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Water makes me more thirsty?

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I used to drink only pop and a little bit of milk or water during the day.  Now I am drinking around 100 oz of water a day, and feel very thirsty.  Why would I be feeling more thirsty if I'm hydrating my body?
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How long have you been drinking 100 oz of water? Maybe your body is adjusting?
Been doing it for about a week
From what I read when you first go off of other drinks to just water you will notice an increase in thirst for a bit. This ,from my understanding, is because your body is actually dehydrated. As your body gets back to its normal level of hydration the thirst with level off and you won't feel thirsty all the time. I don't know how much actual truth is behind it but this is something I noticed in the beginning as well.
My guess is that your body is just adjusting. Keep drinking, and if you still have problems after three or four weeks, maybe adjust it a bit. I drink tons of water all the time, and I'm always thirsty, but I guess it just doesn't bother me. I like drinking water. ^_^
Thanks guys!!
Actually, I found once I got used to drinking water, the thirst was a good thing...it reminded me to continue a good thing!
Wow, this is quite odd. I have the same problem. Yet, I have been drinking water, and water only my whole life! Water actually makes my mouth dry. I've never actually figured out what caused it though. I'd love to know!
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If you're still thirsty, keep drinking? ^^
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Besides the dehydration thing, I've also heard that often when people eat too much and don't drink water, their bodies become used to getting their water intake through food instead of by drinking it. So they get HUNGRY when their bodies need water. Which makes them eat more, drink less... you see where this is going.

If that was you, once your body starts getting more water in liquid form, you will feel thirsty when your body needs more water, because your body would really rather you drink the water than eat it (it gets into your system faster). If you've been drinking lots of soda and eating salty snacks and only getting your water through food for a long time, you may be very dehydrated, so it may take a while before you've replenished your body's supply of water. In any case, a body that is used to getting its water through drinking will generally feel thirsty more often than a body that is used to getting its water through eating.

And, there's one more thing - your body may be flushing out toxins. All sorts of things like breathing polluted air, eating preservatives, smoking, not washing off your makeup, drinking caffeine or alcohol, or taking many medications, can put extra toxins into your body. For a lot of toxins (but not all), the most effective way to get rid of the toxin is to flush it out. (Those toxins that you can't flush out with water get removed by sweating or crying or pooping). So you'll be extra thirsty if you have extra toxins to remove, even if you aren't dehydrated anymore.

Thanks. I've been having the same issues lately. Now I just ran out!

rule of thumb...drink only 1/2 your weight in ounces of water a day.

so 120lb person should try to drink 60 ounces of water...

now I sip water all day, but drink decafe coffee and tea, milk, veggie juice and fruit juice from my juicer. So I do not drink that much water when I do that.

Thirst could also be early signs of diabetes..so get this checked to make sure.  Mention this water need to your Doc or Health care provider 

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