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Can too much water be bad for you?

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Recently i found out that I drink UNBELIEVABLY amout of water each day. I have a huge water bottle and i can drink about 7-8  of them each day. I just drank another two cups minuit ago and my mouth is dry and thirsty again.

Is it ok to drink lots and lots and lots of water? and I don't know why I'm so dehydrated all the time, should I see a doctor?
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See your doctor, constant thirst is one signal for diabetes.  It might be a symptom of other things, too.

I agree, you should see a doc.

While drinking a lot of water can be good for you, too much can be bad. And as smwhipple said, it could be an underlying symptom of something serious.

Too much water can kill you, actually. It messes up your electrolyte balances. Google Water Intoxication for details.

Unless you are taking allergy pills (which dry you out), constant thirst is a symptom of several illnesses, including diabetes. You really need to get this checked out by a doc.

Water is good. Too much water is not good.


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oh no is it seriously bad? i have the same problem im drinking water all the time and im still always thirsty although ive already been tested for diabetes
are you really hot? (in both meanings) lol. no ac?
I cant drink water on its own, it gves me a dry throat and i too get thirty after drinking it. However if i have a glass of cordial or other flavoured water i am fine.

See a doctor though, too much water is bad.
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Water is not bad for you. constant thirst can be a sign for some underlying problem. Unless you have a compulsion to drink water nonstop you wont get water intoxication. It is almost impossible without a serious illness. I tried one time. I drank five gallons of water in one day and thought I was gonna explode. No gatorade or nothing like that to go with it. But I didnt get water intoxication.

I was talking to one of my co workers who has been an EMT for 20+ years. he had only seen one case of water intoxicaton. It was a guy who had an obssesive compulsive disorder for water. It wasnt pretty his bladder almost ruptured and was hard as a rock.

Now guess how many cases of dehydration he has seen. That is a lot more common. Don't worry about drinking to much water people. unless your ocd. Worry more about becomng dehydrated. Trust m it is a more common then drinking to much.
Water intoxification happens when you take the water in , but dont pee it out.
But I agree, it could be a sign of diebetes. Get it checked out to be safe!

It's Not How Much You Drink, It's How Fast You Drink It!

The kidneys of a healthy adult can process fifteen liters of water a day! You are unlikely to suffer from water intoxication, even if you drink a lot of water, as long as you drink over time as opposed to intaking an enormous volume at one time. As a general guideline, most adults need about three quarts of fluid each day. Much of that water comes from food, so 8-12 eight ounce glasses a day is a common recommended intake. You may need more water if the weather is very warm or very dry, if you are exercising, or if you are taking certain medications. The bottom line is this: it's possible to drink too much water, but unless you are running a marathon or an infant, water intoxication is a very uncommon condition.


about.com said it themselves!  

yes it can.

here's a story..

there was a water drinking contest and a woman had entered. she was on a roll. she drink soo much water. the amount she drank could take up a small room! oh she won the contest alright. too bad she wasnt alive to recieve her prize. she died. the overdose of water had dilluted her organs.

soo.. dont drink more than 100 oz a day! just to be on the safe side.

also, dont drink it all at once. that just makes it worse.

You can drink more than 100 oz a day -- JUST DON'T DRINK IT ALL AT ONCE....

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