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Water Detox by Jillian Michaels - Anyone tried this? Results? Ideal?

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My co-worker found this water detox recipe on a website she frequents for super moms... I have never been on the site and know nothing about it but after looking at the recipe it seems harmless so I thought I might give it a try...

And... Since all of you are so knowledgable and so helpful when it comes to things like this I thought I'd ask you guys first - see if any of you have tried it and if so what were your thoughts...? Any real results...? Is it a good idea in general - etc...?

Claims the following: Meant to flush out excess water weight and you could drop up to 5 lbs of water weight in 7 days depending on how much excess water weight you are carrying around…

Each day for 7 days – mix and drink:

60 oz distilled or pure water

1 tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice

1 dandelion root tea bag

2 tablespoons of lemon juice


Any information is appreciated...

Thanks ~Kaela

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Why would anyone want to do this?


This is only for people who have swelling or should actually be takinga diahretic.  The average persons body (who isn't swelling) holds only the water it needs to sustain life and 75% of Americans are already Chronically dehydrated. I highly discourage this for an average person.

I should clarify - I have really porky fingers these days - the long elegant fingers are missing... :)

I drink almost that same amount of water every day anyway so I wouldnt fall into that average american category, I'm far from dehydrated in any way...

In all seriousness, I feel like my skin is a bit mushy these days and a good ringing out would make me feel better, less puffy - hence the detox idea to start with...

I was hoping the clean water, lemon, cranberry and dandelion tea mixture would flush out any toxins I have stored up and in the meantime get rid of at least some of the excess water I carry around... 

The ingrediants are so minimal and all so natural that I almost cant even see it working - so I thought Id see if anyone had ever tried it...?

Thank you for your incite - I will pay attention to it... :)  

What toxins do you have stored up, and why are your liver and kidneys not getting rid of them?

Thats a good question - I have no idea what my toxins are? I just assume that my body has to have some...? I try really hard to be healthy but who knows whats in some packaged foods/drinks...?

I was thinking it would be like a cleanse - not that anything is there - just cleaning it anyway...?

I see that you are a moderator so right there you know 1000 times more then me on the subject of health - Do you not think its a good idea..?

What else does she recommend along with the drink? Can you eat/drink healthily, and plentifully? Or is it one of these crazy short term fixes that'll only work because you restrict yourself so much? 

In and of itself, it doesn't sound too bad but if you you think you're retaining water, it might be better to look at why (too much sodium? not drinking enough to compensate for exercise water-loss)  rather than reach for something that promises to solve it all in one fell swoop, because you don't learn anything from that and once you're done it'll probably start creeping back on. That's all.

Also,  our bodies are pretty good at detoxifying themselves, they're designed to! I think that's why a lot of people on this board are automatically suspicious of claims like JM is making about her magic detox.

I don't see how drinking extra water and a bit of herbal tea could hurt anyone. Drinking a lot of water is good for the body, and as long as it doesn't go along with a crash crazy diet as well, I think it sounds like a good idea.

I actually drink that everyday, without knowing or following any diet. My regular day includes one glass of diet cranberry juice, the juice of one lemon (on foods throughout the day... i wouldn't think it mattered how the lemon got into you) and at least that much water, probably more. I also have a herbal tea at night. 

If the detox claim is true I must be well and truly flushed as I've been doing it for years!, and yes I've lost weight, but it wasn't all water weight of course, as i've lost around 60 lbs in the last year.

So whether it removes toxins? who can say, she isn't a doctor. But is it bad for you? Well I'd say how could it be? It's water and juice and a herbal tea?

Give it a go, I don't think it could hurt you unless you are allergic to juice.


As long as you are eating enough food and not only consuming this concoction, it won't make a difference. You could just try to drink that much water, and it would probably do the same thing - help get rid of water retention.

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I just finished This detox water diet. I only stayed on it for 5 days as opposed to 7 because I didn't lose any weight. I started at 115lbs and ended at 115lbs. The only thing I can think of as to why I didn't lose any weight is because I may not have had alot of water weight to lose. My diet is pretty low in sodium, so i am thinking this is maybe why. My sister on the other hand done the challenge with me and she lost 3 lbs.

So I guess it all depends on how much water you are actually retaining :)

Water "detoxing" doesn't exist and doesn't work.


You can thank evolution for the pair of kidneys and liver you have.


Organs DO serve a purpose, after all. Though the appendix seems to have sneaked in there somehow. Though it is not an organ itself, just part of one.

Get enough calories by only eating fruit and vegetables! They'll add health and vitality to your body.
Pollyalice also meant eating enough fats and protein of course, I'm sure she just forgot to add that part.

Sorry, we had some #"%#"¤%¤% MLM spammer hawking some kind of "detox wrap" crap that resurrected this. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure we can count on it happening again.

I did this....but not to lose weight or toxins, but to help me increase my water intake...decrease pop. It is pretty tasty!
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