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6 Week Body Makeover

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Has anyone out there done the 6 week body make over by Micheal Thurman? 

I am trying to incorporate that with this forum.  Just wondering if anyone else is out there doing the same thing or has done the same thing. 

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I haven't done it, but I have always heard good things... care to share some of the details of the plan?
I, myself, have not done it.  However, my good friend did it and she found it VERY restricting and difficult.
She did lose 12lb in the first 2 weeks, but quit it after about a month.  I imagine a lot of that was water weight as well, considering she gained it back quickly after quitting.

She said customer support was lacking as well.
I would definitely get more feedback before making that kind of financial investment.

Good luck,
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I looked into this last week.  I found a blog that had some pretty bad things to say about it.  Apparently it is an extremely low calorie diet (1 meal spread throughtout the day) and prohibits salt, all sugars and most carbs.  Most people were eating a lot of chicken and brown rice every day.  People said it was bland and extremely restrictive.  You have to drink something like 100 oz of H2O every day and take alot of supplements.  When you try to get your money back it's a bad scene.  google 6-week body makeover blog.
I tried it about 3 years ago.  I think I lasted 4 weeks, lost somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds.  But I gained it back rather quickly.

It was too much, too soon for me.  Now I likely wouldn't have that much difficulty, but I would still dislike it.  At the time it was too much.  It meant going straight from a junky diet to eating perfect.  No treats, nothing but home cooked relatively plain food, nothing canned or even marginally processed.  No bread.  No restaurants.  It drove me crazy!  :)  I prefer that when I was ready I embarked on a lifestyle change, and really tweaked the way I looked at food over time.  The 6 week body makeover is the epitomy of a diet, not a sustainable lifestyle, to me. 

Take this from someone who really has turned into a health nut.  Even as stringent as I am now with the quality of my food, I still would feel deprived if I tried to go back to this program.
I've been on it for about a week and a half and lost 8 pounds.  It is VERY restrictive. 

The concept is 6 small meals a day.  Those meals are composed depending on your body type.  I am a type b which means I'm both musclar and fatty.  The give you the combinations of food you can eat for that body type  (For instance breakfast for me, I get 2 oz of protein for either protein list a or b and a 1/2 cup fruit from fruit a.  Snack would be the same, lunch is protein, cab from list B and vegtable, etc). 

For the six weeks, no added salt, no sugar, no wheat products, processed product, no dairy, and no kind of fat.

So, of course the weight loss has to do alot with water weight.  I am basically doing it to lose weight quickly but safely before my vacation in Florida next month.  I can't imagine eating this way for the rest of my life but they insist on the forums its a life change not a diet.  The food is very bland! 

I didn't pay for it, I used my friends.  I thought I would continue to to do the program for a few weeks and then modify it with other healthy choices not on the plan (like nuts, and yogurt!).  I may not lose the weight as fast but at least it's doable!
Ive been on the plan for two weeks and ive only lost four pounds. I was planning on quitting the program but when i measured my trouble areas and found that i had lost a significant amount of inches it inspired me to continue.

I am a body type C.The food is a little bland so i try to change up what i eat every once in a while. Its only six weeks and i think with the results im getting its well worth it.
I did it for 6 weeks minus giving up caffeine and minus the exercise. I credit that to jump starting my weightloss. I learned a lot from the program such as preparing food/snacks ahead of time, cutting back on sodium, measuring portions, etc. Now I have created my own eating plan and have also added exercise. Have you all tried the body bands that it comes with? By the way, I am Type C.
Hey jennyrec, ive tried the body bands but i dont have much room in my home to use them so i just try to stick to the excercise tapes i already own. I was wondering if u had any meal ideas for the Type C meal plan. I dont think i could go on another day eating brown rice and tuna :(
Jazelli06, I used to eat chicken breast tenders, celery, white rice w/ sprinkled chives or the tuna, rice, and a veggie a lot. You could try low sodium turkey and mushrooms or whatever is on the plan from the deli and wrap it up in lettuce and make a wrap with it . You could stuff a potato with beans and chives (sounds gross huh but I was desperate for a change), also eat some chicken with it. I ate a ton of chicken. I would cook a bunch at the beginning of the week and eat it all the time. His menu cards have some recipes, also their own forum has a ton.
Really, that diet is probably for somebody in Hollywood that needs to get ready for a movie roll FAST -- or a situation such as that. I must say that I find it intriguing though. I got the book from the library once. I like to read some of these books for tips.
I liked it because I get to eat every few hours. I don't like the feeling of starving like some diets may make you feel. I buy into the notion that eating every few hours and it speeding up your metabolism. You just have to prepare everything ahead of time for the week, figure out portions, and get creative with seasonings besides salt and butter. I lost 15 lbs doing that plan, and 20 on my own plan.
I am back from vacation, and I did loose weight on this program.  However, I have to admit that I did "slip" a few times.  I just tried to eat smart and excercise more on those times.  I'm sorry, but sometimes you can't get around it!  Like dinner with inlaws that you see maybe twice a year?  They are fixing dinner for you and your supposed to call them and tell them to fix you a special diet menu???  or bring your own food?  Provida says no exceptions...and I was weak and a push over.  Maybe so, but I decided to do the same thing by incorporating this program with my own.   This website helps me with that since I am counting calories with it. 

