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Weight Loss
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5'5" 185 and want to get to 145- who is with me?

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I'd like to find some connections to people who have similar goals to help hold me accountable and motivate! I'd like to be down to 145 by August.
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Hi Waelyk,

 Hang in there. The muscle has to kick in and burn some fat somewhere. I have been pulsing my exercises such as 15 seconds intense followed by 30 seconds total rest (something I seen that body builders do when they plateau) it does seem to push on through. You also might want to try just dropping the calories a bit to about 1300 area (I have been getting the best results there and then before the body thinks I am starving I give it a little more like 1500) You can see where it will hang up. Go back through your analysis history and look for the trends that worked and what did not. I also know it is frustrating when you think to yourself man is the scale going to look good and it went up! How? I worked so hard. It may be a storage thing I have no clue how we gain when all the numbers say no, so, it's either you gained muscle that weighs more but will burn more fat in the long run. And again how you workout has a lot to do with what you burnoff. No matter what don't give up. Rooting for you.



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Here are my number for this week's weigh in:

SW 207

LW 161

CW 159.6

Weight loss this week : 1.4 lbs

I thought the weigh in I did the other day was a fluke..guess not! I have officially entered the 150's....140's here I come baby!

Here's my weigh-in for the week!

SW: 196.8

LW: 168

CW: 166

Loss this week: 2

Total loss so far: 30.8!

I'm psyched because I've officially surpassed the amount of weight I lost last time - except I'm doing it in a much more sustainable, healthy way this time. :D Also, I've gotten to the lovely point where others are starting to notice & comment that I'm looking better.

I'm still 10 pounds away from my lightest weight ever (as an adult) - but I'm motivated and I can't wait to get there and beyond! :) Good luck to everyone!!! <3

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday :)

I think I forgot to post my stats from last week.  I was up approx 2 lbs. :S  But here are my stats for today:

SW:  192 lbs.

LW:  178.6 lbs.

CW:  175.8 lbs.

GW:  150 - 155 lbs.

Loss to Date:  16.2 lbs.

Feel like I'm getting back on track this week, and I'm going to try really hard not to fully blow it this weekend!  I've worked out like I promised I would, and that means I'll have to do workouts both days this weekend as well as tonight.  I'm pumped to see some more weight loss.  I hope you all have a good weekend!

Here are my weights

SW 172

LW 149 I am figuring this was last weight.

CW 148

GW 136

Good luck to all and see you at the bottom.


Hello Everybody,

I would love to join this group. I keep trying to lose weight but 

somehow when I reach a comfortable weight( with 10 pounds left)

I go easy and let it go.

I need some accountability and this group is great for that.

I'm 5'4 and started at 148lbs in March.

I reached 133.5 a few weeks back and stopped calorie counting and exercising 

as per my routine.

I'm 135 currently and my target is 123.


Hi everyone!

I was away preparing for some exam.Now its over.

Shassy and fidlechick!Ihope you are doing fine.You guys have determination to lose weight.I am very much impressed with you.

I also take up your challenge you are undergoing.

Currently I am 170lbs

Got to lose 2 pounds this week by the grace of God.

Welcome aboard mancandoit. So you don't have too far to go. But where you are must be slow going just keep up the goodwork and you will get the results.

Well I'm down 120 lbs got another 14 lbs to go to get to my target weight of 170 lbs.

Would like to hit this weigh by Christmas, I did hit a 3 month plato but the weight is starting to move again, I increased my water intake which seems to have done the trick, lost 3 lbs last week :)

Hi everybody!

whew!  Went to a dinner party last night where we all contributed to an Indian theme.  Very delicious.  It wasn't "diet" food but it wasn't bloomin' onions either.

Anyway, I'm stuck at about 180 again this morning but I'm thinkin' last night's food had more sodium than I've had in quite a while.

the good thing is that it was about an hour away so I had to be very abstemious with the vino.

Anywoo ... I'm still on it!  But it's soooo hot & muggy here that my lunch time walks are but a dream.  Got to get moving!!!


Thanks darrylhill. I'm looking forward to losing the last 10 lbs. I hope it doesn't go too slow! Had a great day today.Walked ard 8 kms and ate well. bought myself a cycle.  Hope I keep it up.

I'm in!!! Just got news from doctor that I have pre-diabetes & high BP & who knows what else... I am 183 and 5'4 (6/25/12). Not gonna be for long!!!!
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Hey jennsommers, welcome!  Your story is very similar to mine.  I was motivated to lose weight when I had some blood tests come back...prediabetic, high bp and high cholestrol.  I have lost 48 lbs to date, you can do it too!  

I am looking forward to the blood tests scheduled for August.  I know they will have improved tremedously.  I feel so much better..not looking to shabby either :-)  I still have 25 lbs to go to get to my goal weight.  I started at 207, I am 159.6 on my last weigh in.


Hey guys, I'd like to join too.. 19 yr old girl, 5'5, somewhere around 170... Don't have a scale becaus my mom thru it out... Used to be 130 three years ago and gained it all back after going on a B12 supplement (or so it seems) I work out 2-3x a week doing cardio for 45 mins and weight for 30mins, eating well, around 1200-1250 cals a day. Not seeming to lose anything since I've been doing this (December) seems like I'm gaining, and I feel like I'm "bulking up" weird.... Sorry for the novel... But if any of u have had similar situations, I'd love to hear. I need motivation.

Hi Guys,

I would like to join too. I am 5'4 and I weigh about 170lbs. My goal is to get to 150lb by the end of the summer and then eventually I would like to reach a healthy long term weight. I am having some trouble sticking to the diet plan, as soon as I lose 2-3 lbs I decide to reward myself and that does not go well.

Hi Horselover015,

Welcome to the club. It sounds like you are doing right things. Check the foods you are eating. Go mostly fruits and veggies @ around the 1200 Calorie level. Your workouts sound on target. I go by the mediterranean diet (check into it) it is the best by far way to eat and I am getting great results from it. Not just weight loss but health benefits beyond belief. Good luck.


Darryl, I checked out the diet and it seems like something id like to try... Do you have some yummy recipes that you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm lactose intolerant and mildly gluten sensitive. I also get tired of eating the same things every day ( who doesn't?) ;) I like to try new things too. Would be greatly appreciated and I'll check in with you later
Hello everybody I would love to join this group! I need a little accountability!! I'm two weeks in and down 4lbs just been cutting my calories and portions. Not really exercising. Im 5'5 and 21

SW: 175 CW: 171 GW: 140

Hi all,

How is everyone doing?  I've been plugging along, trying to continue my work outs.  For me the working out isn't as difficult to keep up as the eating healthy.  The challenge I set up for myself has failed miserably lol.  I think it's just bad timing.  We have a long weekend coming up, so I plan on enjoying it :)  That's why I'm going to weigh in today instead of tomorrow.

SW:  192 lbs.

LW:  175.8 lbs.

CW:  175 lbs.

GW:  150 - 155 lbs.

Loss to Date:  17 lbs.

Moving slowly, but I want to get my ass in gear after the long weekend.  I'm 3 lbs. away from 20 lbs. lost and I need to meet this goal!  That's half way to my goal weight.  Hope everyone else is doing well!  Talk to ya next week.

Count me in as well! 5"6/7 and weigh 196. Which (too me) is frankly disgusting. Ultimate goal is 150 pounds - which put me at the upper limit of 'healthy' according to my BMI. But my short term goal is 170 by late September - which would put my in the mid-upper range for overweight according to the BMI Calculator.
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