assuring decrease.

I'm 5.5 and my dimensions are 34 - 26- 37.  I'm working on getting my J-Lo down to 34. 

I'm new on here and I just thought I'd also reply as I'm 5'7, however I am quite overweight.  I currently weight 275.   I previously lost 40lbs but managed to gain most of it back.  It's been a struggle for me but I do realize that this is the time to tackle it once and for all.   I do agree with some of the posts above indicating that no matter what you weigh it's how you carry it and you can be 120lbs and look sickly but compared to someone else they could possibly stand to lose a few lbs.   Although I am overweight I do carry my weight well meaning you may look at me and I am large no hiding that but the weight is proportioned. 

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