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I want to eat a whole bag of candy right now, tell me why I shouldn't

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Seriously, please help me realize why I shouldn't walk to the store right now, buy a bag of delicious candy, and eat it all right now. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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That girl,
You have just lost 10 pounds.  You did not do that by eating candy.
You live in Japan.  There has to be better food than candy there.
I really have no advice, but I would be eating everything else.  You can eat candy anywhere.
you shouldnt! you are worth more than a bag of candy!.....your body deserves better! walk to the store and buy some fruit if you have a sweet tooth.....bananas, apples, make a yummy fruit salad! you'll be glad you did 
well you have free will and can make choices - so I would say the reason you shouldn't is because you want to empower yourself to make a right choice rather than give into a moment of weakness and let food control you. 
Why would you want to ruin progress with empty calories??  Love yourself more than that...
Honest answer?

If you eat the candy, you're starting off on a bad foot, and you're showing to yourself that you're a failure and you have no self-will and you're going to be filled with immense self-loathing.
"Look at what a failure I am" you'll say as you gorge yourself on candy and chocolate and sweets "I can't do it. I'm a failure."
And do you know what? You will be. You will be an utter failure and you'll probably gain back that 10 lbs. you just lost, maybe more.

Unless you can find the self-control to stop whining, get back on the wagon and keep chugging.
And feel better about having some self-control.

The choice is yours.
Because you'll regret it as soon as the last piece goes in your mouth and you'll feel terrible for doing it....because you'll jack your blood sugar up and set yourself up for another binge...because all that sugar is going to be convereted into fat...because you'll wear out your insulin producing mechanism and then its hello diabetes and stubborn obesity and early death....because you could be spending that money on delicious sashimi or sushi rolls (I'd give my eye teeth to have some sashimi right now!).....because it would be more fun to rent a movie and snack on a medium sized bowl of airpopped popcorn instead....because you could make a big fruit salad with that money and eat it all and not feel guilty...because you could get a magazine or a book instead and take a long bath....there are many ways to treat yourself. Instead of getting the candy, have a piece of fruit and then go spend a little money on something else..something that helps you feel better about yourself, de-stresses you....some essential oils...some nice lotion...a bath bomb....something at the Estee Lauder counter...whatever makes you feel good.  
go to the store, buy a one-serving-tiny-nini- bag of candy...eat it all...you will fill you can still eat what you want w/o the consequences...moderation is the key. If you think if you go to the store you will buy a huge bag...don;t go...you will regret it later.
I am with Thudrine. Buy something yummy in small doses or buy a really good Pria or Luna Bar. They are as good as candy! Always keep something sweet around in case you start getting the urge. The longer you wait to satisfy it, the harder it will be to limit your intake!
We can't tell why you should or shouldn't do things, take responsibility for yourself.
I will say you shouldn't but only you can say what you deserve.  Every day you can bonk yourself down saying I should do this I shouldn't do this.  But that's just what you think everyone else wants.. "Should".  What do you deserve?  Do you deserve to loose weight by setting asside the candy that is calling to you or do you deserve to gain the weight back.  Have your efforts truly been that meaningless? 

Please make this decision for yourself and realize that with it you are telling yourself, that inner you what it deserves...
Eat a fruit!!!  Or cut up some fruit and dry it in the oven, so it's hard and chewy like candy.
Eat something healthy first and then if you still want it, have a little bit of it. But, I bet when you finish the cottage cheese, or whatever, you won't want or need the candy!
Bad for your teeth...
Try some Vanilla yogurt and granola instead.  It's my new favorite 'dessert'.  Plus, you'll like yourself in the morning.  =)
My answer is the same as thudrine. Get a small bag if you absolutely have to have some candy. Maybe by the time you get to the store you will change your mind and get some fruit. Remember this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. You have to plan for the rest of your life. Resist if you can but if not eat it and don't beat yourself up.  Take care Linda
Thank you guys! I felt a bit silly starting that post, but if I didn't do something on this board I would've found myself walking to the store to get that big bag of candy I wanted.

Oh, and I didn't get the candy last night, but I did end up buying a small thing of candy today. Something I don't normally do, but figured it was one of those once-every-blue-moon things and it was honestly a small thing.

Also, thanks for reminding me how much I'm going to miss the sushi/sashimini when I leave here next year, so I may get some tomorrow :)
Just be glad I didn't get to this post before everyone else, or I would've had you buying big bags of candy to ship to me!  Yup, it's that time of month. . . and Japanese candy is really good. . . so, yeah. . . just keep me far away from the Asian grocery this week ^_^; . . .
I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE candy, but since I'm on a role here with counting calories and eating RIGHT, I wouldn't want to break my record of almost 30 days "clean." HAHA! So, how about one word -- GUILT! The guilt is just NOT worth it!


Swedish Fish
Orange Slices
Strawberry Twizzlers
Bull's Eyes

Mmmm! Mmmm!

Hey! Try a cup of Hot Cocoa -- it can really satisfy that sweet tooth! Add a dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon for an even better taste!
When I wanta eat something I shouldn't, I find it helps to tell myself, "I want/deserve a healthy body more than I want/deserve this [incert yummy food here]". I think it helps to say this in a moment of food insanity ;)
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