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Is this too much walking?

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I'm 42 years old, 5'7" tall and I weighed 152 last week at the doctors office. My goal is to weigh 137-140.

I just started walking 4 miles during my work day and then I walk 4 miles with my neighbor when I get home from work. On saturday and Sunday I walk 5 miles a day. I only intend to walk 8 miles a day during the month of May to jump start my weight loss, plus I love being outdoors. I will reduce my work walk to 2 miles thereafter.

Walking has always helped keep me trim so to speak, but I have never walked this much before.

I eat 3 eggs with cheese for breakfast every morning, then around 3 pm I eat a big salad with steak or chicken or tons of vegetables (brocolli, carrots, celery, mushrooms, all colors of peppers) with dip.

Which ever one I don't eat at 3 pm; the salad or veggies and dip I eat for dinner.

Occassionally I have mashed advacado with lime juice with about 15 tortilla chips after my evening walk.

I am a creature of habit and don't mind eating the same thing all the time plus I love, love, love steak salad.

I figured out that I'm burning close to 700 calories walking 8 miles a day. My 4 miles at work take an hour, after work takes an hour and ten minutes.

So, I guess my question is, will walking 8 miles a day benefit me or am I over doing it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Humans have the necessary anatomy/physiology to walk endlessly without the need to stop. 8 miles is not "over doing" it.You're safe.


Yeah, you're definitely not overdoing it. Good for you for walking so much! The only thing I would say, though, is to cut down on your steak consumption, as it may adversely affect your health/weight loss. Try swapping steak for fish, or even slices of avocado, since you seem to enjoy that. Also, while being a creature of habit is fine, your body will probably benefit from mixing things up a little to make sure you're getting all of the necessary nutrients and keeping your metabolism as high as possible.

Anything more than five miles a day sounds like serious overkill to me... but if you're used to it you should be okay. Don't overdo! Your body needs rest days even from 'just' walking or you'll get hurt and have to stop. And walking is habit that's good for you - but do you really have the time to commit two hours a day to it every single day for the rest of your life?

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I try to walk 10 miles a day. Walking got me to 25 BMI but I believe I'd need higher intensity exercise to get lower.

Walking makes me hungry. I have to count calories to keep from overeating.

Thanks for the responses. I woke up this morning feeling beat up & wore out so I decided to skip my walk at work today.

This was my first full week with this much walking, I will have re-evaluate as I go. I am used to walking a lot though. It's my primary exercise in the summer.

kajikit - yes I do have the time to commit to two hours a day, if I could I would do so every everyday for the rest of my life, but WI winters make me hibernate for months at a time; thanks for your input.


There's never such thing as too much walking, haha - try living in NYC!  I think people on average here walk as much as you do!  That's probably why I think this city has some of the slimmest people I have ever seen, despite there being fast food chains every other block!

I truly believe walking is the best form fo exercise! Think about it - cavemen and people in rural countries don't have gyms, workout fits, fitness dance classes, weights... and they were all slim! The only thing they did was walk. :p

Just make sure you eat enough to fuel yourself, and get comfortable shoes!

I've walked 26 miles before. I have an obsession for excerising but if I can do it and only be sore you should be just fine with lower amounts

Congratulations and good for you!  I lost almost 80 pounds by walk/running.  I was doing about 60 miles a week at my peak.  It revs your metabolism and the endorphins are great.  To burn fat, walk fast - but not too fast - you should be able to say The Pledge of Allegiance without huffing to much.

Yes, you do ramp up your hunger by expending that much energy.  I was ravenous.  In order to feed my muscles and brain, but still burn the unwanted weight I cut down on fats and ramped up protein, fruits and vegetables.  I would not be afraid of the steak, just try to use beef that is lean, and either grill it when possible.  Avacado is very high in fat, though it's good fat, and you do need some fat, dairy (the cheese on your eggs) would be a bigger concern as it takes a long time to digest and is high in fats that aren't as great as avacado.

