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how much did you weigh at 18?

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i heard that the weight you have been at at 18 is a very good indicator of how much you should weigh your whole life. (of course if you weren't overwight then.) they say this is your natural weight, which is healthy for your body. in my case i believe that is true and my goal is to get down to what i've weighed 7 yrs ago, when i was 18...and that's how i've set my goal-weight - 123 lbs. i'm telling you it's going to be hard, but i will get there :)
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I'm not sure I agree with your 18 year old weight being the proper weight for your lifetime.  The reason is :  childbirth.   At age 18, I was 5'8" and 118 pounds; I have had 3 children; I retained 8-10 pounds after the birth of each child. 

I'm not saying that I should be carrying around those 30 pounds forever but, your body changes  after the age of 18 - especially if you have children.   Unfortunately, due to some health problems and bad eating habits, I have packed on extra pounds and am now at 208.  What's really interesting is, I have picked 148 as my goal weight.  (Isn't that a coincidence!  118 pounds plus 30 pounds gained re childbirths = 148 pounds).

148 was not an arbitrary figure.  About 3-4 years ago, I lost weight and thought I would shoot for 130 but once I got under 148 I really did not feel good and 148 seems to be my comfortable weight. 

I think we all need to really just listen to our own bodies.  It'll tell us loud and clear if we are stressing it out too much!
i get your point lorna :) listen to our bodies for sure!

i'm not sure though childbirth is such a facotr in terms of pounds, maybe more in body-shape. i have plenty of friends who just have babies and now they actually weigh less than they ever have - they say it's breatfeeding.... dunno yet :)

take care
I think that is probably true for some people but not all. Depends on how you developed. At that time, when I was 18 I was 90 pounds soaking wet. I could never get there now. At 18 I was barely a woman -- I have changed sooo much physically since then and would have to literally starve myself silly to get to 90 and still might not be able to.
At 18, I was 155 or so, due to side effects of certain medications. Let's just say at 143 now almost 2 years later, I am not satisfied. At 5"1.5' inches, I believe that I carry the weight well for someone of my height, but it is no where near my goal.

Let's just say that I developed quite early with a c cup at 13 years old, I would much rather be at my weight at 16, a healthy 115lbs, but I will be happy at 120. I could have even chosen my 13 or 14 year old weight because it was 110lbs and I was the same height I am today, but I know it will be a long time before I get there.  

I think it all depends on what you feel comfortable with, and how developed you were at a 18.  
I stopped growing at 14 and was definitely fully developed by 18. At that age I weighed about 118 pounds. The most I have ever weighed was about 136 pounds, I am now about 125 (32 years old) and feel quite good here. I have not had any children.

My mother at age 18 was a Twiggy- type model (naturally that size) and having 3 children has changed her body beyond recognition. Her weight fluctuates quite a bit but I doubt she would be able to go back to that body-type again, and at 53 years old it wouldn't look good on her anyway.

I think that theory is going to work for some people and not for others.
At 18, I weighed between 142 and 146 - and now, 3 and a half years later (and still 5'4"), I'm around 135 .. I stopped playing lacrosse after high school, so I've lost muscle, but I'm also wearing pants two sizes smaller, so that definately can't account for the 10 pounds. I'm sure after I have children I'll be happy to be 140-ish, but I'd rather lose  two or three pounds more, not gain ten to get back to my "ideal" 18 year old weight. 
When I was 18, I wore a size 16/18 and weighed about 175-180 lbs.  I also wore a size 38D bra, and had a 34" waist.  I would *LOVE* to be that size and weight again!  (Currently wear a size 4X top, 50DD bra, and have a 55" waist... yea, my "older days" stats look really good to me!)

FWIW, my goal weight is 135ish lbs, which I figure will be about a size 10/12 for me, since I am quite hippy.  
I actually agree with the original poster in some respects,

I was at my most healthy and best physical  condition when I was 18-19 yrs old,,,, I was not a mommy or a daddy, just a jock. I then eventually did things like,,,  turned 30, quit smoking, got a desk job, learned how to cook. etc.

but, so far. 

 I truly believe I shall be in even better physical health again someday,  very soon!

See you in the St.Pattys Day 5k next year!!!!
At 18 I was around 160-165.  I am real close to that now (I am 168).  My goal right now is 160.  Once I get there I will evaluate and see how I feel.  I am wearing the size pants that I was wearing at 18.  I started out on this adventure at 196.  
I don't know because it would never have occured to me to get on the scale at that age.  I was too busy doing fun things.  I was thin and didn't care.  All I wanted to do was enjoy my life.

I figure my best weight using the scientific tools that are available to us now.  My ideal weight for my height and age is around 130 pounds, give or take 5 pounds..
I have heard that too, only it was something like "within 5 or 10 lbs" of your age 18 weight.

I was 103 at age 18. I grew another inch - to 5' - after high school, and graduated from college at 107. I think 107 is more indicitive for me than 103, because of the extra inch I grew. Also, any lower than that, and my breasts start disappearing. :-(
at 18 i was 110-115 and vegan

for modeling a year later 100-105

i dont see that happening again

well im 18 and actually got to my highest weight at this age of 147 late last yr. now im 127-129, with a goal of 112-117. thats the weight i was at 14 BEFORE i started with all the needless dieting, and i was pretty developed, so i think this is the weight i should be.
Yeah I heard that too...but I don't know if that would work for me. I'm 5'6" and at 18 I weighed 115 lbs even though I was eating everything in sight. *lol* I was recently looking at my prom pictures, and my arms seriously were so thin they look like they're about to snap in half. 120 is currently my goal weight (I'm at 127 right now), as long as I lift weights to keep my arms from getting spindly.
i don't remember weighing myself at eighteen, but i'd guess i was around 120.  i know that i got to university and suddenly felt fat (even before the freshman 5).

i'm almost 39, haven't had kids, but i don't believe that would be a healthy weight for me now.  even without giving birth, our bodies spread and change. 

you can't go back in time, ladies!
Actually at 18 I weighed the most with the exception of right now because I've gained all the weight back, but when I was 18 I got up to 195lbs then I lost 45 pounds over the course of 2-3 years and now I am back up to 193.2 and that's because I lost 2.4 pounds this week. I got up to 195.6 last week and THAT was the heaviest I've ever been but I will not allow myself to ever get this big again!
As may have been mentioned, I think this kind of goal weight only works for those who were thin at the age of 18! When I was 18 (nearly 6 years ago), I weighed as much, if not more, than I do now (after losing 75 pounds).  So I definitely do not want to work towards my weight at age 18!
there is no way 235 is my natural weight.
Yeah I weighed 120 when I was 18, and I weigh 142 now, i would like to get down to 130 but I think anything below 130 is way too  thin for me, I think that 130 might even be pushing it, without looking like I'd been to a concentration camp!
if i thought i had to weight the same as i was when i was 18 i might as well quit now.

I now weight 295lbs but at 18 i weighed 240, not such a huge difference really.

No way would i carry on if i thought 240 was my barrier, I want 140 and no higher. Perhaps im setting my sights a little high but ive been big since i was about 6 and before i die i WILL be (my idea) of slim.

So i guess that works for some ppl but for me that would never make me happy
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