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I have a theory on how weather plays into our weigh-ins.  Can anyone help me with the answer.  It seems to help when a certain weather front moves through our area that I lose a significant amount of weight.  For example, I have been struggling through the 240's now for a while.  Getting close but not breaking them until last night when a weather front moved through and I crashed into the 230's this morning.  Any thoughts?

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So it's the hot weather that keeps u from losing weight? I had the same type of theory that I just in general weight more in the hot humid summer than in winter, well that's a fact but I think it's due to the heat and humidity causing bloating. Just a theory but sounds plausible, although I am not trying to lose weight this is just something i noticed about myself. I do weigh more in the summer months.

I don't think its the hot or cold weather.  Rather the High and Low Pressure systems that move through.

It's very possible because the different pressures/temperatures can make our bodies retain and lose water as well as swell accordingly. It just depends on how much your body is affected by it. Some people aren't nearly as sensitive as others are. There are definitely a lot of complicated things that go along with it.

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