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10 Week Body Makeover Challenge

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Hi all! This challenge (and support group!) is for anyone who wants to dig in and transform their body in the next 10 weeks. This challenge is ideal for anyone who is within 25 lbs or less of their goal weight and needs that extra boost to FINALLY get the last bit of weight off and kick their willpower into high gear. 

I say we go with a tough love, just-do-it approach. We all have extremely busy lives (I am in the middle of my doctoral training, have a full time job, and am raising an unruly teenage boy), but we have to make the time and put in the effort to see the results. Let's do it together. Let's put ourselves through 10 weeks of hard work, our own personal boot camps, and just think,,, by the last day of February we will look and feel so much better if we can stick with it.

Who's with me?!

Let's post our start info in the following format and dedicate ourselves here and now to finally getting where we want to be. Post your stats, your goals, and your plan of attack!

STATS: 5'7 Female, 153 lbs

GOALS: Lose 8 lbs and fit into all my old single-digit-sized jeans

MY PLAN OF ATTACK: Exercise 5x per week (3x with Turbulence Training, 2x with Callanetics) and monitor calories to create a weekly caloric deficit. 

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Hey this sounds like what I'm already planning to do -  my own "personal boot camp" (which I'll start Jan 3 when I get back from vacation). I'll be doing twelve weeks but ten weeks covers a good portion so I'm all in on this!

Courtney2163 I've got the same motivation as you... a wedding to go to in the Bahamas. 

 I'm busy as part time student while I work part time as a veterinary assistant. 

Stats: 24 yr, 5'5'' female, currently 130-132 lbs. 

Goals: Get down to 120-122 lbs, gain muscle definition, clothes fitting better esp at the tummy region

My plan: I've a "triad" attack plan - calorie counting, cardio (primarily running), and strength/weights/kettlebells - it starts off easier/slower and works me up, which i need as I've been a lazy bum the past month or so. 



Welcome Courtney 2163 and csor! I'm so glad there are others ready to do this. Weddings (espec. in the Bahamas) are great motivation, happy to have you guys on board. 

So far we all sound like busy students, so let's hang on to that motivation even when we get overloaded. I am SO ready to kick my own butt. I've been a bit of a bum and am the queen of justifying that I'll 'fix it later' when I'm less stressed or busy, but who the heck knows when "later" actually is, so no more excuses for me. 

I love that we all have awesome workout plans that are challenging. I hear P90X is a killer but works great. And I haven't been brave enough to try the kettlebells yet, so rock on my friend. 

Good luck to everyone!

This sounds great. I'd love to get 25 pounds off me!

Stats: 21 years old, 5"5, probably between 155-160 (holiday pounds :/)

Goals: Want to get down to 135 pounds

Plan: Do not have access to a gym at the moment; eat roughly 1200 calories for the next two weeks until I return to Uni and have access to the gym upon which I will try to workout 3-4 x / week, 45 min cardio, 30 day shred (also plan to eat back half of what I burn which should be around 1400-1500 calories).

I know I'm obviously not going to lose 25 pounds in ten weeks but hopefully this will get me on track!

this sounds great! I'm loosing the last 20 pounds! :D

I'm 5'3-4 ish, 149 pounds, wanting to go down to 130 :)

Plan; satying within my calorie target (1500 a day, maybe more if my body needs it, we'll se :)), doing the 30 day shred in january and training for a half marathon (= running 3-4 times a week) I

I'm looking forward to this :D

I am in, this is perfect. I have lost a total of 62pounds so far. Need to loose my last 25 pounds. Can't seem to be able to loose those last pounds. seem to be loosing motivation. Also would like to run a marathon.OH BY THE WAY I DID TERRIBLE DURING THE HOLIDAYS.  I feel so bad, I need a new start a re-commitment. I gained 12 pounds, therefore it went up to 25punds to loose.

I plant to work out 6 days a week and stay in my 1500 calories a day.

STATS: 5'5 FEMALE, 180 lbs

Goal to weight 155 and feel healthy again.

I CANT SEEM TO GET MY MOTIVATION BACK, HELP! I just weighted myself and realised how much weight I gained so this post has been Edited from the original post.

Hi Everyone!

This sounds like a great challenge and would love to join. 

STATS: 5'6, 27f, 182lbs

GOALS: to lose between 25lbs-30lbs. 25lbs would bring me to 157lbs!

MY PLAN OF ATTACK: calorie count, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and no more trouble zones. along with weight training and treadmill sessions.

I look forward to working with all you the next ten weeks.

Im in to. My name is Nicole and I am 5'2 130 but would love to be 120 by my wedding at the end of May. 

Starting weight: 130

Goal Weight: 120

Plan of action: work out 6 days/ week....Eat around 1200-1400 calories.

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Sounds perfect! I am also a full time student with a job and a year of doing nothing but drinking and eating is showing!! My 21st is on Feb 27th and so this is perfect!

STATS: 5'8 Female, 20, 138 lbs

GOALS: Be the same weight as when I went to uni and become much more toned (esp tummy and bum!)

PLAN: Cardio 3x per week, weights 2x pw and cut out junk food and fizzy drink!


