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The day before weigh-in, what do you do?

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Does anyone do anything special the day/night before their weigh in? Like, do you cut significantly back on carbs, fiber, protein or something? Do you eat less? Do you exercise more? Do you drink water to high hell?

Also, what has been effective at providing you with a good weigh-in? I say this because sometimes I feel like I eat a bunch of fiber and can plug myself up before weigh in which may result in not as much progress as I hoped for.



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its funny you asked that cuz I was just wondering the same thing. I am debating if I should go to the gym today cuz tomorrow is weigh in day. Do I go and work extra hard or do I not go....should I just go for a walk...I am afraid to drink to much water cuz I might bloat. I dont want to much salt cuz I might bloat! This is my first weigh in that will tell me if I loss weight since I have been back on the wagon. I have been working really hard but I am afraid I am going to be dissappointed, I hope someone responds!

I always weigh-in right after my workouts. On my 'official' weigh-in day, I'll do lighter cardio than usual, but for a longer time. I'll lose more in sweat that way.

cut down on salt and drink a lot of water a day or two before.  Weigh in in the morning before you eat anything, that is the lowest you will probably be all day unless you go sit in a sauna or something.

Ummm...don't you want the number on the scale to be whatever your weight actually is?

If you do something special to try to make it less the day you weigh, it is only going to be back to "normal" thereafter.

Why not just try your best each day, and watch the scale naturally go down?

what dawn said.  go about your normal routine & find out what you really weigh.  you weigh-in weight is irrelevent if you're artificially manipulating it.

Agreed.  Even if you can do something (like drink less water) to lose an extra couple of pounds at this weigh in, the next one will not get any lower!  Also - if you forget to do whatever it is next time, your weight will go up and you'll think you've put some on!


Best just to be honest with yourself and watch the weight come off at its normal pace.

Pray!  :)


Like Dawn said, doing anything out of the ordinary will not give an accurate honest result.  Lately, I'm weighing in about once every 10 days or so...kind of when I remember and feel like it...if I do more I start to get super obssessed about it in a very unhealthy way.

I started weighing myself everyday as a kind of obsession.  It made me depressed for a little bit.  But now I see a real advantage.  I am not so emotionally attached to the number on the scale.

Now I even weigh myself at the office.  I don't care who sees the number and everyone is very supportive and cheer with me when the number goes down.

I choose not to do anything before weigh in - except pee.  lol

I agree with Madamq.  Go pee.  And poo.

You'll have an accurate reading of your body weight - one that excludes the waste/food passing through it.

I understand those who are saying to just weigh in without thinking about it, but I find that watching the scale frequently and preparing for my weigh ins is very motivating. In the past, I have been successful at weight loss when watching the scale frequently. Of course, perhaps nothing would have been different if I excluded the scale, but I reached my goal and that's all that matters and the scale was a part of the journey. So, to repeat my past success and then some, I am going to watch the scale.

It's also beneficial in a few ways. The day before my weigh in, I am very good about my eating and make sure to get a workout in. I drink lots of water and avoid salty foods. These are all things that benefit a good diet regimen.

In addition, if you were to have your official weigh ins following your workout, of course, the whole water weight thing is going to work in reverse. You'll have sweated off a few pounds. SO, if you maintain this style of weigh-in, you will be more motivated to push yourself during your exercise on weigh in days.

You are right though, watching the scale EVERYDAY is bad. It drives me nuts. Once a week is good. But I'm still trying to kick the everyday thing. I just like to know what's going on with my body.

What do you guys think about having your weigh in day following a work out? It may seem like cheating right off the bat, but perhaps it is motivating in some way?

Dawn's got the right idea.

Seems how I "weigh in" every day, sometimes two or three times a day, it would be impossible to do something special before each one.  I usually log my morning weight, first thing i do after using the bathroom in the morning.  In my opinion, wiegh in should be close to the same time of the day whenever you do it, so you can get an accurate feel for what it is and avoid the normal ups and downs during the day.

I used to weigh myself everyday, but I had to break myself of that habit. I was driving myself crazy. Your weight fluctuates so much throughtout the day and week for that matter, that you really should pick one day and weigh in as soon as you get up after using the bathroom. I weigh on friday mornings. When I weighed everyday I would be dissappointed if the scale didnt move or worse went up. Then I would say screw it and eat whatever and have a bad day. If you wait the entire week, it seems to keep you more motivated. First it is a bigger surprise when you see the results and second you will try so hard to make sure the numbers go down. If you know on a daily basis how things are going, I think it messes things up. thats just my opinion.

Ha, I always end up eating more the day before a weigh-in!  I think the pressure gets to me...Actually I think it's because my weigh-ins are Fridays and Mondays: Thursdays I'm feeling 'almost' free towards the end of the week and start to slack, and Sundays are the only day my bf and I get together (he's a chef and I work M-F 9-5) so we always end up cooking something a *bit* less healthy.  Plus there's always a few drinks, and maybe a movie (i.e. popcorn).  My lowest weights are never on my weigh-in days!!

Yeah, I think I'm just going to cut the habit of daily weighing. I guess I'm just using as a good start to the day. I'm always hoping that I'll be losing weight everyday and that it will start me off happy. Yet, that's not always the case because of fluctuation so it can really start me off for a bad day. Alright, from here on out, cold turkey. Only weighing once a week! Cool

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