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I've started trying to become more conscious of my sodium intake, to try and avoid water retention.  My question is, if I consume 2500-2900 mg of sodium/day, and drink between 2 and 3.5 litres of water, is this counteracting the sodium intake, or does it not matter how much water you drink (ie: the two are not directly reflective of one another)?  I have tried simply lowering my sodium intake (I dont' add salt to ANYTHING) but I find I have difficulty, as it seems like everything has sodium in it!

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not sure how much water you should be drinking, but can you just decrease your sodium intake on a daily basis???

Most days I get around 900 - 1000 mg of sodium a day.  It  isn't that difficult!


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I'm finding it hard to lower sodium too. I don't add it to anything but... it's IN everything.

I dont have an answer for you, but I do sympathise.

Other than canned fish/chicken, I don't really eat anything high in sodium.  I usually stick to fresh meats for dinner, but lunching at work often requires something easy and fast unfortunately.  Im not sure, other than cutting out the above, where else I could cut! lol

Im not an expert here, but I do know that 2500mg of sodium a day isnt bad.  This is also dependant on how many calories you are supposed to intake a day(balance). For a 1700 calorie a day diet,  ~2300 mg of sodium a day is considered to be 100% of daily value for me.  Hope this helps out any. I certainly do not try to reach 2300mg, just that is an acceptable value.

Water should be drinken no matter what. Don't drink more based on sodium, rather drink what you feel comfortable drinking or how much you want.

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Its easy to avoid unwanted sodium-prepare all your meals your self with fresh ingredients-Which means nothing prepacked (for example south beach/lean cuisine meals are PACKED with sodium, although lower in fat and well as deli meats and what not). If the sodium is completely unavoidable, drink up, the only way to get rid of water weight is to flush it out and flush out what is causing the retention

I feel your pain! When I first became aware of the enormous amounts of sodium in our foods I went into sticker shock. I was going through the store just looking at labels and thinking can I possibly stay away from it? But I guess it's just a matter of being aware of what we're putting into our mouths. And then if you know you had more sodium than you should drink more water that day.

I've read a few articles about it and it seems that it's pretty normal to get between 1500 - 2400 mg a day. I try not to add salt to my food knowing how much is already in it but sometimes I do it simply out of habit! But what's funny is I usually know when I've had too much because I feel it in my hands and feet. I start drinking more water right then and there when that happens cause I don't want to wake a balloon the next day. Tongue out

I don't know how much water is too much for you --probably quite a bit-- but if you just sort of keep sipping it, you should be fine. The general guide is that if your urine is nearly colorless, you're good. It should keep down any sodium related gain too.

Especially if your sweating, it is possible to drink too much, screw up your electrolite balance and retain water because of that. I didn't really realize that until I was in the deep south working and forcing myself to drink a lot of water to counter my sweating. I gained seven pounds (I'm in the 130's) in a week and lost it in three days after I got back.

Hi Meima,


I'm not sure if you've gotten your answer, here or anywhere, so I've provided a link, which should give you what you need. -drinking-water-flush-out-sodium-in-the-body/


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