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Weekend survival: Help!

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I just started CC and exercising on Saturday, but this weekend is going to present lots of challenges because I'm going wine-tasting with my big, fat alcoholic family! (Of course I'm the only fat one, though. Surprised) I want to allow myself to have some fun, but not go overboard and undo all my hard work this week. I was thinking I might just log everything I plan to eat and drink ahead of time and keep myself on track that way...and maybe aim to break even on the calories (maintain) rather than have a calorie deficit on Saturday (and Sunday too?!).

Any other suggestions to help keep me on track?


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So jealous! I LOVE wine. So I know your pain. How about you try to even out the carbs and sugar in the wine by only eating high protein meats like grilled chicken this weekend. If you're going to have cheese with your wine, maybe bring your own? Mozzarella and Swiss are lower in fats. Maybe you can throw some chunks in a small bag with a frozen water bottle to keep them cold and keep you hydrated while you're drinking :) Also, this is kind of gross but you can always spit out your "pallet cleanser" into a napkin instead of ingesting all the calories. I know they also put raisins or nuts out with cheese, maybe you can favor those as well. Just behave tonight and on Friday, have an awesome time this weekend, and get back to work Sunday night. Don't weigh yourself until later next week, you might have water retention from your fun weekend and it might freak you out. Give yourself a few days to "un-bloat".

If you punish yourself now you might come to resent dieting and sabotage your goals in the long run.
Also, I wouldn't even bother logging in the alcohol on CC unless you're prepared to see the damage and ruin your fun. If this is a one time thing this month I'm sure you'll be fine.

Totally agree with "worst15pounds" on the grilled chicken: eat first before any wine.  Add a glass of water between every 2 oz of wine to help satisfy your social conditioning to drink while others are drinking.  Be sure to eat / take B vitamins every day!  Alcohol uses up these water-soluble vits.  Any chance you can make a chicken broth with onions, peppers, and lots of baby spinach in it for dinner or lunch?

Exercise more that in a lot more...and "pre" logging will probably help...also you can imagine (while you are at the wine tasting) how great you will look when you reach your goal.

Just enjoy yourself!  Treat this as a reminder that once you hit your goals, you can enjoy these types of evenings guilt free.  Let this be your motivator, and not your failure.

It's up to you to do the right thing, there are no food or drink nazis around. Don't beat yourself up over having a bad food day, just don't let it be everyday! Make the wine tasting just that a tasting, they are usually only an once each and you won't be drinking the whole bottle I hope. If you keep it a tasting and taste  or 7 different wines you've only had 6 or 7 ozs. That will hopefully fit into your calorie count quite easily if you balance out the rest of it. Good luck and happy wine tasting. 

I know how you feel!  I have been working out and eating healthy for about a month, before we went on a two week vacation... I had all kinds of stratagies planed out, but once i got there the whole thing went out the window... I did work out, so that was something... when i came back, by some miracle i didn't gain any weight and i was able to start right back up. So I wouldn't worry to much about a week end, just be consious of what your eating and drinking, and have fun...I hear red wine is good for you!!!

Several of my friends and I are all dieting at the same time and have been faced with this challenge at one point or another over the past few weeks. Food/drinking events, holidays or vacations will come up, and should be enjoyed.  The best advice that I can share from what we have learned is to say that it is ok to go ahead and have some fun...enjoy yourself.  The more you log ahead of time and balance the rest of your day away from the carb and sugar foods will help (it has for me).  I just make a point of not doing it every day or every week.  Then make a plan for what happens afterwards.  If you gain a lb or 2 back, don't beat yourself up, just get back into your excerise and diet plan right away the next day. If you balance and stay focused the rest of the week, You'll be able to enjoy yourself and keep the lb's coming off.  Just keep in mind your overall goal and don't go overboard.

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