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water hurts my throat

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Ok so I drink my water every day and I swear it makes my throat sore. I know it is the water. But I dont want to stop drinking it, so I was just wondering does drinking water make anyone elses throat sore.
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Are you gulping down a lot at once?  Maybe try taking sips.  If you already are, I have no idea why it would make your throat sore.
lol just drinking it normal, like anything else :D Its totally weird
Have you thought of absolutely everything else that may be causing it?  How long has this gone on for?  I know it can't be like anything else where you try to stop doing it to see if it's the problem, because you can't stop drinking water lol
Yeah it just happens when I drink water, it is not a constant sore throat either. Not like Im sick. It started the begining of june and I started drinking my water again May 16th.
does it happen with other liquids or just water?
Are you drinking city tap water? I had the same problems when i moved from the country to the city. In the country we have well water and its alot better tasting than city water. City water i think here anyway has chlorine in it, and it did irritate my throat so we started buying bottled water from the store, can get 2 gallon jugs of it. Thank god we got our house fixed and moved back in to it.
Well I drink water from my fridge and we have a filter in the fridge, and I drink water at work (restaraunt) and I thought there was a filter on the soda machine, but maybe Im wrong, I will try the bottled stuff and see if it helps.

I dont drink anything besides water so its only the water that is doing it.
yes there is supposed to be a filter in the soda machine, the company that tends to the equipment on the soda machine should have it changed on a regular basis. Water filters should also be checked throughout the building on a regular basis aswell if the business you work at has a water filter. Most restraunt/inns here do have them.
It sounds really wired but it use to do the same thing to me. I just kept drinking and drinking it and know i never want anything else. I drink water all day long and I love it. You just get use to it.
Do you drink out of plastic?  Some people are sensitive to the chemicals, and have bothersome reactions.
 Yes I drink out of plastic, I drink out of a gatorade bottle now but I had a store bought water bottle for a while and before that a powerade bottle.
Maybe try glass for a while?  I know that I can't eat those cheap pop ice popscicles in the plastic tubes because my throat starts to burn and I cough and gag.  It could be similar to you.
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You have Mono. Google it, basically if you have lymph nodes in your thorat acting up drinking water makes it feel very sore. Juice, pop, nothing else effects it the way water does (and its mainly room temp water that does it!)


Try colder bottled water, this should help


Given that this thread is about 2 years old, I'd be very curious to know if the OP did in fact have mono. Two years ago...

OMG, Swine flu!!



(I am sure it's nothing.  I "sprained" my throat once gulping down a glass of wine.  It took two weeks to totally heal).

I actually have the same problem and it doesn't matter how fast or slow I drink it, if it is in a glass from the tap or a bottle, really cold or room temp.  I also add fiber to my water (clear and tasteless) but it happens with or with out that as well.  I keep drinking the water because I know it is good for me and it doesn't last long (maybe 10 to 15 mins).  I have been tested for mono and that came back negative.  As a matter fact I have had a lot of blood work done and it all comes back in the normal range.  I am glad to know that I am not the only but I am sorry that someone else goes through this.  Especially since our bodies need water!


I have this problem too...I think it coincided with the taking of a pill called Luvox, which was prescribed by my psychiatrist, I'm not sure though...I simply stopped drinking water...it doesn't hurt at all when I drink anything else, regardless of it's water content/density whatever...for example, watermelon juice has a lot of water per cubic centimeter in it, it doesn't make my throat hurt though....exclusively water does that. So...I'm getting my water from other stuff...

I also experienced this when i first started drinking water on a regular basis. I realized it was just a matter of getting used to the ice cold water we had coming out of the filter. Switched to drinking room temperature water...lol if that makes sense and it went away, 

I realize this is an old topic but I just recently thought to Google this problem I had to see if there was an answer to what causes it. When I was quite young it didn't bother me, it wasn't until I started playing high school softball and the coach preferred me to drink water instead of the Gatoraid I always carried when I did anything physically exerting. I told him of my problem but he thought I was making it up so I could drink something flavored so I brought him a note from my GP showing I had complained of this years prior. I happens when I drink any water, tap, filtered, plain, spring or flavored bottled water and even with flavor additives such as Mio or Wyler's. I have no trouble with coffee, tea, or even kool-aid. But it parches my throat and the more I drink the worse it gets. After 4 or 5 medium swallows my throat is so sore it's too painful to swallow. :/

This happens to me when I go to my dads house. It's different water that I am not used to. Our water at home is well water, his is city water, which means chlorine. I can't drink that water because of it. My throat hurts almost like I have a cold. Maybe that's your problem, too?
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