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Website that shows what your body will look like after losing weight

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Hi all!  Silly question- Can anyone tell me the website that shows you what your body looks like at certain weights?  I have been there before a long time ago, but can't remember the website!!

Happy Calorie Counting!!
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www.mvm.com I was just playing on there it seems accurate to me and fun!
ooooOOOooo, cool site.
Thanks so much!  Right under my nose!
I like it...glad I could help!
Thats pretty neat, does anyone know of a sight for men?

it says in there that they are adding men and teens to the site soon! also danceswithforks if you sign up and then click through each tab along the top it takes you step by step..i believe you start with personalize. hope this helps!

danceswithforks...you can add to your website or blog if you had one, like a myspace or something. You dont have to  though. once you see the picture you want you can right click on the picture and save it to your pictures in your documents folder then if you wanted to you could upload it to your pictures here like i did. I am gonna post a new one for every 20 pounds I lose so I can see the progress I am making. Hope this helps..if not let me know. Thanks for your response about the babies! A lot of people tell me I am, selfish for not wanting to have another one..HELLO I HAVE 4! when I say I am looking forward to time for just me and my husband they think that is wrong! So it is nice to hear a good response for once!
You can get a model via that site at LandsEnd.com. They have Men, too.  And it says you can 'email' your model to yourself.  Wish I remembered my login info!  Z

Dont copy and paste, right click and save the picture. Then when you go to your cc profile you can click upload pictures and all your pictures you have saved will pop up and you can click on the virtual one and upload it. let me know how it goes...as for my pms time....oh thats hard for me too! I crave every bad thing ever! I bought those 100 calorie cupcake packs, 100 calorie pringles, 100 calorie sunchips, and weight watchers chocolate! I just tell myself I can have some treats...its hard cuz i dont want to exercise during that time so that is a hard time for me as well...so i just have little treats to try and kill the craving! Salsa and unsalted nacho chips arent that bad i dont think..in fact your lucky thats your craving! I am also a HUGE cheese lover...it is supposed to be in our daily intake anyway so as long as it isnt a whole huge block of cheese..i think your good. I buy the fat free american and buy the lighter cheese sticks!
and thanks for your thoughts about the other stuff! I agree!

dont feel silly i played with the silly thing all day yesterday... i dont know how to do my own face i just tried to make it similiar, hair color eye shape stuff like that...hopefully she can help you!

I have it saved in there...i can see it it is mixed in with all the others it sayss my virtual pic
ok when you have your virtual pic the way you like do this:

*right click and click save picture as

*when the box pops up go to the top where it says save in and click the arrow and put in on my pictures

*then on the bottom of the pop up box put the filename you want and then click save. then it will be in your pictures and you can upload it on cc.

i hope this works!

I just want to vent and say I hate that model thingie, because it just confirms that I'm too short for any of the clothes on Land's End and the other sites that use it. Sigh. My virtual model looks like she's a kid wearing mommy's dress up clothes, just as I appear whenever I've attempted to order anything from LE.

Oh!! And it really sucks when I enter my measurements and the site comes back with, "Something doesn't sound right. Please double check your measurements."

What, am I some freak of nature or something?????
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