I'm lactose intolerant and can't do dairy, so I'm always lacking calcium, but there are some good supplements out there.


If you find the impact of walking too much, or that it wears you out, you can alternate with jumping on a minitramp ($49.95 at a sporting goods show).  It's great for toning the thighs and core while raising your heart rate, and you can do it while you watch all those shows you recorded and want to catch up on.

Keep up the walking, you are inspirational!

I was walking at least that much and while it's all beneficial it took a while to see results. I now use intervals - walk run walk run - you can download free podcasts to tell you when to run and when to slow down with a beat - and the results have been amazing. I am also doing some weight training - nothing too dramatic - but I think this is effective too. Your fitness will improve and the pounds will practically dissolve if you could change two of your walks to incorporate intervals twice a week. 

Congrats  on this new lifestyle. In NYC one can walk as much as well. So I am getting my walking shoes today because you are an inspiration  : I am 5'7 and I need to go back to140Lbs. I just finished an omelette of 2 eggs and soy mozzarella : a total delight without fat calories and healthy for the heart. Go Girl !

I just came back from Malawi where I walked a lot.  And when I came home I started to put back some the weight I loss.  I think it is from the lack of walking and chemicals in our food, which I don't ever eat much of but it is around. They walk a lot, and when thy get more prosperous they buy cars and start to eat more and get less exercise. 

In your latest post, you said you took a day off.  That sounds good.  Finding the right amount of walking that you are able to maintain is important.  

Good work and good luck!



Congratulations to you on making the commitment. I struggle to find the time to workout! I am no expert, but, I was clueing in on you eating as opposed to the walking... Do you go all the way from breakfast until 3 pm without anything? I have read several articles about eating every few hours, even just a small snack, to keep your blood sugar at consistent levels. Maybe add a cheese stick, yogurt, cottage cheese nd cherry tomatoes, an apple with peanut butter or something like that between breakfast and lunch. The cheese stick could add as few as 50 calories up to the apple and peanut butter at a couple hundred. If you are concerned about adding the calories, you could always decrease the amount you eat at the other times. :) good luck!
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I agree. The more you walk the better...so long as you don't continue if you get injured.

Umm...That is awesome! Your heart and body must love you! I think, you are on the right track towards reaching your goals. I do want to say that if you find yourself finding it too time consuming, try interval walking. It pushes your heart (to increase your metabolism), takes less time and makes things more interesting! Your diet sounds good just a bit too loaded with protein. I know, everyone loves high protein diets but it isn't always best for your body type. Keep up the good work!


Hi there Ivy,

The walking is great, I'd say add in swimming or a circut or yoga dvd to provide variety and avoid overuse injury. Swimming will also give you killer arms and a trim waist, as it's core work too. I also suggest intervals (periods of walking faster for a bit and then slower), as it will 'jump start' your heart rate.

I noticed that you have a lot of fat in your daily intake, from the cheese in your eggs, veggies with dip (I am assuming it's a creamy dip) and steak on your salad. The avocado, is a healthy fat and isn't a problem.

I didn't see any mention of healthy carbs like brown rice or wheat bread. At the end of your post, I see you were 'beat'. Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy. Complex carbs provide healthy B-vitamins for energy, fiber to fill you up and keep you 'regular' and combined with a small amount of protein, stabilize your blood sugar. Carbs also provide glucose to 'refuel' your body after a workout, they are very important because it gives you energy to fuel tomorrow's workout. An ideal post workout snack will be no more than 200 calories. An example would be low fat chocolate milk or a slice of wheat toast with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.

There are several healthy recipe websites out there that have great ideas for flavorful healthy meals that you can make in advance. One of my favorites is 101 cookbooks dot com. The meals are healthy and visually appealing, if you look for a recipe you can search by meal type or ingredient on the site. It is more vegetarian focused, but add in meat if that's what you prefer.


