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Weight Loss
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4'11 how much should i weigh?

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what do u think a good weight would be for 4'11...i weigh 132 right now and size 9/11
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I'm 4'9" and I currently weight 134, I did weigh 140..I'm 18 years old and trying to get my weight back down, I know that anywhere from 110-125 is healthy for my age and height.  There are calculators online that can help you find a "healthy" weight. GOOD LUCK!

-Laura Mae
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thanks i used to weigh 160 but i lost about 25lbs  and have kept it off i started on a diet once again but its not working i have been on it for like 3 weeks now and i havent lost a thing
According to this website, the people's choice for an ideal weight for 4'11" is 112lbs.

Medical Recommendation: 94 - 124 lbs

This recommendation is based on a Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 19-25.
awesome website!!!!! thank you!!!!
:)  I love how the website gives a more realistic goal based on how much you currently weigh instead of automatically giving a low weight. 
I wanted to die when I used that site....

it says that the average person my height is 82lbs and a Medical recomendation is 88-116


wow...what have I let happen to my body?
How tall are you??? 

Because for 4'11" it said 112lbs with a medical recommendation of 94 - 124 lbs.
I'm 4'9"
I would definitely go with the higher side of the recommendation of 116lbs or around there. 

Unfortunately with calculators, that is all they do... calculate.  They should never be taken to heart and simply used as a guideline.

If you eat healthy and exercise, your body will find your ideal weight. 

Honestly though, I think 82lbs is too low even if you are 4'9".  So don't stress over the calculator saying 82lbs.  :)
I was just shocked.  When I was at 89lbs (struggling with an ED) I was threatened with hospitilazation. I couldn't even picture someone my height weight 82....unless they're like 12 years old.

I'm still in shock though. My current target weight is 110 and my body is making good progress to that.
I was shocked that it said that as well! 

I think 110lbs is a great goal weight.  :)
mam411-  You said that your diet is not working.  What kind of diet/exercise are you currently doing? 
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ummm kinda like weight watchers but on my own and i exericse at the gym for like 30 minutes and then lift weight for about 40 minutes
it takes at leat twenty minutes for you body to get warmed up and start burning any kind of fat. so what i do is lift weights first and then do my cardio that way my cardio is way more effective.
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thanks :)
Where is the website that gives the height/weight ratio?  I'm 5'1" and weighed 140 when I started counting the calories AGAIN last week.  Today, I weigh 136 something.  I would like to know what I should weigh.  I'm aiming for 12 lbs. in six weeks for my high school reunion which is October 5-6.  I figure 2 lbs per week will total 12 lbs, but I still want to lose more.
Laura, when you're under 5'0," I think it really depends on your proportions. For example, I'm 5'0" but I have proportionately short arms and legs - my torso is longish (well, proportionately speaking it is!!). As you can imagine, torso's weigh more than arms and legs do.

So it depends on your build... if you have proportionately long legs and a short upper body, then maybe you want to go on the low end of the range. But if you're like me and have stubby little legs, then nope!

Also I suspect that website is giving weights for a 4'9" child, not an adult. 82 lbs just sounds... surreal!!!
Laura, the calculator at gives a range of 90 to 110 lbs for someone 4'9" ... I put it in for a 25-year old, since I didn't know your age.
Oh yeah I am so excited to find this thread because I am 4'11" as well. I in the 140's right now but I feel like getting down to the 90s or early 100s would be great for my height.
Yeah I went to aswell and it says my healthy range is 90 to 110 pounds.
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