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How much water to flush out sodium

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I went out for pizza tonight and definitely consumed a TON of sodium (approximating it at about 2500 mg). Usually I keep my sodium intake quite low. I know I didn't go over my calorie limit so I'm not worried about gaining any real weight.

I know my body can regulate itself in a couple of days, but I'd really like to reduce the amount of time I retain water for. I react quite poorly to sodium and can retain up to 5 lbs of water weight for 3 or so days.

I'm drinking 1.5 L of water right now before bed, and plan to when I wake up as well. Will this be a sufficient amount to speed things along?

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Just drink the amount you are comfortable with. Add some fresh squeezed lemon to the water. Lemon water has many health benefits. It helps to naturally flush toxins out of your system and aids in digestion.


It usually takes me a couple days to shed sodium-induced water weight, drinking maybe 32oz of water a day over what I'd ordinarily drink (I go from about 96oz a day to 128oz). 

Potassium helps move it out faster too, so I try to add some potassium-rich foods to my intake.  I like bananas, but tomatoes, raisins, spinach, pears and many nuts and beans are good potassium sources also. 

Yeah, it will take a few days, because the sodium is diluted all through out your body. Drinking more water just dilutes it more. But this can be hard on the potassium in your body. jp is right by suggesting eating food with potassium, as this will help regulate the sodiums concentration in your body. 

I don't think there is anything you can do to speed the precess up.  But it will run it's course so don't worry about it.

I think exercising while well hydrated does speed things up. The blood flow through your kidneys is greatly increased during exercise, and they will filter out what is needed.

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I need salt to stay vertical, does anyone know a definite on how much water flushes out sodium?

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