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Water Weight and Alcohol

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Although I know it's god-awful for me, I can't help that I am in college and drink 1-2 nights a week (usually wine...I at least stay away from the too-bad stuff) with friends. Since being on a diet I have been greatly restricing the amounts I drink so that my tolerance can go down and I will need less and less until I don't care for it anymore.

But the thing is that I know I'm horribly filled with water weight...my weight fluctuates a ridiculous amount constantly, I love salt, wine,coffee and tea. I've been starting to drink the 64oz of water a day in an attempt to lose this water-weight.

 The question is: do I really want to lose this water weight with drinking once or twice a week at social gatherings? I might need the extra water to avoid severe hangovers or dehydration in general on the weekends. I am at a loss... I can't deal with hangovers, obviously I drink less now, but I can't get to work and function properly with a hangover. I have always been sorta notorious for not usually having them when I should...is this because of my water retention or should I really not worry?


Note: I know drinking is bad already, I'm not ign'ant

okay shoot! hopefully someone can help. : / 

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Hangovers, if I'm not mistaken, is your body being dehydrated from your alcohol consumption.  I forget how that works and why it's so but the more water you drink when you're drinking alcohol not only keeps you from getting a hangover but it also helps unload the extra sodium you are taking in. 

They say you fight fire with fire...well, you fight water retention with water.  The more sodium you eat the more water you should drink to let your body know it doesn't need to retain any extra water.

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you can eat all the salt you can put in your mouth.  It just means that drinking extra water when drinking or eating something high in sodium is better than not drinking any water. 

so perhaps i should just drink water while i'm drinking alcohol...? still go for the water-weight loss? 

Yes, drink water when you're drinking (alcohol).  A little trick to keep peer pressure at bay when drinking the water, have the bartender squeeze a twist of lemon or lime in it and keep it on your rim or in your glass.  It looks like you're still drinking but you are really just getting in your water.

Yes it does still go for water weight loss.  It also helps with water retention when its TOM.  It may not keep TOM from making you gain completely but it does help minimize the effects. 

And...extra water when working out helps keep your muscles hydrated, which helps with the soreness levels.

ooo nice tip! thanks, i think I will continue with this then and just drink a little extra water when drinking and working out (i am sore a lot...hehe). hopefully everything goes smooth!

also if anyone else has some more tips/ideas for working with such a weird water cycle, it'd be way welcome! I'm a little confused as to how to monitor this...but I'm doing it anyway because I just want to be as healthy as possible. Hopefully it drops in a few days despite the wine i had last night.

if your hydration level fluctuates so much, you're probably dehydrating your body a few times a week.  in all honesty, many ppl drink coffee and tea and wine (though most dieters restrict their sodium intake) and stay well hydrated just by compensating:  they drink more water.  so 64 oz. is more than likely not at all enough for you. 

i don't drink alcohol or coffee, but i eat a ton of sodium and drink tea daily.  i drink more than three times the amount of water you do, and my weight doesn't fluctuate at all (though i wish it would decrease already!  it's at a total standstill). 

oh and by the way i know you said you drank wine, but the least calorific and therefore best drink for you is vodka and diet coke, a bottle of wine can have 1,000 cals in it, where as a vodka and diet coke single serving has something like 40 cals...just thought that may help you out...im at college to so understand the whole monitering your drinking whilst trying to lose weight!

Drink the water.

Drinking for many people is part of being in college (no I am not promoting drinking, I just spent a number of years in undergraduate and grad school and know how it is just an integral part of the social life while you are there, at least it was for me).  Hangovers are cause by a number of things, first, dehydration is part of the issue and causes a number of adverse physical effects, so drinking water along with alcohol MAY help to alleviate some of the hangiver symptoms.  Another issue is that your liver converts alcohol to acetaldehyde which is toxic.  Not too much you are going to do about that one. 

Unfortunately, as you get older, you probably will find that you aren't as resilliant to a big night out as you used to be (sucks but true). 

Oh, and as j-fizz said, vodka + diet soda is a good choice for a low cal drink, another benefit of that is that since vodka is a much purer alcohol, it tends to cause less hangiver symptoms.  Plus, the bonus of doing vodka + diet soda is that you can then just get a diet soda and everyone will think you drinking

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If I had to guess, I would say that the reason you are hanging on to water weight even when it isn't your time of the month is because the alcohol is dehydrating you.  The human body is funny.  If it doesn't trust that it is going to get enough water to take care of it's needs it will hold onto more of it.  It would rather get fresh h2o but it will settle for recycling what it has.  I agree with everyone else that drinking water (both while drinking and not) will have the most positive effects on your body.  I've found that this limits the hang overs I get.  If my belly does get upset though I start the day with v8 and it always helps.

The tip about drinking water at a bar with a lime on the glass is a good one.  I am not even above getting a water in a martini glass as my favorite stylish nightspot.

I like to drink too.  To avoid the after effects,   I drink a glass of water between each drink that I have.   And,  if I do get drunk,   I drink a bunch of water before I go to sleep,  put water by my bed at night,  eat something sweet like a clementine and a piece of chocolate,  take 800 mg of motrin and hope for the best.  It usually works.  Last night I drank too much and I  did that and I had no trouble this morning.   In the morning,  if I do have a hangover my husband's cure is coke and bacon.  LOL....it actually works,  but it isn't good for a diet. 
I had four beers Saturday and I'm paying for it dearly.  And even as I was drinking it, I didn't really want to because I knew how badly it would screw up my progress.  Don't think I will be doing that to often.
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Definantly drink as much water as you can. Your body is craving more water then it is telling you so just drinking until you're not thirsty anymore isn't enough for your body. I'm a bartender, a personal trainer, and a college student. As a bartender I say drink alot of water the days that you're going to be drinking alot that evening (Friday and Saturday) drink ridiculous amounts of water. Also, bacardi and diet coke holds no calories. As a trainer i'm going to say monitor your salt intake. I know you said you eat alot of salt but 'alot' can mean different amounts for different people. But, it all goes back to your water intake. So, focus on the water you're drinking through out the day. I don't know how much exercise you do. But, of course cardio will help you lose water weight from the sweating. Also, if you have access to a sauna that will also help you extremely in the water weight loss department.

Might sound weird but the last time I had a hangover or so you say I lost 2 pounds.

wow, thanks for the support everyone! it is really nice to see so many different responses. 

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