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Weight Loss
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I've always read people telling each other to drink lots of water in order to both maintain and lose weight but I've been wondering why. I know that water helps keeping your body hydrated and all that but do you lose weight easier with a hydrated body or is it something completely else? 

Sorry if that was confusing! And i drink loads of water, not that I don't believe it being healthy, just wondering if anybody knew the reason for people to compare it with weight lose. Thanks in advance :D

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This question came up once. I don't think it's a case of water helping weight loss. More about lack of water / dehydration causing problems. Having enough will prevent weight fluctuations by water retention n stuff.

It's most likely because a lot of the time when people feel hungry they're actually thirsty.

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Also I read that sometimes your tummy missignals your brain - like making you think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty or even dehydrated

Also, make sure to drink cold water. Your body burns a few calories when heating up the water after you drink it!

Or they drink water in place of the sodas they used to drink, and the calorie difference causes weight loss.

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Drinking lots of water allows me to work out harder and longer. I am able to run twice as fast and twice as hard. I also get very lazy and tired when I'm dehydrated.

Water flushes toxins and wastes out of your system.

Most people who go on diets, lose "dramatic" amounts of weight in the first 1-2 weeks because they are eating less toxic foods, and drinking more water. The water is flushing out all that waste (ie: poop) that has been lurking in their intestines. 

I laugh at those ads that say "I lost 8lbs in the first five days".. because you could pretty much change those words to: 

"I took a couple big shiiiits, and have been defecating better ever since I started eating right"

 Gross, but it's true... it's nearly impossible to lose 8lbs of fat in a matter of days!!




The rapid loss of weight when beginning a diet is mostly due to water and food waste being expelled. 

You can carry anywhere from 5-20lbs of waste matter in your intestines if you are not moving your bowels regularly. Most people who are overweight didn't get that way eating steamed vegetables and drinking lots of water. Upon ditching the bowel-plugging processed foods and eating more clean wholesome foods, there is often a dramatic purge of the build up in the intestines. It's not rocket science. How much is going in your face, and how much is coming out your butt?

High sodium processed foods like chips, cheezies, and bread, can make the body hold onto excess water. If you eat a lot of salt/sodium, you will retain water if you are not drinking extra water to help flush it out, or exercising (which also helps flush out extra sodium in the form of sweat)

Extra carbhydates also makes you bloated and retain water. You store about 3 grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate that you take in. Many people can tell if they've eaten too many carbs the day before because they will look 'puffy' the next day. 

Dehydration results in a reduction of cellular metabolism

Dehydration results in an increase in hunger

Dehydration results in an earlier onset and longer recovery period of fatigue from exercise and activity.


These are all very good reasons why proper hydration is important, all the time.

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