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Weight Loss
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I want to lose 40 pounds in 4-5 months will i lose 2 pounds a week?

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i work out 6 times a week burning around 200-250 calories just doing basic cardio. I do some light weight training and will probably up it a bit as i lose overall body fat. I'm eating 1500-1600 calories a day...really healthy food but sometimes it's extremly hard to keep track of my calorie intake. Do you think by doing this I will lose 2 pounds a week?


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There is no way to know without knowing your stats. Use the CC calculator to work out your daily maintenance needs. To lose 2lbs a week you would need a daily deficit of 1000 calories, which isn't usually healthy to achieve except for very large people.

If you stick to your plan you will soon find out whether you will lose 2lbs a week or not.

i'm 189 pounds with a goal weight of 150 looooool.

but surprisingly i have pretty good stamina when i go to the gym.

and I know I need a deffecit of 1,000 a day but I'm not sure how

to tell if that's what it is


Say you eat 1500 cals a day, so you need to be burning 2500 cals a day to have a deficit, use the tools here, but I would say that losing 2 lbs a week usually doesn't work as like the previous poster said, for larger people try doing a deficit of 700-750 a day instead of 1000, sometimes you lose more than you think. Don't be discouraged though if it doesn't go exactly as planned.

If your losing 2pounds a week atm, then dont change anything, when it slows down, adjust diet or burn more calories in your workout.

Weights would def aid fat loss/metabolism, with good movements you dont want to exceed 15 reps, if you do, next time use more weights 12-15 reps max. much more calorie efficient.


A higher deficit is easier to maintain when you have a high body fat percentage.  Part of that deficit is being met through fat burn.  But as you lose your body fat percentage will lower and there wont be as much ready energy.  You wont feel quite as good with a high deficit as you did before.

Of course - as you lose, your weight and metabolism change too so you will usually need to eat less to maintain that deficit.  Thats why they say the closer you are to your goal weight the harder it is to lose. 

Can you do it?  I dont know - I think it is unrealistic but not impossible.  But even if you dont get all the way to your goal in that amount of time, you can lose a heck of a lot.  You will feel and look better either way!


The biggest mistake I see people making (been here 3 1/2 years, so I've seen a lot) is trying to rush the process.  If you set unrealistic goals, although they are techically possible, you are setting yourself up for some discouragment.

Think of it this way - to lose weight and keep it off you need a long term commitment (as in lifetime) not a diet.  If you can't sustain what you're doing for life, then you will gain the weight back.

I lost slowly and still am.  It's staying off and I'll never "diet" again. 

There's only one way to find out.

Is the sky going to fall if you don't? What's urging this?

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