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WATER, Bad to drink all at once?

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So yeah, I hate water so getting my 8 glasses in isn't easy. I try to drink 3 liters a day while I am sitting behind my desk. But here's the problem, I drink it all at once... I mean, I'll chug it just to get it out of the way! Is this bad?


AND, sorry guys, flavored doesn't work for me either!

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It can be.

There is such a thing as water poisoning. This is when you drink so much water, or water at such a speed that it throws your electrolytes out of whack and can actually be fatal.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxicati on

The best way I found to help me get in my water was to either take a 2 litre bottle with me places or, when I am at home, to drink water out of a pint glass. It's suddenly a lot easier to get your water intake in when your glass is bigger.

Have you tried lemon or lime - natural wedges - in water?


I am also not to fond of water as it comes out fo the tap. I like ice bottled water

better.I wouldl think that all that water all at once would be very hard on your

kidneys.You'd be peeing it out like crazy. I can only imagine a glass every two

hours durngthe  day would be a whole lot better. It would keep your body well

hydrated plus you might not feel as hungry. Try water with a slice of lemon or line

in the glass.


I hate water too.What works for me is adding lemon juice or lime juice to it.I also add tons of ice . As for the fact that you drink it all at once is very bad. This can cause water toxicity, inducing swelling to the brain and other vital organs.Eventually this will cause death. Yes you are drinking the recommended amount of water a day , but you are drinking to much at once and the body is unable to excrete all that fluid you just drank. So the excess fluid will come out of your bowel movement, this pulls salt into it from the body which results in diluting the concentration of salt in the tissues(this decreases sodium in the blood and causes the swelling of the brain and organs).The recommended amount of water intake for a women in 2.7 liters that is about 11 cups of water a day.  So don't chug down 3 liters of water at once please!! Also keep in mind you don't have to drink exactly 8 glasses of water a day because you intake water through fruits,veggies and other food products.I hope this helps:-)

I know exactly what you're saying.  I did the whole water thing all at once.  I do see that if I slow it down and drink it consistently during the day, I'm not as hungry, or starving to the next meal.  Good luck.  How much have you lost?  I'm just staring.  Got a long way to go. 

You don't need to drink 8 glasses of water! it's a myth! they say it as it sounds good!

One guy in the UK died of drinking 8 pints of water in a day! that's how dangerous it is! if your really thirsty then drink water, that's what doctors have advised people.

I drink about 3 liters a day.  I carry a 1 liter bottle around with me and drink 2 liters while i'm at work and then another 1 liter when i get home.  I drink about a half a liter at once.  that's only when i'm at work though.  when i'm at home i drink about 8-12 oz at a time.

dont know if that's good either.  :-/

It's not a good idea to drink that much water all at once - it might overdilute your electrolytes, which is not good (not to mention that filling your stomach that full will stretch it and make you want to eat more to feel satisfied...) Much better to spread it out so your body can process it a bit at a time.

8 pints is double what 8 "glasses" is in the US (which is typically around 8oz).  so that's not the same thing.

but, it's is said that 8 glasses is not necessary because not all of your water intake needs to be from pure water. 

but, i still like drinking it because it keeps me from being a bloaty mess.

tmi? maybe. but it's true :)

you should drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight as a general rule, drinking it all at once (as long as you're within the correct amount for your body) won't kill you, but it won't do you any good either. you'll just end up peeing it all out cuz you're body doesn't need it all at once, it needs it for the whole day. Use crystal light or something similar cuz then you're stll drinking water  but it doesn't really taste like it.

How about herbal teas or iced herbal teas?

I think you are defeating the purpose of drinking the water if you drink it all at once.  Either drink it throughout the day or skip it.  :)  It is debatable as to how much you need so until the jury is in do as you desire :D

It's like watering a plant..... Give it a pint of water Day 1 and it all runs through the pot and out the other side together with a lot of the nutrients in the soil.  Give it a little every day and the plant takes it up and uses it.   Your 3 litres isn't much good to you sitting in the toilet bowl...

If you don't like water very much drink other things.  Tea, squash, the occasional diet soda or cup of coffee... as well as water.   Unless you live or work in a hot environment or you're doing vey physical activity you only need a litre or 2 of fluids every day to be healthy.  
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