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Weight Loss
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Water water water

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Does drinking 8 glasses really help you to lose weight or is it that it just makes you fuller so you don't eat as much?

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I believe it assists the kidneys to filter out toxins without relying on the liver to assist, therefore leaving the liver to do it's own job. Biology/molecular biology majors feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


Newer research suggests there is little to no actual basis on the "8 glasses a day" rule of thumb.

I don't think it does either thing for you. It'll "fill" you up for a short time but won't affect how much you eat throughout the day. Nor will it help you lose weight in any other way.

That being said it's better for you than basically any other drink out there. No sugar, no calories. It won't make you gain weight nor will it give you any other problems.

5% drop in your body hydration causes around 20% drop in performance. Drinking water through out the day ensures your body remains hydrated. If excess your body will pass it through. So even though it may not have a direct effect on weight loss it could be considered a good idea as it will help keep you in good health. One of our targets.

There are so many other benefits of drinking water that weight loss seems incidental - I see a great difference in my skin and hair if I'm getting at least 60 ounces a day, and I get headaches less frequently, even though I stare at a computer screen for a large part of my day.  I also feel better when exercising if I've been properly hydrated all day long.  I can go longer at a better pace and not feel destroyed when I finish. 

Don't get me wrong - I love my coffee and diet Coke, but now that I know what a difference it makes in my body, I make sure I drink two glasses of water for every one glass of anything else I might drink during the day.

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I've heard a lot of people and nutritionists say that the body confuses hunger with thirst. So if you keep well hydrated then you could be helping yourself with not overeating. Overall I think drinking more water is the best thing you can do for your diet!!!! Plus you won't look bloated!!

I don't think drinking 8 glasses a day actually aids in weight loss-the only way to lose weight is to expend more calories than you consume.

But I think that people commonly mistake dehydration for hunger-being really dehydrated can feel similar to being really hypoglycemic. It also does fill up your stomach-if you drink a lot of fluids with meals you might eat less.

But if someone simply started drinking 8 glasses of water a day but didn't change their eating or exercise, they wouldn't lose weight (besides possibly some water weight.)

Dehydration slows cellular metabolism.  Dehydration increases hunger.  Dehydration increases fatigue from exercise (and just daily activity), resulting in less activity.

Staying well hydrated improves your ability to lose weight for the above reasons.  8 full 8 oz glasses may not be necessary, or may not be enough, depending upon your size, gender, and activity level.  If you are drinking so much water you have a consistent and regular need to urinate, and your urine is water clear, then you may be drinking to much.  If the opposite is true, then you should probably be drinking more.

You'll gain water weight if you don't drink enough water as well, so even though it doesn't cause you to lose fat weight, it can cause the scale to lie. I didn't drink enough water over the weekend and I'm up 6lbs from what my actual weight is. Doesn't bother me, because I know about the fluctuations caused by sodium/water balance, but it catches a lot of people off guard and makes them panic.


You can't possibly gain water weight if you're not drinking water. You need to drink water to gain any water weight. Just like you wouldn't gain "cheetos weight" if you didn't eat cheetos.

^^^^^ You obviously don't understand how water weight works. Try googling it.


Explain to me how you can gain water weight if you're not consuming water.

How can you make a hole bigger if you're not taking any dirt away?

How can you fill up a pool if you aren't adding any water?


I don't need to google it because it doesn't happen.

I understand quite well how "water weight" works. You cannot gain weight from something you are not ingesting. You retain water, but  you already have that water in you. If you aren't consuming any more  water you can't possibly gain any weight.

I'd love to hear your explanation

You obviously are consuming SOME water, otherwise you'd wither away and die. And your body will hold on to that water until it's convinced that if it doesn't, you won't die. Since that water that you DO ingest isn't getting flushed out, you gain WATER WEIGHT. Get it yet?

First, try reading my post again.

I didn't drink enough water (enough, not none) over the weekend. I had some water plus anything I ingested from my food since, if you didn't know, many foods contain water.

Not enough water leads to, as anam713 so aptly explained, your body holding onto what you do ingest because it's worried that you don't have a ready supply available since you aren't taking in enough

And this is why to lose water weight, you need to drink MORE water. Because if you're drinking an adequate amount, your body knows it doesn't need to store whatever you put in it.

^good explanation. I've experienced this to be very true.

Thanks everyone for your explanations...hope I didn't start a firestorm over this, lol. It makes sense though to keep drinking my water and not have to worry about those awful fluctuations on the scale.

That's the answer right there. Studies have shown that by drinking a good amount of water in the morning (prior to eating anything) and then waiting at least 30 minutes before eating will indeed hydrate you (because apparantly you become dehydrated while sleeping!) and will thus speed up your metabolism! A faster metabolism means you will burn more calories throughout the day! I'm drinking four glasses of water right when I wake up and am waiting a good 30 to 45 minutes before eating breakfast and am loving it...



Drinking large amounts of water will help you lose, forget all that scientific mumbo jumbo....Just add up the distance and time spent running to the bathroom, (20 times a day).  Well, there's quite a few calories burned doing that.   I'm just saying.  My attitude is it generally can't hurt,  might help, and usually its free. 

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I think wannabehero hits all the major points here. 

In an attempt to lighten the tone of the forum I offer the following as we are counting calories:  If we drink cold water(~4C), that will cause us to use 8 calories to heat the water(1 cup) to our body temputure.  So after 400 or so glasses, it might be responsible for one pound of weight loss:)

ps. You'll probably die if you try to drink that much in a day.  All things in moderation, even water. Or, everything is toxic in access.

caitoriri is exactly right.

You are right on it! If I don't drink enough water I retain and my legs and feet swell a lot and I weigh 3 to 5 lbs heavier. Drinking plenty of water keeps me from swelling and retaining fluid plus removing toxins from my body. I do hate going to the bathroom so much though!


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