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Weight Loss
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Who wants to lose 10 lbs by Christmas?

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Hey guys, are any of you interested in losing 10 lbs by Christmas w/ me? I'm thinking weigh in day will be Friday, and losing 10 lbs by Dec. 25 is pretty reasonable, about a pound a week. If you're interested post your stats. Anyone is welcome. =D
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Oh, my goodness do I.  I am currently 145 and want to be 135 by Christmas.  I am 5'3".   I work at a computer desk all day and am a mother of two goal weight is 130.... Thanks for the challenge....good luck and eatin' everyone!


Me, me...

Height: 5'5

Current: 113lbs

Goal: 105lbs

I would love love to weigh what i weighed last Christmas>>

I'm in too!

 Christmas works good for me!

5'3 3/4

Current 149

Goal by 3/1/08: 127


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Me Too! 


current: 160

Goal: 135
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Current: 154

Goal: 125

First weigh in (it's already Friday morning here in Australia).

Starting weight: 145

Current weight: 144

bit disappointing, was hoping for more, but at least it's lower :) 


Will do this.. :) will help me get my momentum going .. :)

As of Thursday, October 25th 7:35 pm (central)

Weight at 170

will probably be 170 tomorrow lol but will see

I'm in.....I would love to lose 15 but i think that's a far fetched goal so I'll go for 1o

 Weigh in 175

I'll try too!!

5'10, 223 lbs starting.
I am in too.  Only my goal is 15lbs because I bet my b/f that if I lost 15lbs by Christmas he HAS to go skiing with me (he's afraid of heights, so he's afraid to go).  By the way, it's not that he thinks I need to lose weight, he's just trying to be supportive of my wanting too.  Anyway,  I haven't weighed myself in awhile, but I'll check it tomorrow.  I'm 5'3.

Count me in!!!  I just started on CC mid September and loving it!  Could certainly use the extra motivation and all the support of this challenge.

will weigh in tomorrow, but my last weight was 156 the other day.

my goal 145 by Christmas :0  haven't seen that number in quite a while!

I'm female and 5'4"  final goal 130 by the end of March

good luck everyone!  :)

Ok,my first weigh in

Starting weight: 147

Current weight: 147

Very dissapointed.I dunno why I didn't lose any pound.I keep on my diet and exercise every day.:/ Maybe I hit a plateau!!:s

Weigh in number one;

Starting weight - 141
Current weight - 139.5

So 1.5 pounds lost in 5 days! Not too shabby, fingers crossed I can keep it up.
Good luck everyone (not that you'll need it!)
The first weigh in, eep.

Starting weight - 132
Current weight - 130

Not doing too badly, but I'm being dragged out for proper fish and chips this weekend, so that'll probably screw things up slightly :P.

Hope everyone's doing well :)
First weigh in for me....176.  Since that's my starting weight I guess you could callme disappointed.Frown

First weigh in!

start weight 178

weight today175!

Iam so stoked at this I was afraid to even step on the scales this morning .since my trip to Philly I went from 170 to 178!! Yikes!! so this good news for me.

Ok, so first challenge weigh in...

157 (up a little hoping due to start of my cycle)

have a great week everyone! :)

First weigh in:
Xmas Goal: 135
Ht: 5'1"
Age: 56
Wt: 145.5
I am still at 140 as of today. It kinda stinks but that's OK, there is always next Friday!
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