This seems like excellent motivation after far too long of promising myself that I'll start tomorrow/next week/someday. No wedding coming up, just the rest of my life :)

Stats: Female, 5'1, 125 lbs

Goals: Lose 5-10 pounds and get back the strength I had before my motivation to exercise disappeared a few months ago. I miss running outside. It's really not fun in the Midwest in December.

Plan: Stick to <1600 calories, run/strength training at least 3-4 times/wk. (As a side note, I've recently read New Rules of Lifting for Women and am interested in starting this program. Has anyone tried it?)

Good luck everyone!

I'm in.  A year ago I lost 60 lb, and have slowly put half of it back on, and I'm ticked off about it! 


STATS:  5'5 Female, 168 lbs

GOALS: Lose 25-30 lbs and get back into all my new clothes I bought when I first lost the weight.

PLAN:  Log everything I eat on the calorie counter and monitor total calories, fat, protein and carbs to make sure I'm staying in within my limits.  Weight train 3 days a week and do cardio 3-4 days a week.   Limit alcohol to one day a week.







hi this is my first CC challenge but i'm ready to get it in gear. i have hopefully maintained this holiday season, and now i want to finally hit my mini goal.

STATS: 5'7 Female, 168 lbs

GOALS: Lose 8 lbs get down to my mini goal of 160lbs, then move along from there into the 150's. i want to get rid of my tummy bulge or as my brother put it "my pie-belly." i also want to show more self control on the weekend when it comes to calorie counting.

MY PLAN OF ATTACK:  Keep exercising consistently, bootcamp monday and thursday, body bar thursday, one studio cycling class per week, running on the treadmill one day, and elliptical or treadmill again. for a total of 5 days a week. for the weekend calorie count i think i need more structure, as much as i love to just relax and hang around my house i need to start planning more things that get me away from the fridge!

This is my first Calorie Count challenge and I hope it works out well.

Stats: 5'1, 156 lbs. 

Goals: to be 115 lbs. For this plan I just want to lose 25-30 pounds so that I can have a healthy BMI (and some abs ) . I want this plan to be a good kickstart. (If I do 10 weeks than it should become a habit).

My Plan of Attack: My plan is to eat 1400-1600 calories and to excercise  6 days a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays- run days (I'm doing 10 weeks to 5K plan, that's convenient) as well as yoga days. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays- pilates (30 minutes) and weight training (20 minutes). Sundays- I plan on walking to Trader Joe's/ Whole Foods (3 hours walk total)

Very cool...I'm game!

STATS: 5'10 ; 219 lbs (down from 270 since end of June).

GOAL: To reach 185 and be cut up when I get there (hopefully by mid June).

PLAN OF ATTACK: 1400-1700 calories and to hit the gym 6 days a week.  40 minutes cardio each day mixing it up and weight training 5 days per week focusing on toning, not building excessive mass.  Continue monitoring my macro and micro nutrients and tweaking where needed.  (I'm loving my coconut water after my workouts these days!)

I am with you!

I'm 5'5 and weigh 180 with my wedding in 10 weeks!

My goal is to be at 160 my end of February.

I plan on doing this by going to the gym 5 times a week focusing on cardio for at least an hour and doing weights. I want to limit my calories to under 1200 and eliminate all sodas. My biggest weakness is chocolate.

Ooh I'll play!! :)

STATS: 22, 5'7", 159 pounds (started at 176)

GOALS: Lose 25 pounds (ultimately) and 15 pounds (in 10 weeks). So...145?

PLAN OF ATTACK: Eat 1300 cals per day and run for half an hour 5x per week, as well as lift 2-3 times per week.


Let's do this!!!

I'll join :)

STATS: 26, 5'8 Female, 146 lbs

GOALS: Lose 10-ish lbs and feel better about myself :)

MY PLAN OF ATTACK: cardio 3x per week, weights 2x per week, hike on the weekends. eat 1700 cals a day.  drink more water and less beer!

i just finished school so now i have zero excuses!!!

I'm so psyched seeing everyone interested in joining. I loved reading everyone's plans, they seriously kick butt... I'm super impressed! Again, I see that the workout plans are pretty hardcore, so we've gotta work hard at sticking to those.

Everyone sounds so awesomely motivated, let's all hang on to that!! Weddings, marathon hopes, etc... too cool. We can check in here often, and every Monday starts a new week of the ten.

@ But_Not_Quite -- I loved the first sentence of your post, I'm right there with ya friend. I make lots of tall promises to myself that I haven't kept and it's time to get it right... I (and my life) deserve it... we all do!

Congrats to everyone on board-- I look forward to hearing how it's going for everyone and hope everyone's first week goes swimmingly!

I am so in! I have been trying to get rid of these 10 pounds for over 6 months. My plan of attack is calorie counting, running, and strength training. My fiancÚ just bought me a wii fit, so I want to squeeze that in a few times a week too!

I have a year and a half left of my graduate degree. This year I have really stopped watching what I eat and exercising less, partly due to injury. My legs feel great right now though. I am also a bridesmaid in my bffs wedding in April! Awesome motivation. Good luck everyone.

SW: 103 CW. 111 GW: 103
I forgot to mention that I am 5'1" on a good day.
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