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Weight Loss
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How much should I weigh?

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I am 19. I am 5'4''. I currently weight 113, but that is because I put on weight once I got into college. I can't figure out an ideal weight for me though. I am an average build. Not a tiny frame, but I am not big boned either. I have pics of me on my profile, if that would help at all. Can anybody help me out?

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nobody can really tell you what is best for you. look at your BMI and try to have it in a healthy range. if you need a specific number then you would do best asking your doctor.
I think, personally, that you look gorgeous the way you are. Thos are some awesome pictures btw! The horse one especially :)
Thanks. I was in Costa Rica for a study abroad college trip last month, and that is where that pic was taken.
oh, and all those other pics are of me in Costa Rica as well.

use the formula at the bottom.
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hey, that site was freakin' awesome! Thanks a bunch!
your pictures look great. i think your just showing off. but always watch your calorie intake. don't be in a position someday where your 35-40 years old, and 30 pounds overweight. it can be very difficult to lose.
yeah, that is why i am super careful about it now.  I swear i am not here to show off. it is just that both of my parents are very overweight. I know that if I am not careful, and i don't constantly watch and monitor myself, it would be very easy for me to fall into their eating habits. My dad can eat 2 big macs and a large fry in less than 10 min! I however, go for the salads! :-) Thanks for your help!
If those pics were taken recently, you look very healthy, and you appear to be at a great weight. :-D Maintaining is probably your best bet for now; if you lost much more weight, you'd chance entering an unhealthy weight zone.

:-) Great pictures!
You look thin already. If you have a few spots you wanted to "lose" weight from, maybe try stepping up the exercise routine a little without cutting calories; you'd probably lose a couple of pounds eventually, and even if not, you'd tone those areas up. Honestly, I don't think you should go below 110, and if you stay at or over 110 and below 120 you'd be fine.

I'm the same height, slightly larger build and a little older, and 115-119 is what I'm going for. 119.5 today xp xp xp xp xp
I'm the same height as you but a few years older and quite a few pounds heavier. You definitely do not want to be thinking of losing  any weight - you'll be in danger of becoming anorexic !
as a guy i will say you look attractive, and im picky when it comes to weight being carried poorly on women.
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You are only 19 years old. You must be  very slim at that weight.

I'm 59 years old and the same height. I weigh 138 and am no longer considered obese!

Your build and age make all the difference.
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