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Wearing a Heart Rate Monitor all day?

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Has anyone worn their HRM all day long to see how many calories they REALLY burn in a day? CC's counter is pretty accurate I think, but I'm considering wearing mine all day tomorrow to get a more accurate read. If you've done this, have you noticed any significant differences?

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 It's hard to say whether or not it would change things, and I doubt you could tell by wearing it for one day since your daily activities will never be the same.  I've considered wearing mine to work, where I perform the same tasks all the time, just to get an idea of how much I am burning there.  A day may be too long of a timespan. Besides, I'm sure it wouldn't vary too much, but you never know. 


where did you get a HRM from? im quite sceptical of the burn meters on equipment at the gym so id quite like one of those!

My understanding is that HRMs were not designed to measure calories burned at rest. There is one product (BodyBugg) that was designed for this, and is quite expensive, but I am pretty sure if you just use your HRM it will give you a inaccurate number.

Your HRM is not going to be accurate for this purpose.

If your HRM isn't made to take a daily burn, it won't read correctly. The number will be highly inflated. Plus, I like to take my showers in the morning... so wearing the watch and strap would be quite irritating :)




I'm very happy with mine.

I have been wondering the answer to this question myself.

I have a type of tachycardia and would like to learn more about the cues that trigger it, so I'm interested in wearing a Polar HRM throughout the day.

I had heard that because of the way the chest strap works (you need to slightly wet the inside before putting it on) it might not really work for extended periods of time?

Does anyone have experience with this?


I have worn my polar f11 3 times for a period of 24 hours so I could test this. I got very interesting results every single time. Before using the HRM, I classified myself as sedentary and logged all my workouts separately. After reading a couple of posts about daily burn I decided to wear my HRM on a complete rest day (from actual exercise) and the results were similar to those calculated by CC, however the difference was enough for me to classify the day as lightly active. Again, not a HUGE difference but still more than CC.

Now, for my workout days and heavy activity days the difference between the HRM and CC's estimate was considerable, anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories more (with the HRM).

The only estimation for which CC's burn was higher was swimming but I expected this as explained by the Polar's manufacturer.

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I know this is a very old post, but I'm newly making a weight loss effort.....

I bought myself a Body Bugg in June.  It tells you your burned calories according to movement, sweat (?), and some other info.  It was cool to play with, but I always felt it wasn't giving me my props as far as calorie burning goes.  I like to listen to Jillian Michaels's show, and she said that one can wear a HRM all day for a more accurate count.  I've been doing so for almost three weeks now.  I write down all my calories eaten and keep an eye on the HRM's count of calories burned.  At the end of the day, I do a little math to see the deficit.  It's very satisfying, and the HRM is definitely giving me more credit!  I don't know if the numbers are a bit inflated or not, but I've lost about nine pounds in these last few weeks, so I don't really care!


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