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The Weevil Diet.

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Okay, here is the newest 'diet' I've found: go look up 'weevils' on the internet and read about them. It's so disgusting, you'll never want to eat cereal, flour, rice, or whole grains again! (All the things you should be eating, right?)

First of all, last night I was making brown rice, and I noticed that there were hundreds of little brown beetles in my rice! I had never opened the bag before, so the eggs must have been laid before I purchased it.

So I look it up on the internet, and the little bugs are called 'weevils.' Apparently, one female weevil lays 300-400 eggs in rice (or cereal, or whole grains, or flour, or sugar; things like that), usually depositing one egg per grain of rice. She will actually lay the egg INSIDE the grain of rice, so you can't see if the rice has been affected by weevils or not. She seals the rice grain with a sticky secretion, and the larvae hatch inside and eat their way out of the rice grain, becoming full grown beetles.

What does this mean for us? It means that if I were to have cooked that rice earlier, I would have been eating freaking weevil larvae and I NEVER WOULD HAVE KNOWN IT! Bleagh!

I've probably ingested hundreds of the little buggers in my life time. Thousands, more likely.

Isn't that sick? There's no escaping eating bug larvae. It's just a fact of life, I guess. *sigh*.
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On the plus side, I hear that weevils are incredibly high in protein :)

Regardless I think I'll stick to minute rice for awhile.
Good thing you kept your cool after opening the bag. Imagine jumping in surprise and dumping the grains (and weevils) everywhere! =/
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Get out!! That's crazy.. good thing you noticed bofore you cooked it... ahhhhh
Ahhhh!! But aren't weevils so cute? If you do any research on the subject of actually how much bug, rodent parts and who knows what else are allowed in food items manufactured in these days and times, the data might shock you. =) I wonder how many weevils you have to consume to equal 1 gram of protein? I wonder if they have any grams of fat to their wee little weevil bodies? *wink*
mmarcin, good idea, but minute rice isn't any safer than any other rice!

ix, they are actually cute. Hence the reason why I didn't freak and drop the bag! I'm really trying hard to come to terms with the fact that there's really no way I can 100% prevent myself from consuming weevil larvae. I'm doing well.
Hey... maybe if you eat the little weevil larvae they bust out and have a big jammin' party in your body! Anyhow, weevils should be the least of your concerns. There is a lot more really nasty stuff that the food industry gets away with slipping into products. Were you around on the forums when the information about the whole entire rat head found in the frozen Lean Cuisine meal made the news? EWWWWWWW!!! I can't even look at Lean Cuisine in the grocery store now and not think of it. I think sometimes I rather be in the dark then actually know the truth. =)

EDIT: Here is the video for the mouse head in the Lean Cuisine story. If you like Lean Cuisine, don't watch the video!! =)

http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=865d7882-bd 4e-4e0b-b972-8656d5c07410&f=msnhome&f g=email
Yes, the world was better for me when I didn't know about weevils. I'd rather not know any more~ hehe
I think this is a case where ignorance is bliss.

This happened to me just a few weeks ago too- and it was a new bag of brown rice as well!  Eww.  I have to say that I totally inspect my rice before I cook it now....
If the larvae are inside the grains of rice, is there really a way to inspect the rice to see if there are eggs, larvae or adult bugs within the grains?

I mean, is there any way to tell? I heard that if you wait three days, whatever is inside will have hatched out. Beyond that, I don't know how to inspect since the bugs hide inside the grains of rice.

Does anyone know? I've been searching online and I can't find answers!
I used to work for a canning company.  If you knew what was on the line with the vegetables you would not eat canned goods either.  I would watch the other ladies watch rodents, worms, and other bugs go by because they would not touch them.   Hence, I eat alot of fresh veggies even in the winter when they are more expensive.
i think im gonna be sick =[

awhile ago, i was opening up raman noodles and found moths....and another time i found bugs in my rice a roni.

god only knows whats in our food. i dont wanna think about it!
i never want to eat again. that is the most disguisting thread i've ever read.
I'm sure there are bug eggs in ALL of our grain products. That's why if you keep them around long enough you see either moths or little buggies in the boxes and cupboards. The eggs are there; we just eat them. It doesn't bother me one bit. I don't see what the big deal is at all, as long as they're not poison or harmful. Sure, if I SEE bugs I'm not going to eat the food, but if the eggs are there and I don't realize it, I could care less. I've had a moth infestation a couple of times. They're hard to get rid of. You just gotta be careful you don't have any old products lying around that you forgot about. I have heard that putting a stick of spearment gum in your cupboards will keep them away. Well, I've got sticks of spearment in every corner! Haha! Haven't had them since. You can also keep your flour and grains in the freezer or refridgerator -- that will prevent bugs. Putting the item in the freezer will kill any bugs that may be in there. I imagine it destroys the eggs too -- then you can still use the product. Sounds gross to many, I'm sure, but the idea is that you don't have to throw everything out.

Anybody ever open a box and see some webbing and little things that look like grains of Cream of Wheat? That's the bug eggs. :P

I'll eat anything as long as I don't SEE a rat head in it. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing for me. Haha

Anyway, Shakti, no, there's really no way to know until you SEE the bugs. Like I said, I'm sure they're in everything. You'd have to give up grains completely. Just try to put it out of your mind. :)
I just keep having "Weevills wabble but they don't fall down" going thru my head LOL I know its Weebles but now I'll be thinking weevills all night.

I think I would double think the grocery store you bought the bug stuff at.  I know along time ago I shopped at a major chain and seemed the dry goods - flour and stuff I bought there always had bugs so I switched stores and never had the problems again.  Also I tend to look for newer stuff on the shelves - buy the stuff in the back as usually the stockers put the newer food in the back.

I think the only way to guarantee your food is bug/ insect and whatever else you don't want on it/ in it is to grow and process it yourself and I know for me that isn't going to happen. 
So much for eating healthy... even when you think you are, you find out that the way food is handled or processed (etc) makes even the healthiest of things, unhealthy....  ::sigh::

Thanks dbacker.. now I have "weevils wobble but the don't fall down" going through *my* head  LOL
Oh.  My.  Gosh. 

ix, did you really have to post that video?!  Did I really have to watch it??!!!!!!  Why'd I do that?!!  I kept my eyes half covered like I do in violent scenes in a movie - but this was worse!  It was real!!!!!!!!


(Ok, don't panic, I didn't really barf.)


(I did really shiver.)
I know a lot about this subject as we've battled moths for years.  As soon as we get rid of them for awhile, they come back.  I know what to look for to see if something is infested.  And I see them at the grocery allt he time, it's hopeless.  There are two things to do, first of all put every new grain product in the freezer for 3 days, that kills any bugs and the eggs.  Then store everything in an airtight tupperware type container or a tin that is in good shape.  Those two things are the only thing that has ever worked to get rid of the moths.  
Hehehehehe... Ok, I am going to confess. I can't put my grains in the freezer because it full of yarn. Moths love wool. I have to protect the wool!!

Yes. I am serious. =) Ok... you can stop laughing now.
i once found a totally preserved bee in a jar of pickles. my mom wrote a letter to the company (way before there was email), and they sent us coupons for free products, pickle magnets (which i still have), and a letter indicating they were "terribly sorry".

when we found a chunk of conveyor belt in some frozen french fries, we also wrote a letter to the company, where they too sent us coupons for free products, and a letter saying they were sorry.

moral of these stories: when you find something icky in your food, contact the company, tell them you're never going to buy their product again, and wait for the free stuff to come in the mail!!

Ack, I just ate brown rice tonight!  I am feeling a little bit nauseous now
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