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Walking and steps.

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I try to walk everyday and walk between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day. I know 10,000 steps is a goal. 

  What I am wondering how many for one day is a good amount to walk?Cool

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Honestly, more is better and depending on the length of your stride;

  • 5000 steps is approximately 2.5 miles
  • 10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles

You might find this site helpful to convert your steps into miles: htm

From another link in that site... "For most people, 10,000 steps per day is around five miles worth of walking during the day. Unless you have an active job such as a waitress or nurse, it would be difficult to log that by just daily activity. Most people achieve it by one or more sustained walks or runs, equivalent to 30-60 minutes or more of walking per day. That equals the minimum daily exercise recommendation by the CDC."

Classification of pedometer readings:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle = Under 5000 steps/day
  2. Low activity = 5,000-7,499 steps/day (this is typical of daily activity excluding sports/exercise)
  3. Lightly active = 7,500-9,999 steps/day (this is typical of having a job that requires more walking eg. waiter)
  4. Moderately active = 10,000 steps/day (typical of having an active job plus additional walking/ running for exercise).
  5. Very Active = 12,500 steps/day and higher.

ETA: remember to increase your calories on days you hit 10,000 steps or more!

ETA2: my goal is to walk 5 miles per day.

And where has this calculator been all my life?  Thanks foxriver!

Thank you, foxriver I am working on building up how many miles I walk a day.

Hang in there when i started i was luck to get 2,000 steps a day. Now i have days where i get 13,000-15,000 I walk 20-30 mins (3,000-3,500) in the morning then 20-30 in the evening and i found out i can go shopping and really add to the count. Then regular housework etc. My lazy days average 4,000-5,000 steps with out trying.

Keep with it set as a personnel goal, and defeat yourself.

Thanks for asking this gamase and thanks foxriver for the answer I now see I need to step up on my steps per day I was barely making it with low activity.

Hi, I have been walking for some time and I think that is the best way to get in shape. here is a site to assist with your plans. nversionchart.pdf.


Also you should try Leslie sansone's walk dvd. The come for all ages and shapes. smile. keep up the good work and keep it moving. smile.

Great information, walking is my favorite exercise.  Can anyone tell me the brand of a good pedometer.  I have tried several but they did not work.  No matter how far I walked they said 0.

You can always get a cheap one. However, I recommend that you invest in anything. I have paid up to 20.00 at the Rite Drug store. However, they do have different ones at Sport Authority or Modell's. If you have a phone, sometimes they have them within them. I will tell you don't pay less than 9.00 for one. smile. You won't be disappointed.

how many calories are burned during a hours walk?? not really fast walking but a brisk pace?? i could use some helpful advice :)

 My watch is a pedometer. I love it. It tells steps, miles, calories burned, heart rate, and time spent walking. I paid about 35-40 dollars for it from the fitness section of Wal-Mart.  It is the best thing ever for walking.

I have Omron pedometer (Hj-112), it does the steps, aerobic steps and time spent doing them, calories burned, and miles, plus it keeps time. Plus it keeps your activity information for 7 days so you can look back at what you did.  Wich is great cause i look at the steps from day before and try to beat it.

I have been walking 10000+ steps almost every day. It takes me approx 80 to 85 minutes (4 miles approx). I walk 120 steps in a minute which translate into a speed of 2.5 miles in 60 minutes.


Original Post by ali1986:

how many calories are burned during a hours walk?? not really fast walking but a brisk pace?? i could use some helpful advice :)

You can search for "walking" in your Activity Log or look it up in the Activity Browser. It's most accurate if you know how fast you were walking but here's the entry listed as "brisk":

Walking - 3.5 Mph, Level, Brisk, Firm Surface, Walking for Exercise

Thank you for pedometer info.  Now if a pedometer can tell you EVERYTHING about your walk, why can't it just take the walk for you? 

OH well, then I would not have all that talk time with my hubby.

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I have an Omron pedometer.  It measures, steps/ aerobic steps/Kcals/miles walked/and time walked as well as keeping general time.  The great thing about this one is you can pop it in your trouser pocket or clip to your waistband.  You can carry it inside your purse and It will still read your steps.  Many cheaper ones require you to virtually bounce along for them to register your steps. 

Record your steps and other details in a journal... it motivates you, believe me! As for the number of steps?  I know what the desired is but that may be too much for you at this point.  So my advice is to do what is comfortable to achieve and maintain this daily if you can.  In time you find that you can increase the length of time and distance , once again, comfortably.  Better to walk a shorter distance and do it regularly than to do it once, make yourself ache and you are reluctant to go back out!  Moderation and gradual increase are the key to fitness. 


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If you walk briskly for half an hour every day and leave your pedometer on all day, I would expect you to do at least 8000 to 10000 steps, what with housework, shopping and incidental walking. If you find in the evening that you haven't done enough, you can always go for another little walk, if it's not too dark or cold. Laughing

Thank you, everyone. This has been so helpful.

I have a pedometer,  and when I wear it on a walk,  I find it takes me about 1.5 hours to hit 10,000 steps...  Of crs,  that is not counting the incidental walking we do all day (hopefully!).

Just work on gradually building up your count,  it can be a great motivator to see the numbers go up and up.

I'm 71, wear a ped. & walk on treadmill or outside every day.  Most days I make 10,000 &, in summer or when it's warm out I have done 18,000 & over.  When on the treadmill I set for 3 mph & do 30 min.  I weigh every AM & record weight & steps daily on a calendar I keep for that purpose only.  BP & bld. sugar are also recorded when taken.  Keeping a record seems to make me want to walk more & get more exercise.  It gives me a daily goal to aim for.  Good luck & happy walking!

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