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Weight Loss
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Wanted to Introduce Myself

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Hi I am amber and today is week one day one! I decided to join today because I went to my daughters check up and asked the nurse would she weigh me to see where I was and my heart dropped 321 popped up on the scale!! So I have finally decided it is time for a change because at the rate I am going I might not make it to 30, and I really want to be here for my husband and daughter! Today I ate like normal and same with exercise to see what needs to change, and with the help of a dietician I will start on this joinery to change my life for the better!

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Hello! Great for you that you are trying to get healthy for your family. CC is a great place for doing that and a good place to get some quick answers for things that you might encounter on your journey! Good luck with everything!

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I wish you all the best

Awesome, you're gonna do great. 

In a similar boat! Best thing we did was decide to get healthy. Good luck! Congratulations!
Good.. Is just a matter of perseverance and discipline
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