I do like the 5 meals a day, eating every couple of hours.  According to their plan, you couldn't even have deli meat because of the salt intake!  So now I will get low fat deli meat with the lowest salt content.  In fact I have allowed some food with salt back, but VERY small amounts.  I try to make up for it by drinking more than the 100 oz of water.  I also have allowed fat free only dairy...such as yogurt and skim milk.  I ONLY use brown rice other than white, and use whole wheat pasta.  I WILL use fat free spray butter on my veggies!! Just one squirt though.  Oh, and now I can have the low salt egg beaters!! 

JENNYREC-I'm curious to know what your plan is now?  Too bad we're not the same body type (I'm a B).
I don't have a "plan" per say, but I look for low sodium deli meat, low sodium sauces, use spray butter or nothing, and just try to basically eat healthy and watch the portion sizes. I still eat every few hours. I could never kick the caffeine or creamer but I am trying to do that now.
I was just curious because above you had said you lost 15 on this plan and 20 on your own plan.  Thats interesting that you lost more pounds by keeping the caffeine/creamer.

I certainly have learned alot from the program, especailly the salt intake that I was consuming.  I have learned to like and appreciate the low sodium foods.  I just don't think I would ever be able to live completely salt free for the rest of my life.
Just putting in my two cents worth.  I got the 'kit' last year and I tried it for some time.  It takes a LOT of prep work because you HAVE to plan ahead (with your snacks or meal or whatever you want to call them) or it won't work.  I had a problem with work meetings and such going over their scheduled time, so I would miss a mid-morning meal or just be an hour late and by then I would have a terrible headache. 

My first somewhat bad feeling was when I ordered it online and I declined the recipe book. (I was already buying the kit and the workout bands.)  The button you click to decline said something like, "no, I don't want the recipes, I want to do it on my own".  It was like I wasn't going to be dedicated to the plan because I didn't want to dish out another $20-$30 for some recipes.

I can't tell you how much I lost or how long I kept up with it because by far the worst part was when I posted in their forum and got reamed.  I posted because I felt I wasn't losing like I should have and I had said that I wasn't totally perfect and I got a reply from one of the 'experts' that basically said if I wasn't following the plan 100% that I wasn't going to get the results.  Now I can appreciate the logic behind that (somewhat), but really, I was looking for some help, guidance and encouragement.  What I got was, "you're not disciplined, it's your fault you're not losing".  So I didn't stick to it for much longer than that. (besides, then we decided to move and their diet was not condusive when your kitched is packed up in boxes).  So for me, it wasn't a great experience.

They did the exact same thing to me when I posted!  Even if I choose to alter a little for the sake of the situation, they made me feel like I was some kind of horrible person and didn't even deserve to be a part of the program unless I was "POP" (their anogram for perfect on the plan) on the plan ALL the time!  I did appreciate the things I learned but some of it was just a little to restricted for me.

Plus I learned from here that eating 1200 calories a day or less in addition to excercising is not good and will actually cause you to gain the weight back.  I think most people gain the weight back; I personally don't know or of heard anyone keeping the weight off after the 6 weeks...other than the monitors on the forum.  And from the way they responded to me, they don't seem to be very happy people!! 
kihayes, you know I'm almost comforted to know that it wasn't just me!  It was a real turn off when they didn't 'help' me as promised (by the way) in their infomercial (that you aren't alone).  I found the 6WBMO (as I started calling it) very restrictive too and I like structure and all that good stuff, but the reality is that this is life and there is no way to maintain such a restrictive 'diet' as the one that they suggest.  It's not about being POP, it's about being healthy and doing things that will pay off in the long run (like exchanging bad snacks for good ones, and limiting fats and sweets).  And I totally agree with the happy people comment. I wonder if it's because they aren't eating enough calories... :o)  Anyhow, I'm doing much better with my calorie tracking (I don't even think of it as counting them, I'm more tracking them to make sure I'm doing my body good), and getting more fun (exercise) in.  Sure the weight is coming off slowly, but it's not like it got here overnight either.  Oh and I'm a happy person doing it too!
Oh to clarify, it is not that I lost more weight on "my plan" it is just that I have been doing my own thing longer than the 6WBMO. I saw results not following the plan perfectly so I was satisfied. Plus, my sister is the one who purchased it and I borrowed the info from her since we were different body types. (I didn't have anything to lose). I never tried the bands b/c my sister had those. Also, I never gave up the coffee/creamer and was never POP. I have been able to pick up a few cooking/recipe tips on their forums.

I guess my own plan is just what I consider to be healthy eating/living based on what I have read. I read a ton of diet/weight loss info and then I adapt it to what I believe and what works for me.
Im glad you all brought this subject up.Ive recently "semi-quit" myself lol. Ive only stayed completely on the plan for about two weeks before i changed it up a little.I still do the no added salt no added sugar thing but i felt that on plan at the end of each day i felt miserable from all the food i was eating. Now i try to just have light snacks instead of the "mini-meal" and if i have a craving for something like sweets i try to find healthy alternatives like the kashi brand of cookies.
I actually did Michael Thurmonds 6 day body makeover...i agree the food was restricting...no salt whatsoever and only fake sugar...which i dont mind becuase i like sweet and low.  I actually did it for two weeks and lost about 18 lbs.  I did gain weight back when i started eating like a cow (im a sucker for french fries!) but i only gained back about 4 maybe 5 lbs.  i felt so much more energized.  i was sad for missing food but only 2 weeks and 1 cheat day...i did ok.  Im actually starting the 6 week one soon and im pretty excited..loosing all that weight was so rewarding and well worth the bland food. OH and i ate about 5 times a day and wasnt hungry most of it...i think the 6 week one will work great
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