Not too much but make sure you are getting enough water. 1/2 oz per pound of body weight plus 8 oz per 15 minutes of exercise. You can also do a sweat rate test to confirm how much water to use during exercise as that will vary by individual.

The body cant metabolize fat without water. Water is very important.

I'm like you, I don't mind eating the same thing every day (well, maybe not every day, but my weekly diet is pretty routine!).  I also agree with everyone that you can not walk "too much" as long as you are not injured.

I am a server at a restaurant and I recently wore a pedometer to see how much I actually walked during the day.  On a not too busy shift of about 4.5 hours, I walked 5 miles without reallly even thinking about it.  I think that walking is a great option for working out if you love it.  I live in CO and I use a treadmill to keep me going in the colder months.

I would agree that adding in some healthy whole grain carbohydrates would help balance fatigue as well as giving some heart healthy nutrition.  I am taking a nutrition course and carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram and fats(which it appears you do have a rather high amount in your reg diet) provides 9 calories per gram.  I have done low carb diets but the weight comes back on faster than you lost it and usually with more lbs than you started with.  Also, just a little food for thought...2 whole eggs provides more than the daily amount of cholesterol recommended for a healthy diet.  Factor in cheese, dip(if creamy), and red meat and you have a pretty high cholesterol day.  I do not know if this matters to you, but I would take it into account.

Good luck on your weight loss.  I hope you meet your goals.

8 miles of walking is great!   Keep it up.   But lets cut down on those eggs to no more then one a day, or preferably 3 or 4 a week.   When you get your weight down you are still likely to have a cholesterol problem.    Try some whole grains for breakfast.

Walking is the best workout. You are the best judge to determine if walking is benefiting you weight goals. Do you have any aches or pains? If not, continue; however, your body will become accustomed to the walks and you may need to tweak your routine and challenge your body. Maybe a step class or low impart cardio. Have you ever tried walking backwards?

As far as your diet, eggs, lean steak, veggies, and avocados are all healthy choices. I will say that you may need to eat smaller meals throughout the day to increase your metabolism.  How about 2 eggs and cheese, avocado and chips, 1/2 cup of fruit and 1 egg an hour before your walk, salad and steak after the walk, veggies and dip, steak salad for dinner and 1 1/2 cup of fruit before bed. You should assess your portion sizes; check the labels on the salad dressing and dip. Measure the grams of steak and avocado.   Try to eat fruit daily.

Good luck

Thanks for all the feedback, I will definately take heed to the great advice given.

To update everyone on my status I have settled on:

1.) walking 3.5 miles in the morning before work M-F

2.) walking 1 mile on my morning break M-F

3.) walking 3 on my lunch break M-F

4.) walking 4 miles with my neighbor Mon, Wed and Fri evenings.

So that's roughly 10 - 12 miles Mon , Wed and Fri. Then roughly 8 miles on Tues & Thurs with my evenings free.

I will continue to walk the same 5 miles daily on Sat and Sun.

It was kinda rough at first; then my body got acclimated to all the walking and I invested in a pair of Nike Air Max 2012 and what a difference a shoe makes. 

At first my mind wouldn't allow me to see that my body was slowly changing. The eye opener was trying on clothes I previously couldn't fit. A few fit, but I still have a ways to go. LOL, its only been a few weeks.

I choose not to get on the scale because it messes with my head too much so I prefer to go by how my clothes fit. Although I do plan to weigh the last day of every month.

It feels great to see progress. Now I have to keep moving forward and keep the same healthy habits for the rest of my life! However, my diet is always a work in progress, but for the most part I eat healthy 80% of the time.

I'm sure I won't always be a power walking fanatic, but as long as I am healthy and pain free; power walking will be my tool to rid my body of this gross subcutaneous belly fat that I allowed to build up on me over the years.

Thanks again for all the advice.

P.S. I wear a hat and sunscreen when I walk, but yet my suntan is awesome and it's not even summer yet!


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