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Water question - cleanest water?

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Does anybody know what the cleanest water to drink is? I never ever ever touch tap water..  Thanks. I know I got stupid questions..

Wish me luck, heading to the mall... I got my battle gear on!!
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Actually, there's nothing wrong with tap water.  It's regulated by the EPA, and is safe for human consumption.  Depending on the supply it may not taste good, but that's a matter of your taste, not the safety of the water.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is regulated by the FDA with similar rules.  It's safe too, but much MUCH more expensive.
i'm with syd on this one.  i drink straight from the tap all day with no problems.  and i live in new york!
New York actually has a very good water supply - it comes down from the Adirondack mountains.

I only buy bottled water once in a while if I'm out.  The rest of the time I fill my container with tap water.
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I have one of those water filters. Although I sometimes drink tap water with no problem, I just like to cook and drink filtered. I think it makes my tea and coffee taste better.
I just read an article in the paper about bottled water compared to tap water and tap water came in on top in regards to safety since bottled water can sit for years in wearhouses and build up bacteria.

If you have one of those Brita water filters you should change them regularly and clean the water jug or bactera can build up in the filter itself.

The best thing probably would be to install one of those filters that install directly onto the faucet.
I drink tap water, however we have a Brita pitcher with filter and I fill it ALWAYS and keep it in the fridge so that I always have COLD, filtered water available to drink (I also add a few ice cubes).  I'm not crazy about the taste of the water here in OK, and I find the filter tends to reduce the 'taste'.  The pitcher has been great - got it as a Xmas gift last year from a friend!  :D
For some reason I can't stand the water here in Vancouver, BC.. I need to drink filtered water, but it has to be filter by industrial sized filter, such as Crystal water, it is filtered 5 times...
I drink two gallons of tap a day BUT our tap is well water and very, very soft. Too soft for some things, like prolonged exposure to copper. Our water is clean and clear enough that it picks up CO2 and can become acidic sitting. It was also a little hard to brew ales with, I always had to add salts and or gypsum.

But Chris I know the water is pretty safe in most places, just not very good tasting. But if you want to enjoy your water more, visit North Dakota and drink the water there. (Or the south metro in the Twin Cities in the spring, not pretty).
check this site: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=food spice&dbid=148#healthbenefits .it was very helpful for me. I use bottled water but now I'm not sure if I will continue.
I vote tap water, too. If you're in populated North America, the tap water is just fine.

If you're concerned, carry a sieve. I hear it takes out the bigger chunks. <grin>
i work in the environmental/water sector - but in europe - so i don't know the regulations in the usa

over here tap water needs to comply to a certain standard (which is comparable to the standard of bottled "spring" water) - there's a different regulation for bottled "mineral" water - wich doesn't need to comply to the same standard (it can have actualy a higher concentration of certain minerals then the tap water/spring water rules allow or even the levels that are obliged in the food-processing industry - so if you're on a special low sodium diet or need to be carefull with other minerals - always check the analysis on the label - too much of anything is never a good thing! - or have some variation!)

because of my professional experience i know the source of both bottled water and  tap water ( which is in some cases just the same -  when they both pump groundwater from the same aquifers - but the price is always very different!) - but as said before i don't know the regulations in the USA

the tap water supliers here need to do regular tests - it's a bit of a professional habit but i always check the labels for any water i drink and i know the composition of the water i drink at home from the tap - so i do drink tap water (but i always let the tap run for a while - so i don't drink water that's been standing around in pipes all night) + i also drink bottled water but only if it complies to "my standards"! My favourite is spa - because it is low in salt.

( i could talk about waterlegislation all day long - but  i'm gonna stop here )
I've lived in a couple of places where the tap water was awful.  I also lived in a house with a well and that water was terrible.  In all those places I had a filtration system put on the water lines in the kitchen sink.  Remember that filters must be maintained to be effective.

Where I live now has a water supply that comes from artesian wells - the same stuff they put in bottles.
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